12 Best Cloud Backup Services In 2021

Cloud Backup is a well-known method of off-site data storage aimed at protecting information. Cloud backup services is a highly efficient alternative to traditional backup strategies. A Cloud-based application provides the ability to automatically backup your files, application, virtual machines or servers and stores them with safety in case of a case or emergency recovery or disaster recovery purposes. 

There are three types of cloud storages-

Public cloud storage: low-cost, on-demand scalability, multi-tenant implementation, access over the internet, perfect for storing unstructured and less sensitive data

Private cloud storage:  expensive, customization, high-level data security, single-tenant implementation

Hybrid cloud storage: cost-effective, smooth data transfer between systems, the combination of two cloud storages gets you benefits of both environments

While backing up your data, you will be given a choice to choose the backup method that’s best first your needs and application. Types of cloud backups-

Full backup: copying the entire data set every time a backup is initiated.

 Incremental backups: only back up data that has been changed or updated since the last backup.

 Differential backups: backs up data that has changed since last full backup. Excellent solution for difficult restores.

Best Cloud Backup Storage Service  

 Below I have enlisted the best cloud backup apps and services that you can use and forget the worry of upgrading your storage system as most cloud providers will automatically updating systems for the clients for you: 

1. BackBlaze

Backblaze cloud backup storage devices

BackBlaze solution offers unlimited backup for all kinds of users doesn’t matter file type and size. For cloud backup services it ideally provides backup and storage service to both personal and Business types of users. 

It is a cloud backup service that gives data protection with SSL connection with a guarantee. It has adorable prices to choose from and options if you need an external hard drive to restore all your data, it is an excellent backup service.


– Unlimited storage

– Scheduled and automated backups

– Unlimited backup seeds

– Unlimited files sizes

– Unlimited file type

– Hard drive restore program


Free trial

Personal backup- $5 per month

Business Backup- &50 per year

B2 Cloud Storage- $0.005/GB a month.

Devices- Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/pad, Mac, Web-based

Deployment- Cloud Hosted

2. Carbonite Safe

Carbonite safe personal backup storage

Carbonite safe will give you unlimited storage. This cloud backup service supports small Business, large enterprise and medium Business. It is the world’s most popular cloud backup service, for the pitches, their backup plans are unlimited.

Carbonite safe has a lot of features, such as file access with the desktop program and both web apps, it has storage and transfer encryption of 128-bit, with drive, folder and file level of backup levels. It is extremely easy to deploy carbonite, it works amazingly on windows and servers VMs running windows server.


– Unlimited cloud storage

– Remote sharing and access

– Video backup

– Hard drive backup

– Custom backup policies

– Mirror image backup


 Free trial

One computer- $6 per month and onwards

Multiple computers- $24 per month and onwards

Computers + servers- $50 per month and onwards

Devices- Windows, Web-based

Deployment- Cloud Hosted

3. IDrive


The basic version is free that will give you 5GB of storage space, iDrive personal plan will give you 2TG of space for the first year with one user account and unlimited computers connections.

iDrive Business will give you 250GB for the first year, unlimited users and unlimited computers and servers. IDrive will set an online backup for you along with more, such as, generation of disk imaging backups, folder syncing, file sharing and file explorer integration. 


– Multiple device backup

– Multi-device compatible

– Open/locked files backup

– Files and folder sharing

– Mapped and external drives based

– Data encryption

– Real-time file sync


Free trial

Basic version- free

Idrive personal- $69.50

Idrive business- $99.50

Devices- windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based

Deployment- Cloud hosted

4. Acronis backup and recovery

Acronis cloud backup recovery

Acronis backup and recovery is one of the best online backup present in the marketplace. It is a flexible and robust data recovery solution.  

IT works on an impressive corporate level power and ability to backup, restore and retrieve anything, be it, an individual file to the whole drive.

Acronis backup and recovery perform full, incremental and differential backups. They also have a string of highly advanced tools available that meet the backup and recovery for small Business. Though, it will work perfectly for small businesses, medium businesses and freelancers.


– Cloud and local web console

– Bare-metal recovery

– VMware vSphere Replication with WAN

– Microsoft business applications protection

– Acronis VMflashback

– Encrypted storage

– Physical, virtual, cloud, applications, mobile 


Free trial

Standard workstation- $69 1-year subscription

Standard 1 server- $499 1-year subscription

Standard office 365- $199 1-year subscription

Advanced 1 workstation- $99 1-year subscription

Advanced 1 virtual host $929 1-year subscription

Advanced office 365- $299 1-year subscription

Devices- Windows, Linux, android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Deployment- Cloud Hosted, On Premise

5. Zoolz Cloud storage


Zoolz Intelligent Cloud is an innovative data’s management platform. Its cloud backup helps to organize via a single centralized solution, It uses military-grade data encryption to protect all data stores within the system, uses an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that has access to high-level stats.

 Zoolz supports 100s of media formats.


– SD and HD media streaming

– Support 4k and 8k videos


– Supper mobiles/Tablets backup

– Users/policy management


Free trial

Starter- $19.95 per month

Devices- Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Deployment- cloud-hosted

6. IceDrive

Icedrive cloud backup storage

Best online backup service after Pcloud. IceDrive is popular as they provide 20GB free cloud storage that can be expanded to 1TB.

Icedrive has zero-knowledge encryption while you with other cloud storage services like plcloud you have to pay for this feature.

It is an online cloud backup focused on privacy and security. With its sleek interface and excellent security features is the cheapest cloud storage you could find in the marketplace. It has a clean and simple user interface.


– sync any folder

– at rest encryption

– zero-knowledge

– EU server location

– Twofish encryption protocol

– Deleted file retention


Free 10GB

Lite 150GB 1.67 per month, $59.00 billed per year

Pro 1000GB $4.99 per month, $40 billed per year

Devices- Devices- windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based

Deployment– Cloud-hosted, open API

7. SpiderOak

SpiderOak cloud storage device

SpiderOak is one of the few cloud storage service providers that say to have no access to their client’s data. They have a zero-knowledge policy. They give total privacy to their clients.

This online backup service focused especially on security and privacy; it has excellent encryption and clear-cut privacy statements that include few vague statements and caveats.


– Backup scheduler

– Incremental backup

– Unlimited devices

– Block-level file copying

– AES 256-bit encryption

– HIPPA compliant

– Proxy server settings


Free trial

150GB $6 per month, $69 billed every year

400GB plan $11 per month, $115 billed every year

2TB $149 billed every year

Devices- windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based, windows mobile

Deployment- Cloud-hosted, open API

8. OneDrive for Business cloud storage

OneDrive for business- Best Cloud storage backup

OneDrive for Business is one of the best online backup providers and known for their file-sharing apps available on the marketplace. OneDrive gives you a secure cloud-based hub where users can store, share and sync their documents, business materials and work files securely.

OneDrive is perfect for small Business, large enterprises, medium business and also for freelancers.


– Mobile application

– Cross-platform syncing

– Data loss protection

– Windows and Mac compatibility

– Business collaboration

– Cloud storage

Price – 

Free trial

OneDrive Basic 5GB- free

OneDrive 50 GG- $1.99 per month

OneDrive Business plan 1- $120 per user per year

Office 365 Business premium- $150.00 per user per year

Device– Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based

Deployment– cloud-hosted, on-premise

9. GoogleDrive Backup and sync


GoogleDrive cloud storage service is secured by Google. Here, you can upload anything, can connect all your devices, and find things faster. IT can be used by small, large, medium-sized enterprises and freelancers.

GoogleDrive’s best selling point is that it works exceptionally well with a third-party business application, which makes it a popular cloud-based storage application. Google Drive has features and tools that have been proven to be great for business collaboration.


– Massive storage space

– Share any file

– Save Gmail attachments

– Scan documents

– Secure platform

– Powerful search


Free Trial, 15 GB free

100 GB $89 per month

1TB $479 per month

10TB $4,799 per month

Devices- windows, android, iPhone/ iPad, Mac, web-based, windows mobile

Deployment- Cloud hosted

10. SOS online backup

SOS Online backup storage- best cloud backup service

SOS online backup is one of the well-established cloud storage services that will give you advanced security options than most other online backup services. Its unique features include the ability to back up concurrently to a local folder. Its online backup structure will give you end-to-end encryption.

With supported file versioning you can roll back to an older version of your files if needed. You can store these files on external devices too.


– Native 64-bit software

– 256-bit-AES transfer and storage encryption

– Privacy encryption key

– External drive backup

– File sharing

– Open file support


50GB $4.99 per month

150GB $9.99 per month

1TB $39.99 per month

5TB $159.99 per month

Devices- windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based, windows mobile

Deployment– Cloud-hosted, open API

11. PCloud

pCloud backup storage device

Pcloud is ideal for both business-related activities or personal endeavours. This cloud storage makes sure that users easily handle their folders and files within the cloud.

Ideal for teams and professionals working and collaborating with the matter related to project management activities. It works seamlessly and accomplishes work projects while also enhancing and accelerating project collaboration and offers solutions to distribute folders and files smoothly.


– Data security

– Client-side encryption

– Multiple file sharing options

– File backup

– Project collaboration

– File management

– File history


Free trial,

 Premium 500GB $4.99 per month

 Premium Plus 2TB $9.99 per month

Devices- Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based

Deployment- cloud-hosted, on-premise, open API

12.  Dropbox Business

Dropbox-Business- best cloud backup storage service

Amongst the best cloud backup and storage services, apps are Google Drive and Dropbox. Just like Google Drive Dropbox will back up your files to the cloud. Files stored in the folders will immediately be uploaded to company’s servers and will give you backup in a crash.

Dropbox provides two-factor authentication support and allows a user to secure their account by authentication.

Dropbox gives you robust options to manage file access to any of your team members. Such as, while generating a sharable link, you will be able to choose which team member can access the files and which cannot. Dropbox also lets you recover deleted files with just a click of a button.


– Unlimited space

– Unlimited file recovery and version history

– SSO and Active Directory

– 256-bits AES and SSL encryption

– Sharing controls

– Remote wipe and account transfer

– Priority email and live support


 Free trial

Standard $15 per user per month

Advanced $25 per user per month

Devices- windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, web-based, windows mobile

Deployment- Cloud-hosted


Cloud backup service is highly efficient and works better than the traditional backup storage. It can store any type of file and any size of file. This was our list of Best Cloud Backup storage services in 2020 that you must try.

Do let us know in the comments if we have missed something.

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