10 Best Cloud Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2021

Cloud computing gives you a wide range of computing services and has quickly gained immense popularity. It has now become a choice for business. And you might have seen businesses transitioning to cloud computing and getting away from traditional physical infrastructures coz of the lost list of benefits that cloud computing gives you, for example, anytime anywhere access, virtual resources, pre-coded applications, pre-loaded firewalls any many, many other hosting services. 

Cloud services are delivered over the internet. These hosting services are stored and accessed over the internet and thus doesn’t require physical hard drives.  

 These services include- 

– Software as a service- SaaS: it delivers the application over the internet (it lets you host and manage the applications like- CRM, virtual desktops, Email, games etc.)

– Platform as a Service- PaaS: it gives you the framework the tools you would be needing to develop platforms (it gets access to pre-coded applications to get you your products into the market faster- development tools, database management etc.)

– Infrastructure as service- IaaS: manages physical form of infrastructure (data storage space, servers, virtual machines, operating systems etc.)

Meanwhile, getting to learn a new language and benefiting from this growing giant wouldn’t be bad at all. Though it is up to you if you want to learn a new language for development skills, or If you want to learn them to land you a better work opportunity. 

Best Cloud Programming Languages To Learn

I have enlisted nine best cloud programming languages that you can learn for your better job opportunities and learning experience:

1. Golang

Golang Cloud Programming languages

Golang is known as Go, is the most prominent, flexible, feature-full and scalable open-source programming language for creating web applications, API/s, distributed services and microservices. It is also one of the most suited programming used for cloud computing. 

Golang is a procedural language developed to be extremely flexible. It is concise, simple and easy to read. Many of the most popular applications used and loved worldwide are Dropbox, InfluxDB, Netflix, OpenShift etc.   

It is a statically-typed language that has a syntax similar to that of C language. Since it was released it has seen significant adoption from large projects. 


– Strong and statically type language

– Has an excellent community

– concurrency support

– Powerful standard library

– Excellent package management

– Good testing support

2. Java

Java-Oracle cloud languges

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages. It has an unmatched versatility and hence it is not a surprise that it has landed itself amongst top most used cloud programming languages.  

Java is extremely easy to understand. It is one of the safest programming languages used to create internet applications. It is a platform-independent language, meaning, it can run on multiple platforms. Java’s this quality has made it used by over ten million developers for developing as applications developed in java can be moved around very easily and run across different computer systems and platforms. 


– Easy and straightforward to learn

– It is an object-oriented language

– It is platform-independent 

– Known best for its security

– High- performance

3. Nodes.js

Node-js cloud programming languages

If the name sounds new to you, it is because Node.js is a JavaScript runtime for building server-side or desktop applications. In simple terms, JavaScript is an excellent language that’s used for web development but was mainly used for client-side scripting e.g. < script> tags that we see executing in web browsers.

It became a limitation as developers needed to work with more languages and framework at both from and back end. This limitation was sorted by using nodes. Nodes are used to develop server-side applications can easily access what JavaScript couldn’t, for example, OS, file system etc. 

Node is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that uses an event-driven, non-blocking input and output model. it is capable of handling asynchronous JavaScript code to execute as many asynchronous activities the request requires.


– It uses a callback-based system

– Nodes easily runs asynchronous code

– Nodes has a package management system that allows it to access a hundred thousand open- source packages

4. Python

Best Cloud programs- Python

Python is a procedural language that has always focused on development experience and has tried to keep the bars lower for anyone who wants to learn python. Being a high-level language but it is extremely easy to learn. Just like most programming languages, it is an object-oriented programming language designed in C. With python you can create simplest to complex operations. 

Python is perfect as a cloud programming language for you to learn as applications developed in it are more visual. Applications developed with python are highly graphic that is excellent for giving good user interface, it is enormously portable, that is, it works on multiple machines that’s another plus for cloud computing. 


– It is a highly dynamic language

– It has an extensive array of library

– It supports other languages, i.e, execution of other programming languages codes is supported

– It is open-source and free



Asp.Net stands out as one of the most successful web application development frameworks. It is a cross-platform language that can be easily deployed to Linux, Windows, Mac etc. platforms. 

Asp.Net is another language highly used for cloud computing for its features of running asynchronous codes. It also works excellently with the presence of web sockets. It is used to contain long-running connections and communication back and forth with the browser, that obviously is needed with cloud computing where you need to have a client based structured development that works without hindrances.


– Cross-site request forgery protection: prevents security attacks

– Built-in independency injection: helps developers decouple different pieces of applications

– It has multiple environment and development mode 

– It has unified MVC and Web API frameworks

6. Ruby

Ruby Cloud languges

Ruby is completely object-oriented language is an excellent cloud computing language that beginners can learn and use to create an excellent collection of applications. It is dynamic and a general-purpose programming language with a complex and expressive grammar. It is an open-source programming language that focuses heavily on simplicity, its elegance of syntax which is very natural to write and read. 

Ruby accumulates features similar to perl, python, smalltalk scripting languages. Ruby being a perfect object-oriented language has a syntax (that is much much easier than smalltalk) that will be very easy for you to learn and start developing your own applications in no time. 


– Has the simplest syntax

– Has high transportability

– Dynamic loading

– Metaprogramming: Ruby works with objects, which you can modify even when the program is running called, metaprogramming

– Presence classes, subclasses, operators etc. that can be overloaded has made it very flexible

7. Swift

Swift.org best cloud languages

Apple developed Swift is one of the best open-source cloud programming languages. It is extremely easy to learn and since Swift is open-source it has become much more than just an application development and programming language.

Swift has now become a general-purpose programming language that can be used as a backend language which is excellent for developing cloud hosting services and applications. Swift can be your way of becoming an employee as a qualified programmer or to own a startup business.


– Has a concise code structure

– It is really fast

– It has dynamic libraries

– Playground feature: allows interaction with running application, side by side

– Better and improved memory management

8. PHP


PHP becomes a choice when it comes to web automation and cloud computing mainly because it is a server-side programming. It is a logical and very well organized general- purpose programming language. Even if you are a beginner you can easily understand and get a good grasp at developing applications. It is fluent, reliable, organized, demandable and efficient.

You can easily build an e-commerce website using PHP.


-it has an excellent programming tools

– it is Platform independent: code runs on any platform

– it is case sensitive scripting language

– Swift is Open-source programming language

9. JavaScript

JavaScript cloud language

Working with JavaScript gives you excellent business solutions. It is one of the topmost reasons why JavaScript has maintained being on top of many top programming lists.

If you want easy skills and a quick job in a workplace, going along with JavaScript would be one of the best decisions for you. Reason being, it is both a frontend and backend application development language. It has so many frameworks and libraries available. One of the good things about JavaScript, you don’t have to have any knowledge of any programming language.

Javascript has ease of learning. And if you are already learning JavaScript or have been wanting to learn JavaScriptyou have to be familiar with other programming languages like C or Java. JavaScript gives you greater control to the browser than being fully dependent on the web servers. while developing and handling data and time. 


– Used for both server-side and client-side programming

– It has excellent compatibility with several other programming languages

– It is light-weighted

– It is an Object-oriented scripting language. 


There are too many languages used on the cloud. Enlisted above are top cloud programming languages that have been explained to help make an excellent choice on which language you should go along that will give you maximum job security and supreme application development skill. 

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