20 Best Hairstyle Apps For Android and iOS

If you’re anxious about trying a new hairstyle that you find attractive or are afraid to take the risk. A hairstyle is an important part of one’s personality and having doubts about trying something new is very normal, so normal that there are hairstyle apps for it. 

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Hairstyle apps are designed to help you know how a hairstyle would look on you. These apps are indeed the solution to vacillations regarding your hairstyle. Hairstyle apps allow you to virtually try a hairstyle using just a smartphone with a good camera. All you need to do is click a picture of yourself and use the hairstyle features on the apps to know for sure if a hairstyle matches your style or not. 

You can also share the pictures you use for the new hairstyle and get the opinions of your friends or family about the hairstyle. There are many, widely popular hairstyle apps available for Android and iOS, here are 20 shortlisted best hairstyle apps that you can try:

Best Hairstyle Apps

1. Best Hairstyles

This hairstyle app is designed by Best Photo Apps. This app is simple and easy to use, you can literally try a hairstyle on your photo in just 5 seconds. It has a variety of hairstyle options to choose from, you can change the size, color, or the type of hair, from fashionable to typical to basic. 

To change your hairstyle just click a photo, open it in the app, and select hairstyle from the available options. In a few seconds, the hairstyle will be applied and you can judge if you should get that hairstyle for real or not. You can also use other filters available, edit photos, and share your photos with your friends. Unlike most hairstyle apps this one does not compromise with photo quality. You can download and use this app for free from the Play store.

2. Hairstyle Makeover

This hairstyle app designed by Appdicted is available for iOS. It has genuine hairstyles professionally edited for you to use. With its simple to use design you just have to load a photo, pick a hairstyle, adjust it according to face and you have it, desired hairstyle with your face. You can also share edited pictures with your friends, and take their opinion on your new real looking hairstyle.

Although the app is free to download and use from the Apple app store, it has in-apple purchases for extra features. You get five free hairstyles with the app, and you can unlock 100+ hairstyles sorted by length, male, female, and facial hair combination along with fun wigs. You can even cut and blur the hairstyle to suit your face structure. This is an ideal hairstyle app for both professional work and fun as it allows detailed editing of pictures with the desired hairstyle. 

3. Makeup

This Hairstyle app by modiface is primarily for virtual makeovers and effects. This app provides cosmetic shades and color which enhances your photo. The app is user-friendly and designed to be used with ease. You can capture a photo or load it in the app to edit. After loading you can select from multiple cosmetic options from the app.

Primarily for a makeover, this app has 60 plus celebrity hairstyles for you. Being an important part of the appearance you have unique and attractive hairstyles to beautify your picture. The hairstyles are adjustable and fit perfectly with all face types. You can also use accessories like goggles that go along with your hairstyle. With filters and photo editing features, you can get ideal pictures to post on social media. Download and use this on your Androids from the Play store for free.

4. Hairstyle Try-On

Made by KMBSoft ApS this hairstyle app comes with 36 free hairstyles for you to try. These hairstyles are realistic and can be resized to fit with the face structure. Every hairstyle comes with 50 color options and in varying lengths. Easy to use, just take a picture or choose from the gallery and apply form listed hairstyles. The pictures can be shared through the app on social media. 

The hairstyle app is available for free on the Apple app store with a 4.1-star review and 128 MB size. Buy making in-app purchases you can get up to 800 hairstyles, each with 50 color options. The app also provides tips and information about hairstyles and is ideal for both men and women.  Use this hairstyle app to get an idea about what suits your style and get that hairstyle for real.

5. Magic Mirror, Hair styler

This hairstyle app is a paid version designed by touch multimedia. A free version of the hairstyle app is also available named Magic Mirror Demo styler. The paid app has more features with 100+ hairstyles for both men and women. The app is easily accessible and comes with multiple color options for the hairstyle.

To use this hairstyle app just upload or capture a picture and select from available hairstyles. With the paid version, you get a lot of hairstyles and 20 slots for simultaneously using hairstyles on 20 different pictures. The hairstyles are easy to adjust according to the face by dragging, enlarging, and rotating. It has smart facial detection AI and comes loaded with 4 characters two men and women each to help you with basics. The demo app is free to download and use while the paid version of the app can be downloaded by paying 2.40$ from the Google Play store.

6. Hair Color Booth

This hairstyle app by Bluebear Technologies Ltd. is primarily for changing the color of your hair. This is an ideal app to know how you would look in different color shades. If you’re looKing for trying new hair colors, this app is a risk-free way to know for sure about shades. This hairstyle app is the No.1 Entertainment app in Australia, UK, Denmark, and Sweden.

The app is easy to use, just upload the photo and apply different color shades from the available option in the hairstyle app. A huge range of hair colors literally lets you try every colored shade possible on your hair. Use this app to create lit Instagram posts and present your best self. The color strength is controlled by smoothing and translucency features. With this app getting realistic-hair becomes easy. Download and use this Hairstyle app for free, on your iOS from the Apple app store.

7. Style My Hair Pro

This professional hairstyle app designed by L’Oréal is best for hairstyle consultation. It is used by professional hairdressers to ensure the best hairstyles for their customers. The app is regularly updated with new, stylish, and trending looks for you to get ideas. This hairstyle app also provides regular updates on hairstyle tips and care.  It is available for both Android and iOS.

This Hairstyle app also has a 3D Try-on feature that lets you check if a hair color suits you or not. The 3D try-on feature provides you with realistic images of you in your chosen hair color. You can also choose a corresponding color shade from L’Oreal Professionnel digital swatch book. Get professional style pictures and share them on your social media accounts from this Hairstyle app.

It is available for free on both Apple App Store and Google play store.

8. Change Hairstyle

This hairstyle app is designed by Delka and Tony and is available on both Android and iOS. This app allows you to try hundreds of hairstyles without going to the saloon. It uses real hairstyles, not drawn, which gives you an accurate idea about a hairstyle. The app is user-friendly and can be navigated through without fuss. It comes with multiple types of hairstyles like short, medium, long, curly, and straight with different large color options. 

To use this hairstyle app just take a picture or select one from the gallery. Choose the hairstyle type from the available options and select the desired hair color. Adjust the photo to the hairstyle by rotating or enlarging, reducing the size. With the edited picture, you can now decide if you should get the hairstyle for real or not. Compare a wide range of looks, share them on social media, and get your friend’s opinion with this hairstyle app. Get it for free on the Google play store.

9. Hair Style Changer – New Look

Designed by Valenapps this hairstyle app is available for iOS. It has a simple design which makes it easy to use without tutorials. With 200+ hairstyles get new and attractive looks. The app has lots of hairstyles, professional hair colors, and effects with editing tools to deliver you the best quality.

To get the desired picture just load or capture a photo in the app and apply from available hairstyles. You can adjust the hairstyle to fit with the face and give you real looking pictures. These pictures not only give you an idea about hairstyles but can also be shared on social media accounts. Getting the opinion of your friends before you try a hairstyle for real becomes easy with sharing features. Download and use this hairstyle app from the Apple app store for free.

10. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

This hairstyle app is designed by perfect 365 Inc. and has 100 million-plus users and is increasing day by day. This app is primary for a makeover and has features to enhance your overall look. This app is a complete package with more than 20 beauty tools and 200+ per-set hot styles. With just one tap get everything made up on your smartphone.

Hairstyle being the crux of appearance, this app has many hairstyles for your photo.

Just load your picture, use amazing tools to edit and apply attractive hairstyles to get Insta-ready pictures. It has smart face detection and hairstyle editing to create an image with fine details. This hairstyle app also has tutorial videos, weekly updated styles, and tips making it an ideal choice. You can download and use it on your Android for free, from the google play store.

12. Hair Zapp

This hairstyle app designed by Style Concept SC KG is for women. There are 400+ hairstyles available for you to use for free. You can also get 544 more hairstyle options by taking a subscription. This hairstyle app edits your photo with the desired hairstyle while maintaining picture quality. This app is ad-funded and the ads are removed with a subscription.

To use the app, tap on the camera button in the app, take a picture, and try different hairstyles on it. The app also provides the feature of comparing favorite pictures side by side. The share feature of the app allows sharing pictures with friends and discussing with them.  By joining the Zaap community you can get advice from professionals about the hairstyle. The hairstyle can be further edited in color and shortened. Download this hairstyle app from the Apple app store on your iOS for free or make in-app purchases for a better experience. 

13. Fabby Look — hair color changer & style effects

This hairstyle by research at google is available for Android and has a 3.8-star rating on the google play store. This hairstyle is primarily used for changing the hair color. It has 10+ magnificent colors like pink, purple, magenta, platinum, etc. These colors truly accentuate your hairstyle and our looks.

To use this app just open the camera through the app and edit your hairstyle in real-time. Capture the edited photo when ideal and share it on Instagram, Facebook, etc. This app helps you in deciding the color you should try on your hair for real. To get realistic-looking colored hair photos you can download this app for free from the google play store.

14. Hairstyles for Your Face Shape 

This hairstyle app by Gregorio Bello is primarily for women. It has a 4-star rating on the Apple app store. The app has smart AI that works by using your face shape. It’s well designed and can be used easily to change hairstyles virtually. This hairstyle has a large number of hairstyles to choose from and for all face shapes.

To use this app just capture a photo from the app and its smart AI will suggest hairstyles for you. It has hairstyles for all 6 basic face shapes. It has tips for women about making their face shapes clear and taking care of their hairstyle. You can also share the edited pictures and make better decisions to choose the best-suited hairstyle for you. The app is free to download and use with in-app purchases. 

15. Hair Style For Men

This hairstyle app made by sync app is only for men. The app has the latest and popular hairstyle ideas for men. It has multiple hairstyle images of men to give you an idea about hairstyles and help you choose one. Not only current but upcoming hairstyle trends are also available in the app.

Along with photos, this hairstyle app has a photo editor to try these hairstyles virtually. Just upload or capture your photo. Choose from the hairstyle options and with little adjustments, you can get a picture of your desired hairstyle. The app also contains videos about hairstyles, important information, and tips. Download and use for free this hairstyle app from the google play store.

16. Perfect Hairstyle-Women & Men

Designed by Jorge Gregorio Martin Bello this hairstyle app has a 4.0-star rating on the Apple app store. This app provides realistic-looking hairstyles of various lengths to try. It comes with a free sample to use and you can also make in-app purchases to buy style packages. The style packages have more than 420 hairstyles and premium features for a better experience. 

This hairstyle app ideal for both men and women is easy to use and comes with a tutorial.

To try a hairstyle just click a photo or upload from the gallery, pick the desired hairstyle, adjust it, and get the perfect photo. The apps allow picture sharing to help you make a better decision with your friends. Check the new and trendy hairstyle on this app and change your hairstyle for real with surety. Download this hairstyle app for free and change the way you choose hairstyles.

17. Women Hairstyles Pro

This is one of the premium hairstyle apps designed by AT Software Developers is for women. This app comes with 200+ preloaded women’s hairstyles. The app also has other features like eyes, noses, hats, and goggles, etc. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. This hairstyle app can help you create catchy photos of yourself without compromising picture quality

You can create your edited image using the app’s camera or you can upload a picture. Choose any hairstyle from the options available. Adjust it according to your face and you get a better you in the picture. The app can be used for fun and sharing pictures on social media accounts. You also become well-equipped to decide about changes to your desired hairstyle for real. This app is available for Androids on the google play store for free.

18. ChouChou: Virtual Hair Try-on 

Designed by MotionPortrait, Inc. this hairstyle app is new yet reliable. The app allows 3D animation on your photo which greatly enhances the experience. It has a wide range of high-quality hairstyles that appear realistic. Every season new hairstyles from ‘NORA’, a top hair salon in Tokyo, are released on the app. The hairstyles are sweet, cute, and attractive.

The app has a user-friendly interface that allows easy editing. Just upload the photo, select the hairstyle, and adjust it to your face size. It allows easy adjusting of hair volume and color. The pictures created are ideal for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also use decorative frames and stickers and create an album with different hairstyles. The 3D animation and high-resolution pictures give you an accurate idea. The Next time when you enter the salon you will know your best hairstyle. Download this hairstyle app from the Apple app store on your iOS for free and get cute photos of yourself. 

19. Man HairStyle Photo Editor

As mentioned in the name this hairstyle is exclusively for men unless you wish to use it for fun!. This Hairstyle app is designed by Errors infotech. With a user-friendly and easily navigable hairstyle app you can try many hairstyles that suit your face. To use the app just upload or take a photo, crop and edit it, apply a hairstyle from a given option, and share your handsome-looking pictures. 

With this hairstyle app, you get lots of real hairstyles that will accentuate your looks. Available only for androids this app can give you cool and candid edited photos for Instagram or Twitter profiles. Use this app to try different or same color hairstyles as yours, and maybe even try these hairstyles for real. This hairstyle app also helps you make correct judgments about hairstyles with its real-like editing. Download this small size app for free from the Google play store. 

20. Try On Celebrity Hairstyles

This hairstyle app again designed by  Jorge Gregorio Martin Bello has a 4.0-star rating on the Apple app store. It has free hairstyles of varying lengths and colors to try on. The app is constantly updated with the latest hairstyle trends. It has the most hairstyles used by celebrities, so if you are fascinated by one, now you can try it. You get to know how a hairstyle would look on you using just your phone and no extra money.

The app has a simple and efficient interface to let you easily try these hairstyles in seconds. From the available multiple hairstyles choose one that you like and apply on a capture, uploaded photo. Get realistic hairstyles and decide whether to try them for real or not. The app allows sharing and you can share desired pictures with your friend or salon to get advice. Download and use this app for free, you can also make in-app purchases for more hairstyle options and features.


With the above-listed hairstyle apps, be sure about your hairstyle choice without taking a risk or spending money. Try multiple hairstyles with different colors that suit your style. With these apps stay updated about the latest hairstyle trends and know exactly what you want before going to a salon. Apart from professional use, you might as well have some fun sharing edited pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc. 

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