9 Best Android Data Recovery Apps & Software

Losing important data is painful. While there could be many reasons why you have lost your data in the first place; it could be accidental or by not having the knowledge of getting your device backed up, there are always ways to recover it in the form of Android data recovery apps. 

Be it anything that has happened to your android devices, if it got broken, accidental deletion of data, the device got damaged, formatted SD card, or if you had factory reset your Android device without backing it up etc. And this lost data could be anything like photos, files, documents, contents, call history etc. even though the data seems to be gone, it hasn’t really left the storage unit entirely, and it can be gained using an effective android data recovery apps. 

What to look for in a Data Recovery app?

  • It should recover anything and everything you want to be recovered out of your deleted  files and data. Be it, photos, contacts, SMS, attachments, call history, flashing ROM etc.
  • It should give you a preview of data you are recovering.
  • Some apps offer to fix android phone system performances, like, freezing, crashing,irus attack etc.
  • If the application supports the android device you want to recover data out of.

Steps involved in recovering lost data:

  • Install an effective Android Data Recovery Software
  • Open the recovery software and select ‘Data Recovery’ 
  • Connect Android to PC using a USB cable 
  • Select Scan deleted or lost files and click ‘start’
  • Select files to recover from the preview of lost files generated by the recovery software.
  • Recover the files with ‘recover’ button

However, you might need some great android data recovery apps. Below we have enlisted the best Android Data Recovery Apps for you:

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

1. PhoneRescue

Phone rescue android recovery app

PhoneRescue is developed by iMobie Inc. to recover deleted or lost data. It is one of the most effective android data recovery apps. phoneRescue has different applications for different handsets. It scans extremely quickly.

PhoneRescue examines your phone for any backups that might be present and then recovers the lost data. You just have to attach your android to the PC/Mac after you have installed PhoneRescue on your PC/Mac and choose whether you want to recover data with backups or without backups.

Downloading, installing and running this android data recovery app will not cause any threat to your PC/Mac. The software has a trial version so you can test its services, but for the full version and to get the benefit of full recovery options and for full functionality of the software you have to get the full version

Price- trial version, full version $59.99

2. MyJad  

MyJad- android data recovery software

Myjad Android Data Recovery is free to try. Myjad is here to get your images, songs, video, documents, archives and data stored over your SD card recovered. To use Myjad you just have to run it over your PC while your android device is connected to the PC and is accessible by Myjad recovery software. 

Myjad will scan, check and recover, with three simple clicks you can have your digital life back. 

It is a complete data recovery android application. It is fully safe to use as it performs read-only scanning and recovery. It will recover all your files in the original quality.

Likeable features-

– Recovers data from SD card

– Extremely easy to use

– have a good guide available for question in the help tab

– it is speedy and free-risk

 3. FonePaw Data Recovery


Fonepaw recovery wizard has been a choice of many data recovery app users. It will recover deleted data in just a few minutes. It is compatible with a good number of device ranges. It will recover almost all types of files for you, such as video, pictures, audios, archives, documents etc. 

It has two intelligent recovery modes. It quickly scans and recovers corrupted and inaccessible files on your device alongside recovering your data from RAW devices. 

Fonepaw will help you recover a good range of storage mediums including, internal and external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, smartphones and more. 

Likeable features-

– Accesses inaccessible files

– Runs excellently in the background unlike other recovery s recovery apps

– Easily recovers data of even a 500 GB partition

4. Wondershare Dr.fone for android

Dr Fone android recovery tool

Designed for data recovery on android and iOS smartphones. It has every option available for your perfect data recovery. It helps you transfer and back up information that users need, example, pictures, videos, contacts, SMS, call history etc. 

It recovers and copies necessary information from your android device to your PC. It unlocks root-access to your android smartphone in just one click. You can use this application to transfer or copy data from one device to another. 

Dr.fone only reads your data from your device while recovering it. It does not alter or modify it. It will not create any data leaks of your data. 

(Do not fall for the rumours about this amazing data recovering application. It is absolutely safe to use and has an amazing customer support team. If in anyway the software doesn’t work for you and you have purchased it from their site, they will pay back your money. )

5. Icare Data Recovery


It is a commercial recovery program for windows operating systems used for recovering files, entire partitions and entire hard drives. Whether you have lost, accidentally deleted your data or the data have become inaccessible: it can be brought back to life. 

Icare data recovery works with three scenarios:

One being, it can be used to recover formatted drives and partitions, including external storage space. 

Second being, it restores the partitions that have become corrupt and remain unreadable by your android device through their advanced recovery option. 

While you can easily work with a first and second scenario for free but to get access to the third scenario you need the pro version. This scenario allows you to retrieve files from deleted, unrecognized, or corrupted partitions due to software failures or partition errors. This is also the reason why it is called a commercial data recovery software.  

6. Gihosoft free android data recovery


Gihosoft has divided the category of data you want to recover, you can choose the type of files you want to scan for, they are slip into three categories, multimedia (gallery, videos and audios), Database (messages, contacts, and call history and others (include WhatsApp, documents and other apps backups.

The basic of Gihosoft is free, while you have to purchase the premium version. Costing $49.95 while you can perform basic recovery tasks with the free version, but the only premium version will allow recovering data from third-party apps like WhatsApp, Viber etc. Sadly, it doesn’t work with Android 4.0 and up. 

 Likeable features- 

–       Available for android and windows PCs

–       Recovers data from third-party apps

7. 7-Data Recovery Suite

7 data recovery software

7 data recovery suite works differently than other android data recovery apps. It has five modules from which you can choose the best to use for data recovery and retrieving processes. 

These five modules include- 

Complete recovery:  use this when you cannot access a whole partition .

Deleted recovery:  use this when you have accidentally deleted files or   

    documents or if you have a damaged file.

Hard disk partition recovery:  use this module when you cannot get access to a 

    hard drive.

Digital Media recovery:  use this when you have to recover photos, video, audios or videos.

Android recovery:  use this when you have to recover data on your android 

    smartphones or tablets.

You make a selection from above modules to perform the data recovery process. Apart from this, you can also perform a full scan anytime. 

Likeable features-

– Very intuitive interface

– Availability of tutorials and videos

– Supports multiple languages

– It can easily recover data from storage devices like SD card, memory stick, 

   micro card, Zip Drive etc.

8. iReparo for android

iReparo will recover almost all the common data for you. You can easily recover lost WhatsApp chats history too. It has a very intuitive interface that can walk a new user through the entire recovery process. 

You can retrieve back multiple formats and data types. iReparo will recover data if you have lost it through deletion, android upgrade, factory reset, ROM flash and broken android. It supports third-party apps data recovery as well. 

The only cons of this android data recovery app is that it doesn’t restore the database to the phone. 

9. EaseUS Todo for android

EaseUS Todo backup for Android recovery

One of the free backups and recovery software with intuitive restore features. EaseUS Todo Backup software can perform two main functions: backing up and recovering. It automatically backs up your system files, folders, documents and hard drives. 

You can easily create backups for the whole hard drive, for specific partitions of the storage drive or just for selected files and folders. The restore options are there to get you to the easiest way to retrieve your lost data. 

It supports full backup, incremental backup and differential backups. If you have listed cloud as a backup destination, it will store backup data to your favourite cloud storage service. EaseUS Todo is amongst the apps that can perform android data recovery without root. 


While there are numerous android data recovery apps available to a user. One must make a choice only after you have known what functions and features do you want in a data recovery app.

There are several apps that don’t require root and will recover deleted photos on an android without root, while others need the device to be rooted. Going ahead with a data recovery app is an important decision as not a lot of android data recovery apps are available for free. You’d usually require a pro or a premium version if you want full benefits out of these recovery apps. 

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