20 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons, Apps & Extensions of 2021

Browsers have become an everyday part of our lives. We use browsers every day to browse Facebook, tweet out on Twitter, listen to songs on YouTube, and even right now you are using a browser to read this webpage. Whether you use Chrome or Firefox, extensions make these applications much better and more useful. Today in this article we are going to show you the 20 best Mozilla Firefox add-ons, apps, and extensions in 2020.

Why Mozilla Firefox is a better alternative to chrome

Well, everybody uses Google Chrome but the question is whether they want to use Chrome or not? Days when chrome used to be just a browser are long gone.

Chrome is filled with so many functionalities which makes it heavy and more than just a browser and Chrome is famous for consuming a lot of RAM when you open multiple tabs which makes your computer overall slow.

This does not happen with Mozilla Firefox. Firefox and him up to less than 30% RAM compared to Chrome. When multiple tabs are open, Firefox performs better than Chrome, making heavy sites open faster.

Apart from less RAM consumption, Mozilla cares for your privacy. Since 2014, Mozilla has been openly promoting online privacy asking its users to care for their data and keep track of where it goes and to whom it goes. If you are someone who cares about your privacy, then Firefox is the better choice compared to Chrome.

Firefox looks better than Chrome. It has been more than a decade and no significant change happened in Chrome’s UI. If you have become bored of that same UI day after day, then Firefox is right what you need.

It is not just the new UI you are getting with Firefox. It also has the option to customize the browser’s UI using themes. So, try different themes if start getting bored with Firefox UI.

But the best thing I like about it is the Firefox Add ons. Chrome add ons are good as well. But Firefox is famous for its extensions. Using these unique Extensions with Firefox makes everything easier. Let us check out the 20 best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons, Apps & Extensions.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has all the features a browser need. Less RAM and energy consumption is not the only thing which Mozilla Firefox offers. These following features make Firefox an efficient and useful browser:

  • Private Browsing: With Firefox’s enhanced Tracking Protection, be safe while browsing the internet.
  • Keep your Firefox in sync: Log in to Firefox and have your websites, bookmarks, history synchronized across your other devices.
  • Customize Menu and Toolbar: You can customize the menu and the toolbar in Mozilla Firefox. Just go to the menu and click on customize and you will see different options that you can add to your menu and toolbar.
  • Page Action Menu: Bookmark, snap, save, or share the web pages you like. This menu lets you do all of them just with few clicks,
  • Open Source: Firefox is the only web browser that is open-source among the popular and most-used web browsers.
  • Add Unique and Useful Extension: Use Mozilla Firefox Add ons to improve your experience and make the most out of your browser.
  • High Security: Mozilla takes security seriously. Block Pop-ups and get a warning when a site tries phishing or downloading malware. Use the private browsing mode, when accessing something private, and delete cookies and caches later.

There are many other useful features as well as a unified search/address bar, switching to the home page with just a click, etc. You can check out the key features of Firefox here.

But, in this article, we are just going to focus on Firefox extensions and add ons. So, without further ado let us get started with the 20 best Firefox add ons.

20 Best Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

1. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is a must-have Firefox extension for users who stay up late at night. Our eyes are extremely sensitive to light from the screens. All sites have a bright background which is bad for your eyes. Dark Reader adds a night mode feature to Firefox. With just a click, Dark Reader inverts colors accordingly and changes the background to black. Dark Reader is on the top because it is helpful for our eyes.

Main features of Dark Reader

  • Switch to Dark Mode in an instant
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customize and adjust brightness, contrast, and other settings
  • Set up an ignore list that will ignore the selected websites and not turn on dark mode

You can download Dark Reader from the official Mozilla Firefox Add ons site.

Click here to download it.

2. Adblock Plus

Ads suck and yet they are everywhere. If you are irritated with ads like me, then AdBlock Plus is the best Firefox extension for you. Adblock Plus is the famous adblocker extension for Firefox with over 500 million downloads. It is one of the best at adblocking.

Main features of AdBlock Plus:

  • Block annoying irritating ads from all the websites
  • Fewer Ads mean, faster web page loading speed
  • Forget Ads on YouTube Videos
  • Prevent social media icons from tracking
  • Want to support a creator? You can choose which pages should show ads with Adblock. Create filters and add pages where you would not mind seeing ads.
  • Support for Acceptable ads. You can choose to prevent only spam and inappropriate ads.

You can download Adblock Plus from the official Mozilla Firefox Add ons store.

Click here to download it.

3. Lightshot

Screenshots are a wonderful way of guiding someone or sharing what you just saw on your screen. Lightshot makes taking screenshots easier and efficient.

After adding Lightshot to Mozilla Firefox, an option to take a screenshot will be added to the right of the search bar. You can do all sorts of editing when you are taking a screenshot so that you will not have to edit or crop them out later.

Main features of Lightshot:

  • Take fast screenshots of web pages easily and quickly
  • Different hotkeys to do various tasks
  • Select an image and search for similar images
  • Do not have time to save screenshots? Quickly upload online and get a quick link
  • Customize and edit screenshots right when you are taking
  • Simple and Easy-to-use UI
  • Supports different images file format like .png and .jpg

You can download Lightshot from the official Mozilla Firefox Plugins store.

Click here to download it.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a must-have plugin for writers. Even if you are not a writer, Grammarly can help you not make grammar mistakes when you are doing your school assignment or sending an important business mail.

Grammarly points out your typos and mistakes in your writing and gives suggestions on how to fix them. You do not need to upload your work anywhere. This Firefox plugin works in real-time and detects all your mistakes and gives instant suggestions.

firefox add ons

Main features of Grammarly:

  • Simple and Easy-to-use
  • Write like a professional
  • Correct repetitions, typos, commas, and grammar mistakes easily
  • Adjusts to the tone of your writing

You can download the Grammarly Firefox extension from the official Firefox Add ons store.

Click here to download it.

5. Ghostery

Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension. It blocks ads and prevents trackers from tracking your data and history. It is one of the most popular adblocker plugins you will find online.

With over a million downloads, it has gained the trust of its users. Ghostery is perfect at its job. It stops trackers from sending any of your data to Companies like Facebook, Instagram, etc. which collects this data to show you ads.firefox add ons

Main features of Ghostery:

  • Protects your privacy
  • Easy-to-use
  • Trackers put pressure on your browser. It boosts the browser’s performance by stopping these trackers
  • Speed up website pages

You can download the Add on from the Mozilla Add on the store.

Click here to download it.

6. Clippings

If your work requires you to copy and paste many things several times, then the Clippings plugin is what you need to make your job easy. Using this plugin, you can select text and save it ‘clip it’ and use it whenever you need it.

Let us say, for example, you need to write “Thank you! Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help” at the end of every mail or text message.

Using Clipping, you can store this text and just choose this clipping and paste it whenever you need it. Clipping lets you save frequently used texts for future usage.

Main features of Clippings:

  • Easily select text from web pages and clip it
  • Save frequently used texts for future usage
  • Manage all your clippings using the Clippings Manager
  • Option to color code the clippings to help you find them later
  • Import and Export Clippings in various file formats
  • Synchronize your clippings across different devices

You can download Clippings from the Mozilla Firefox Extension store.

Click here to download it.

7. Momentum Dash

Momentum Dash is a personal dashboard that replaces your plain simple old home tab. Want to see a positive quote every time you open a new tab with a beautiful background image and other functionalities like the weather forecast, goals then Momentum Dash is a must-try for you.

Momentum Dash turns your home tab into a beautiful personal dashboard. Get into a positive motivating spirit by reading a quote every time you open a new tab and start working towards your daily goals.

firefox add ons

Main features of Momentum Dash:

  • Inspirational and motivational quotes with a beautiful photo every day
  • Set up daily goals and to-do list and check them every time you open a new tab
  • Check the weather and forecast
  • See the bookmarks bar on the new tab
  • Customize the looks of tab however you find them fit
  • Option to hide/show widgets

You can download Momentum for free from Mozilla Add ons site. There is also a paid plus version available which adds more features like font and color theme customizations, new widget options, enhanced versions of basic features, and many more.

Download Momentum from here.

8. Bitwarden

Having a plugin like Bitwarden has become a necessity in today’s online world to keep our passwords safe from malicious websites and hackers.

Bitwarden is a free password manager that secures all your passwords. Many people save their passwords without any security which can easily get compromised. Using Bitwarden, keep all your passwords safe and encrypted.

Main features of Bitwarden:

  • Keep your passwords safe and secure
  • Passwords are protected with AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.
  • Easily store, access, and delete your passwords with the password manager
  • Completely Open-Source and trustable password manager

Bitwarden is free to use and available on Mozilla Add ons store.

Click here to download it.

9. Tabliss

This is another Firefox extension that changes the way the new tab looks. With Tabliss, you can try hundreds of customizations ranging from backgrounds to different widgets. There is a vast collection of widgets and background wallpapers for you to choose from. Create your personal home tab and make it beautiful.

firefox add ons

Main features of Tabliss:

  • Easy to setup
  • Hundreds of customization options and millions of background images to choose from
  • Safe to use
  • Minimal permission requirements
  • Widgets like personal greetings, weather forecasts, daily quotes, and many more widgets available
  • Option to add your custom CSS to the new tab

You can download Tabliss for free from Mozilla Add ons store.

Click here to download it.

10. Express VPN

Express VPN is the first VPN on this list. Everyone needs a VPN to keep safe their privacy and data. Without a VPN, your internet provider, websites, and government can easily track your history, data, and location. If that sounds like a terrible thing to you, then you need a VPN.

Express VPN extension will let you use the Express VPN service directly from the browser. You can choose which location’s the IP address you want and then just switch over it directly from your browser. To use this extension, you will need Express VPN installed on your computer and an Express VPN subscription as well.

firefox add ons

Main features of Express VPN extension:

  • Instant access to fast Express VPN servers directly from your browser
  • Surpass region restrictions by using Express VPN Servers
  • Access to over 3000+ Express VPN servers
  • Stops websites from tracking your IP address and location
  • Stay anonymous when using the internet

Express VPN extension is available for free on the Mozilla Add ons store but you will need to get the subscription and app first.

Click here to download it.

11. Web Developer

This is one of the must-have Firefox add ons for web developers. Web Developer is a great web development extension that adds various tools to Firefox. This extension is popular among web developers and has over 110k downloads on Firefox alone. You can use this extension on your projects to get an idea of how it looks without images or scripts.

Main features of Web Developer Extension:

  • Adds a toolbar button that gives access to different web developer tools
  • Check Alt tags, image dimensions, try different CSS on other pages, and many such things
  • A better alternative to the inbuilt inspector tool

Web Developer is available for free on Mozilla Add ons store.

Click here to download it.

12. NordVPN

This is the second VPN on our best extensions for the Firefox list. It is one of the best VPN extensions with over 80,000 downloads on the Mozilla Add ons store. With a VPN, you can hide your IP address, spoof your location, and bypass geo-restrictions.

firefox add ons

Main features of NordVPN Extension:

  • Fast servers from over 60 different countries
  • Protect your privacy, history, and data
  • Prevent yourself from being tracked
  • Features an Adblocker

NordVPN extension is available for free but you will need a NordVPN subscription to use it.

Download NordVPN from here.

13. React Developer Tools

This is an official developer extension made by React for Reach Developers. React Developer Tools adds a set of reacting tools for users like inspecting react trees, check the builds and props, and many more. If you are a React Developer, this project will come in handy many times.

The main features of React Developer Tools are to inspect:

  • React Projects
  • React tree
  • Inspect different contents of a React Tree-like props, state, and many more.

This helpful extension is available for free on Mozilla Firefox Add ons store.

Download React Developer Tools from here.

14. Open Lorem

If you have not heard about Lorem Ipsum, then let me explain it. Lorem Ipsum is a text filler which is used by designers and writers for a long time. It helps in showing the visual looks of a project like a blog theme or a new font.

Using this extension, you can add Lorem Ipsum Placeholders easily.

firefox add ons

Features of Lorem Ipsum:

  • Choose the number of place holders you need
  • Option to add HTML tags like <b>, <a>, header tags and more
  • Add numbered or unordered lists

It is available for free on the Mozilla Add ons store.

Click here to download Open Lorem Extension.

15. Facebook Container

This is a privacy protection plugin specially made for Facebook officially by Mozilla Firefox. If you are worried about using Facebook, but still must use it for some reason, then install Facebook Container Plugin. This plugin makes it hard for Facebook to track your activity online.

When you install this plugin, it deletes all Facebook Cookies in the browser and then logs you out. After this, when you log in to Facebook, it will load in a blue tab “Container.” This prevents Facebook from tracking your data.

firefox add ons

Main features of Facebook:

  • Prevents Facebook from tracking your data
  • Keeps your privacy safe
  • Easy to you. All you have to do is enable it
  • Safe to use

It is available for free on the Mozilla Firefox Add ons store.

Click here to download Facebook Container.

16. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an online video downloader extension that lets you download videos from all types of websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. There are many ways of downloading videos from different sites online but this is one of the easiest methods. Using this, you can download videos from YouTube onto your hard disk easily for free.

Main features of Video DownloadHelper:

  • Download videos for free from hundreds of different websites
  • Easy-to-use
  • Download any embedded videos from different sites
  • Detects all videos on a page

Video DownloadHelper is available for free but you can also upgrade to a paid plan which adds the option to convert or/and combine videos and images.

Click here to download it.

17. Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express

If you are looking for an extension that works only for YouTube, then this extension is the best. It is one of the best Firefox Addons for YouTube with over 550,000 downloads on the Mozilla Add ons store. With just a click, you can download videos with all types of quality available depending on the video.

Main features of Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express:

  • Download files in all different types of formats such as FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4, 720p, and 1080p
  • Easy-to-use and clean UI

This extension is available for free on the Mozilla Add-ons store but you can upgrade to a paid plan which gives you the option to download in 1080p and MP3 format.

Click here to download Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express.

18. SEO Minion

This is the first SEO tool on our list of best Firefox Plugins. SEO Minion is an amazing free SEO plugin for Firefox. It shows you different sets of data such as On-Page SEO, SERP Preview, broken link checker, etc. If you are low on a budget and want to check sites for free, then SEO Minion is worth trying.

firefox add ons

Main features of SEO Minion:

  • Check or optimize On-page SEO
  • Highlights both internal/external links
  • Get a SERP Preview and see how your webpage appears in a search result
  • Reports broken links

This is a free plugin available at the Mozilla Add-ons store

Click here to download SEO Minion.

19. Enhancer for YouTube

This plugin does exactly what it says. Enhancer for YouTube enhances YouTube experience make it better for users. It adds many features to the general YouTube giving it more functionality like Controlling sound level with your mouse wheel, run videos on loop, use custom themes, and much more.

Main features of Enhancer for YouTube:

  • Loop Videos
  • Control volume level using the mouse wheel
  • Use custom-designed themes to change YouTube UI
  • Add custom JavaScript to make your own actions
  • Way to remove ads on all videos as well as to see ads on selected channels

Enhancer for YouTube is free to use and available on Mozilla Add-ons store.

Click here to download it.

20. Cookie AutoDelete

Cookie AutoDelete lets you have complete control over the cookies. After enabling this Firefox add-on, whenever you will close a tab, this extension will delete all cookies from that particular tab.

firefox add ons

Main features of Cookie AutoDelete:

  • Auto Delete cookies whenever a tab is closed
  • Whitelist or Greylist sites you trust and have no problem with their cookies
  • Option to manually clear cookies
  • Supports container tabs as well

This addon is available for free on the Mozilla Add-on store.

Click here to download Cookie AutoDelete.


Extensions can add a lot of features to a browser. In this post, there are addons for all types of users from web developers to SEO beginners and General Users to Privacy concerned users. We hope this article helped you in learning about some amazing Firefox Add ons.

Try these add ons and check out how useful they can be!

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