15 Best Free File Sharing Sites For 2021

If there is anything that increased manifolds in the last decade, it’s most certainly files. Files inclusive of documents, videos, audio, applications, and everything digitally created stuff. With the total digitalization of media, office, videos, music there is a large number of files one store and transfers every day. With this increase of content increased the use of the file-sharing sites. Now File-sharing sites are used by almost every internet for both professional and personal reasons.

The inconvenience with traditional file sharing methods

The traditional way of sharing these files was mostly through portable Storage devices like USB or local file-sharing tools like Bluetooth. These methods required time-consuming copy-pasting from one device to the portable storage to the other device. The Bluetooth, on the other hand, was not preferable for large files It would require carrying the device itself in range of another device for sharing. 

Both these options were too inconvenient and used to considerably hinder productivity in the office. For personal use, the storage devices were difficult to store because of their small size and fragile body. Though preferable for storing memories in form of videos and audios the portable storage was costly and can be lost. These multiple problems were solved by the creation of File sharing sites, the gamer changer.

Ease of File Sharing with File Sharing Sites

File sharing sites introduced a new way of sharing using the internet and dedicated servers. Now you can just upload files on these sides and access from any device using your login. Not just store on these sites but also make them available for others by sharing the link to your files. These sites can be accessed from anywhere which saves the trouble of carrying the files or moving near the device. With fast internet, these sites allow fast and protected sharing of files. Once uploaded the files can be accessed on multiple devices simultaneously. File sharing sites provide time-efficient, easy and safe file sharing to multiple people. These require no or little money for storage and are ideal for office works.

Perks of Using File Sharing Sites 

Most file sharing sites provide minimum free storage with an option to buy more paying little money. In every aspect, these sites beat traditional ways and prove to be a necessity In this world of social media, where memories are stored in photos, videos by just a tap there’s plenty of stuff to store. At times you find yourself compromising and saving only selected pictures, videos on your traditional storage devices. But with file-sharing sites leave storing troubles to it and keep creating more, capturing moments freely. 

If you’ve made your mind to use one read further to know about 15 free file sharing sites. If you’re aren’t convinced yet, then these sites and their features will certainly appeal to you. Here are the best file sharing sites for you to choose from.

Best File Sharing Sites

1. Google Drive

google drive

Developed in 2012 this file-sharing site got widely popular in the following years It has come a long way from basic online file storage and synchronization to offline features. This site had 800 million users across the world as of 2017. The site now offers its own google docs for word documents, and google sheet for creating spreadsheets for free. The files created on these are saved on the drive. This file-sharing site now offers offline apps for Android and windows and supports practically every possible file type.

This file-sharing site offers 15 GB of free storage. In order to use the site, you require a Gmail account. You can access files from any computer, laptop, or smartphone by logging in on the device. The paid plan offers 100, 200 GB, and 2, 10, 20, and 30 TB of storage varying with the price. You can share files with people by changing the privacy setting of a file or folder, and sharing the link. With a user-friendly built and quick access design this site becomes easy to use for everyone. It has a search feature that makes finding photos or files easy if you know the name. The site is secure and with its Android app, it allows backup, along with google drawing for editing pictures.


  • Free storage up to 15 GB
  • Link sharing
  • Extra apps like google docs, sheets, and slides


  • Trouble navigating
  • High-speed net required for seamless use


  1. 15 GB free per user
  2. 100 GB at $1.99/Month
  3. 200 GB at $2.99/Month
  4. 2 TB at $9.99/Month
  5. 10 TB at $99.99/Month
  6. 20 TB at $199.99/Month
  7. 30 TB at $299.99/Month

2. Microsoft One Drive

one drive

This file-sharing site is part of Microsoft’s web office version. Microsoft one drive allows storing files, Microsoft Office documents, and window settings, etc. This site can be accessed using Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Xbox. One Drive allows the sharing and syncing of files across these devices. The site provides 5 GB of free storage and extra storage with a paid subscription or Office 365 subscription. This file-sharing site developed in 2007 primarily known as Sky Drive. It has greatly upgraded its user interface from an earlier version with features like hardware acceleration and infinite scroll.

Following a lawsuit in 2013, the name was changed to one-drive. In 2015 its plans were changed and free unlimited storage was made removed with an office 365 subscription. The current 365 office home orientation subscription offers 20 GB free One Drive storage per user. The site has a recycle bin to restore accidentally deleted files and allows complete ZIP file download of up to 15 GB size. The site comes with client apps to allow online editing. It allows location tagging with photos uploaded through a web interface or Window photo gallery. The latest version of Window i.e window 8.1 and 10 comes preloaded with one drive for data backup and security.


  • Integrated with windows
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers with office subscription
  • Personal Vault for important files


  • Limited free space of 5GB
  • Strict policies and account shutdown on violation


  1. 200 GB at $2/month
  2. 1TB GB at $10/month

3. DropBox


This file-sharing site comes with cloud storage, client software, file sharing synchronization, and sharing. Created in 2007 by MIT students this app as a startup rapidly gained popularity and became widely used. With 500 million users in 2015 is expanded quickly and provides free storage and account and premium for extra storage. Dropbox provides software for Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows phones. It also has a photo and video gallery on the site. It also has Dropbox paper, a document editor for editing uploaded files, and synchronizes it with servers.

The site works by synchronizing a folder with its servers and changes on all connected devices. To upload files move all to a central folder which is linked with the dropbox server. The server is linked with folders and every change is updated simultaneously in all devices with the same dropbox account. The free account comes with 2 GB of storage which can be increased through referrals. For every new user added you can get 500 MB storage up to a total of 16 GB. The paid plus feature allows secure sharing, you can set a password to files and set link expiry date. This file-sharing site’s software also allows LAN sharing hence adding to improved synchronization. 


  • Integrated with Facebook and windows
  • Extra secure sharing with a password
  • Choice to increase storage with referrals


  • Limited storage of 2 GB


  1. 5TB at 12.50$/Month
  2. Unlimited storage at 20$/Month

4. Mediafire

This file-sharing site and cloud storage service are based in Texas, United States. Founded in 2006 the site also provides client software for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and web browsers. With 43 million users in 2012, it fairly gained popularity among common users and business people. This file-sharing site provides the best and economical storage. You get 10 GB starting storage, expandable to 50 GB by doing other required activities. By downloading Mediafire client apps, downloading it on android, and sharing on Facebook you can get an extra 40 GB of space.

You can share both public and private files using this software. Privates files are shared directly between users through contacts or email. The sender controls the editing permissions for the file. While public files are shared through a link and can be downloaded by anyone in possession of the link. A public link cannot be edited and is read-only. The file-sharing site also allows a one-time link to avoid resharing and security breaches. You can play audio and video on the site and a large number of the document, file formats are supported. It’s mobile that provides audio, video sharing from the device and access to Mediafire account on the smartphone. 


  • Extra storage up to 40 GB
  • Secure sharing option for private files
  • Remote access using the phone


  • Limited client apps
  • Average initial storage of 10 GB


  1. 1000 GB a $3.75/Month
  2. 100 TB at $40/Month

5. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

This file-sharing site is provided cloud storage, file backup, and file sharing and is primarily a cloud storage application. First made available in 2011 to the user, this site got widely popular along with Amazon. This file-sharing site supports Web popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. The app is mostly used for personal purposes and rarely business. It allows only limited file formats but is excellent for backing up photos and videos. The site also supports Desktop with its application compatible with Mac and Windows.

It is mostly used in smartphones both Android and iOS as it works better for photos and videos. The mobile application has the features of the web and also an automatic backup that saves files on the cloud. The file-sharing site offers unlimited photos storage with prime photos plan and 5GB storage for other files including videos. The site allows sharing through remote access to download or link sharing. In the US it supports multiple languages and allows editing, print order through amazon prints. You can edit the desired picture and place an order for it or a photo book delivered by Amazon. The site has in-built audio, video players and can be used on amazon TV directly.


  • Ideal for storing pictures and videos
  • Subscription required for files other than photos exceeding 5 GB


  • Limited file format support
  • Prime membership required


  1. 19.99$/Year for 100 GB in Prime photos

6. Jumpshare


This file-sharing site is also a visual communication platform that allows screenshot capture and screen recording in one place. This site has applications for Windows, Mac, and OS. It was developed in 2012 and since then it is widely used. It has expanded through the freemium model and has a large number of users. 

To make a file transfer you have to first make an account on the jumpscare site using your email and First, last name. You can also sign up using google. With the basic features of the site, you get 2 GB cloud space with a 250 MB file upload limit. You also get 30 seconds of screen recording and unlimited screenshots. Users can download the app on their iPhone, Windows, and Mac. They can make a secure transfer with the basic app.

The two premium options of 1TB and 2 TB space provide unlimited screen recording with expirable links, file recovery of 30 days, password protection, self-destruct files, faster file processing, advanced sharing options, etc. The premium is available at justified prices and the basic version is ideal for personal use and at times professional use. The 2 TB storage premium also provides team collaboration and sharing which makes it best for office use.


  • Fast, secure, and free transfer
  • Free unlimited screenshots


  • Limited space of 2 GB


  1.  TB at $8.25/Month
  2.  TB at $12.50/Month

7. Box


This file-sharing site was developed as a college project in 2004 which later became popular and a full-fledged company. This site allows primarily file-sharing along with collaborating features and other tools to work with files. You can either invite others to view and edit shared files or you can upload files to a shared folder. After uploading to shared folders in the box you can give others the right to access them and make changes. 

It has three account types i.e Enterprise, Business, and Personal, Business being the most opted account type. The file-sharing sites have their services available on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows phones. You can get a free trial of the premium features like unlimited storage, seamless collaboration, app integration, and high security. The premium features allow easy sharing through a link where you can decide the amount of access provided. It allows remote access, is compatible with most apps like G Suite, and is easy to use. Its user-friendly design makes it easily navigable and time-efficient. 


  • Simple and secure
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free trial for user experience 


  • No free subscription 
  • Require premium after free Trial
  • Costly


  1. Premium at 46$/ Month for three users

8. DropSend


This the earliest known file-sharing site and has been perfect for a long time from its earlier versions. This site provides a software tool for Windows and Mac OS X. The software tool allows you to transfer large files through email. It offers both file sharing and storage through its software. 

It comes with a free plan under which you can send up to 5 files every month and between 250 MB to 2GB storage space. The paid plans include more storage along with more number of sends. You can send up to 8 GB of files through your email using DropSend. It allows seamless transfer without email attachment size restrictions. The receiver will get an email with the download link which will redirect to the file-sharing site. From the site, he/she can download the file on his/her computer.

It is also available for Android and iOS. You get remote access with Android and iOS DropSendapp. You can review, download, and send files directly from your smartphones. It has three subscription offers i.e Basic, standard, and professional with varying extra features. All three features have no restriction on file size and you can get a free trial. With each premium, the transfer speed is upped. 


  • Considerable storage
  • Justified number of sends 
  • AES secure transfer


  • Inconveniently less features with the free version


  1. 10 GB at $5/Month
  2. 25GB at $9/Month
  3. 25GB with unlimited sending at 19$/Month

9. ShareFile


This file-sharing site allows secure storage and sharing of files. The site provides unlimited storage and uses emails to send large files. The site claims to provide bank-level encryption capabilities to protect the email and your file. You can access your online storage on multiple devices by remote access. It is integrated with office 365 which allows real-time editing by multiple people. Your files can be synced automatically when saved in a central synch folder. 

The site offers 4 buying options for a subscription is Standard, advanced, premium, and virtual data room. Except for the virtual data room with 5GB storage, you get unlimited storage for the rest of the offers. Advanced, premium, and virtual data rooms provide Office 365 Co-editing, Gmail plugin, and advanced security. Virtual data room offers a unique view only feature with rest same features as that of standard. Though these subscriptions are paid, you can get a free trial of each to decide what’s best for you. It is by far the safest file-transfer with a security tool and offers unlimited storage at a reasonable price.


  • Safe, simple, and fast
  • Unlimited storage within a reasonable price range
  • Integrated with office 365


  • No free subscription available 


  1. Standard at 50$/Month
  2. Advanced at 77$/Month
  3. Premium at 122$/Month
  4. Virtual Data Room 338$/Month

10. SecureDocs


This file-sharing site allows you to create a virtual data room, an online repository used for storing and sharing documents. The site has a user-friendly interface and the sites are equipped with a dedicated support team. You can literally create a virtual data room in less than 10 minutes. These data rooms are the most secure and transparent. You can control the permission to your files and give partial, read-only, or read-write access to the receiver. 

It has an audit log reporting which makes this file-sharing site best for office work. You can easily keep a check on changes in documents with this feature. It uses Amazon web services security measures and can be trusted with sensitive data. You can also chase the location of your data hosts. It has two subscription plans, one billed quarterly charging more per month than one billed yearly. It is in your favor if you require it for a longer period of time. The quarterly billed subscription has features according to short term use and is ideal for sharing, tracking, and storing.


  • Extra security with Virtual data room
  • Ideal deals for office use
  • Free trial available


  • Not preferable for personal use
  • No deals for a half year or 9 months


  1. 400$/Month for 3 months
  2. 250$/Month for 12 months

11. iCLOUD Drive

This file-sharing site is primarily used for cloud storage made by apple inc. and is available on Windows also. iCloud had 782 Million users as of 2016. It allows you to store files like documents, photos, videos, etc. It allows remote access and in case of device theft, the files can be accessed from other devices. The same feature is used for sharing files from one device to another. It has many features for iOS like backup, email, find my friends, phone, etc. 

Every account on iCloud gets 5GB of free storage for owners of iOS. The iCloud drive allows easy accessibility of files on any device. The synchronization helps boost productivity with files simultaneously updated on every device. You can download iCloud for the windows but you’d be required to make an Apple Id to access its features. You can download and share photos from your windows to iOS. This software is ideal for personal use


  • Best for Apple users
  • Convenient and economical 


  • Not preferable for professional use
  • Not available for Android users


  1. 200GB at 2.99$/Month

12. SugarSync


This file-sharing site shares files through synchronization of the folder in different devices. The site allows safe, secure, and time-efficient sharing. You can back your files on the cloud storage available effortlessly be it be photos, videos, or documents. The site ensures security while transferring files in and out of the cloud using TLS, AES security protocols. The 256-bit AES encryption used for financial purposes keeps your files 100% safe. The sync allows effortless working on multiple devices for the same project. 

Apart from secure sharing and storage, this site provides softwares for windows that allows stealth backup of files on the site. Mobile apps are also available to sync, share, and backup your phones’ content. SugarSync is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. There are two categories in the subscription plan. Either you can opt for personal or business. Within a personal plan, you can get from 100 to 500 GB in three different plans. While in business you can get 1000GB storage for 3 users.


  • Secure and simple file sharing
  • Windows and Android App available
  • Easy sync and backup
  • 30 days free trial


  • No free subscription plan available
  • Limited integrated apps



  1. 100 GB at 7.49 $/Month
  2. 250 GB at  9.99 $/Month
  3. 500 GB at 18.95$/Month


  1. 1000 GB at 55$/Month

13. Bit.ai


This site is one place for all office needs that are required to be done with files. This file-sharing site allows easy access and upload of files along with effective content management. You can create a workspace on this site to allow you to manage professional and personal files simultaneously. The owner has control of the workspace allowing efficient management. You can practice organizational working here by controlling the type of access provided to the viewer. You can organize your files in folders and subfolders for quick access ad sharing.

It is integrated with a large number of apps made for graphic design tools, maps, images along with databases, spreadsheets, and social media. Hence it supports an even larger number of file formats. It comes with four subscription plans starting with a free plan which allows 1 GB cloud storage, 5 MB size limit, and up to 5 members and 50 documents allowed. The next plan allows unlimited members, documents, and 500 GB storage with a 200MB file limit.

 The next two plans are inclusive of earlier ones with free guest access, unlimited storage, advanced sharing. etc. Try the free version to check out the site, you can also unlock extra features if you find the site satisfactory. 


  • Large no. of file formats supported 
  • More than usual integrated applications
  • Convenient free subscription plan


  • Not preferable for personal use
  • Limits storage of 1GB provided in the free subscription


  1. Free Plan with 1 GB Storage
  2. 500GB at 8$/Month
  3. Unlimited storage at 15$/Month

14. Hightail


With everything one can ask for this file-sharing site is an ideal pick for both personal and professional use. It allows secure upload, share, and receiving of large files. The site shows real-time reports of file sharing. You can track and making the files password-protected, the site notifies the receiver on getting the file. It allows fast download, supports a large number of file formats, and supports preview and stream. You can set a link to one-time use and keep track of their expiry to confirm if the file was opened or not.

Though it can be used for personal work, it is primarily designed for professional usage. You can have real-time conversations in one place and have productive discussions. The version review and approval allows systematic working on the site. The effortless sharing with content management makes this site a favorable choice. A free subscription Lite plan, best for personal use with 2 GB storage is available on first signing in. If required you can take Pro, Teams, and Business plans with 25, 50, and 500 Gb uploaded file size. The team’s plan comes with a max of 30 users.

With this file-sharing site, boost your office productivity and content management or save your personal files. 


  • Free subscription plan with basic use features
  • Unlimited storage with a paid subscription


  • Limited 2GB storage
  • Less integrated apps


  1. LITE free
  2. PRO at 12$/Month
  3. TEAMS at 24$/Month
  4. BUSINESS at 36$/ Month

15. WeTransfer


This file-sharing site is ideal for sharing private files. It was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam. The app is different from the above-mentioned sites and does not store the file. It uses a user transfer method through email. Using this site you can transfer files by attaching them to your email. It makes sharing large files easier and time-efficient. The app by this file-sharing site name “Collet by WeTransfer” allows easy file sharing on your Android and iOS.

You can share files up to 2GB using Wetransfer. All you need to make the transfer is just your and receiving a person’s email. Buying a premium would let you share files up to 20 GB in size and you’ll also get cloud storage. With premium, you can save up to 1TB size files on this file-sharing site with password and personalization. It is simple and secure and makes file transfer economical and hassle-free.


  • Cost-effective and simple
  • Secure user to user transfer


  • No cloud storage without the premium
  • No client apps


  1. 12$/month


The file-sharing sites are the best alternative to time-consuming USB drives and hard drives. These sites have not only made file managing easy but also secure and quick. With just one tap share important office files between colleagues and clients without trouble. Make use of additional storage and collaborative features to carry out office-like functioning online on file-sharing sites. 

For personal use also share files with family members without any thought about security, these sites have got you back. Most of these sites provide free subscriptions with enough features and storage for personal use. No more wasting money on storage devices prone to misplacing, damage, and theft. Use these sites for free to store your important memories and keep creating more.


1. What is file sharing?

File sharing includes moving or making a file like documents, audio, etc available on multiple devices using a storage device, through LAN or online file-sharing sites. Files sharing is commonly done to store records or media in devices with bigger storage for future use.

2. Is file sharing safe?

File sharing is easy and common but using a USB drive can make you susceptible to viruses and malware infection from other infected devices. It is recommended to install and use an active anti-virus in your device to avoid such risk and practice safe file-sharing. 

3. What is the purpose of file sharing?

File sharing is done for many purposes such as storing important files and records, review of office projects, collaborative work, and sharing pictures with friends and family. File sharing is important in this interconnected world to stay continuously updated and promote an efficient working environment in the office.

4. Are file sharing sites safe?

File sharing sites are absolutely safe as most of these use trusted security protocols like AES. Moreover, while using these sites you have total control of your files with one-time links and password protection. In fact, file sharing sites are safer than portable storage devices as these sites provide remote access and in case of theft, you can easily secure your files from another device, or terminate your account to avoid a breach of sensitive data. 

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