10 Best Classic WoW Add-ons for 2021

Today we will be talking about some of the best World of Warcraft Classic add-ons that will make your WoW experience more fun and amazing. We have made you a list of the best add-ons that will help you improve the quality of life while clearing levels in the game. The game has gotten stronger after its re-release. Now, you might get to the higher dungeons and for that, you will need the right add-on. 

Many of the add-ons get updated on a regular basis. You must always try to get one of the up-to-date ones. In this article, we will be talking about some of the most useful add-ons which are independent of the type of game you will be playing. The add-ons provide a lot of options for how we want our game to look. As there are so many alternatives, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. So here we have made a list of the general, all-purpose use add-ons. To install these add-ons you can use Twitch App for PC or macOS. Let’s begin! 

Best Classic WoW Add-ons 

1. All the Things


If you want to track your entire rare kill, items, achievements, pets, treasures, or anything that you think is missing then All the Things add-on is for you. This add-on finds everything for you and displays then in a simple interface. The mod gives a brief about the game and also gives extra tooltips information about the thing you are collecting. 

There are announcements when you collect or lose pets, new appearance,s or items. This add-on is very much fun and every WoW player must have this All the Things add-on to enjoy the game fully. You can maintain separate databases. This will avoid All the Things from slowing the gameplay. 

2. Weak Auras 2

There are various mods in this add-on that allow setting easy ‘if this then that’ notifications for the game. Weak Auras 2 helps you set up text notifications, sounds, blinking icons, and many other noticeable cues. If you are new at WoW then you should use TellMeWhen mod. This is simple but has all the features of these mods. 

For people who are experienced enough, Weak Auras 2 is perfect. This add-on has a large number of pre-built notifications, trackers, and much more that are already made by others. And creating new notifications is also simple and easy. It also has many collections of almost every class and specialization. You can find these collections at wago.io after installing this add-on. 

3. ElvUI


It is said to be one of the best World of Warcraft add-ons. It gives a sleek revamp of the whole user interface. This add-on does so by mixing several popular improvements to inventory view, spell bar placement, frames for raid members, and basic utilities like the ability to sell all grey items or repair on its own. It figures out your display by your role on its own. 

It also gives the options to change the configurations, moving windows and many other things to show and work. The text windows of this add-on are divided between the chat channels, loot, and other screen-scrolling information. There is a small status display which tells about the war resources that you have durability and free bag space left. They also have one-click options for guides, bags, and a friend list. This add-on needs to be updated separately. This means ElvUI can’t be added to the Twitch list. You can install the add-on for free manually and for updates, there are paid, clients. 

4. Deadly Boss Mods

This add-on gives warning messages about some important things, improves life quality, and much more. In the raid, this add-on helps to run the tricky boss mechanics and gives timers for important events that will be coming in the fight. This type of information is important to be prepared with your teammates. Boss uses a spell and to save your friends you will have to follow the guide. 

This is a good choice as it has various funny sounds. Different situations or events of the game are accompanied by several sarcastic or funny sound files. This makes the game more enjoyable. 

5. Auctioneer 

You can make a lot of money from the auction house of the game. Auctioneer appraises the items for you. And this gives a smart price to sell a product and undersell others in the house. Along with this add-on, you must also be aware of what you are doing in the game. This add-on also helps to list a lot of items at once by tracking your emails, bidding, and postings. 

Auctioneers also give support for selling enchantments. If you use this add-on properly you can make a lot of money with very little effort in analyzing the market. 

6. Bagnon 


When you have a few large bags or multiple characters, it becomes difficult to track your inventory. Bagnon can help you in these situations. This add-on collaborates with all the items you have and displays them in a simple inventory screen. You won’t need to go to each bag to check your inventory. 

To distinguish the items from each other, this add-on allows them different colors depending on the quality. The screen also has a search engine. You can see the status of your bags in a tidy manner. This add-on also shows what each of your characters has like, how much gold they have, and much more. 

7. Rarity

Finding rare items feels good but is also irritating. Rarity tells you about how many times you have tried to get the rare items as they drop. It tells about how long you have been trying, how you can get the item and how far you have got to get the item. You will get the idea of your chances to get a rare item. Your attempts won’t be a waste with this add-on. 

There have been some changes in the way WoW handles looting so now rarity works poorly in tracking items dropping by. It is still useful as when something has dropped the count is right. 

8. Angry World Quests


For maximum level characters, WoW brought special temporary weekly and daily quests. But WoW’s UI wasn’t good at highlighting these quests and bringing them to notice. So the Angry World Quests add-on does the work for Blizzard. This add-on lists the quests on the world map and also displays the rewards. 

Angry world quest makes it easy to filter and fulfill the emissary requirements and earn rewards like gold, war resources, loot, etc. This add-on hasn’t been upgraded since 2018 but it still works great. If you aren’t satisfied with this one then you can go for World Quests List or World Quest Trackers. 

9. Handynotes 

Wow’s maps are good at directing you where to go but they lack some things. so Handynotes overcomes the drawbacks of WoW’s maps as it adds notes as you proceed. You can click alt-right and add notes on the map with whatever you need to remember. The published handy notes help you keep track of everything in the game. You can track the locations of the treasure chest in the battle for Azeroth to the location of rare creatures. 

Overall, this add-on is great for keeping track of locations on the game so that you don’t need to roam here and there. There are various pre-packaged handy notes but all of them need the add-on to function. 

10. Details 


There are many damage and healing chips in the game. But Details is amazing because of its intuitive handling of damages, flexible display, lightweight installation, and much more. The main work of this add-on is to help you know the status of your damage and healing. It does the calculation based on the abilities you use, spells you cast, your hits, and your comparison against your team. 

It also helps you know what the individual players are casting and their agenda. You can see the segments easily. 


So we talked about the best add-ons for the World of Warcraft game. These are the general ones and are good for all types of games but they also have some specifications. Each one is good and used for some particular interface or features in the game. One add-on can never give you all the features and options for the game. 

 So you will need to choose the add-on as per your gameplay requirements. These mods improve the quality and make the game more fun and exciting. You utilize the add-ons to the fullest you need to make the right choice. You need to know which add-on will be good for which type of game and this will happen as you play and get an experience. 


Do add-ons slow down WoW?

Add-ons don’t hamper much of the memory but they might cause FPS drops. You can check it by turning off all the add-ons and do LFR or something else to see if it happens. If it does then there is something wrong with the PC. The game might get slow because of PC issues as well. So you must always keep a check on the working of your system. 

How do I update WoW add-ons?

When you want to check if your add-ons are up to date when you are logging in on WoW but you don’t want to see if there are any add-ons to be updated then you can use the auto-update feature. go to the Add-ons section in Settings and toggle to the game-specific button. This auto-update feature is useful when you don’t want to make efforts for individual updates.

Can I play WoW without add-ons?

Yes, you can play WoW without add-ons. You can easily download it with the Curse client. You will feel the need for add-ons at the highest level where you need to observe the percentage increase in your throughput. Add-ons make the game more interesting. With the mods, you can make the interface according to your choice. They also improve the quality and features of the game. 

How do I delete all WoW add-ons?

to delete the add-ons, go to the WoW directory and open the interface directory. Here, go to the Add-ons folder and empty the content of the folder into the Trash. The process is simple and doesn’t take much time. You can delete the add-ons you are bored with and install the ones you have never tried. 

Why are my add-ons not showing up in WoW?

There might be a case when you open WoW, click on the Add-ons button in the character select screen and there are no add-ons. The most common reason for this case can be that there is more than one copy of World of Warcraft installed on your PC. You check for it, go through the install path of the WoWgame on your system. If you find another copy check that copy for the add-ons, it might have them. Now remove the WoWgame with no add-ons to prevent this case in the future. 

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