20+ Best Open-Source Android Apps With Source Code For Developers To Practice

What is Open source Android App? 

Open-source android apps make their code freely available for anyone to utilize. Open-source applications developed in android give away code to anyone whoever wants to use it. 

The source code for Android is mostly released under the Apache License. An individual, a developer, any company, any institute or anyone else that has use of the source code can download the code and can make required changes to the code.  

Android and Chromium are two open sources, i.e. apps developed for android can have open source, though, operating systems used for nexus and Chromebook are not. Android being the most popular and very powerful open-source projects, has excellent open-source apps for developers to use them. 

Best Open-Source Android Apps To Boost Android Skills

Here are some of the best Android open source apps suggestions for you that can help boost up your Android developing skills and overcome challenges as an android developer:

Web Browsers:

1. Orbot

Orbot for android

Developed for android platform, Orbot acts as a front-end to the Tor binary application to deliver you a private internet connection.

It is a free software proxy server project build-up to provide you anonymity on the internet for android users. Orbot lets you use its open-source code for services like protecting your privacy over the internet by hiding connections between you and your internet address and services you are using. 

2. Chromium

Chromium- best andrioid open source

An open-source browser with which you can build a safer, faster and more stable way for all users to experience the web. While chrome is a closed source project, chromium generates the source code used by chrome, edge and others. 

Chromium encourages developers to review the underlying code, which can be ported to Linux and Mac. 

3.  DuckDuckGo

Duck Duck Go open socurce apps for anroid

DuckDuckGo is a privacy browser. It collects zero data for your online searches. It is an open-source code search engine that focuses on privacy much above google privacy practices. 

It is not a total private search engine. But it has some privacy protection features and elements in place that you can trust upon to surf the internet and still protect your privacy.

4. Firefox

Firefox browser for android apps

A simple open-source web browser is automatically private and is incredibly fast. Firefox developed by Mozilla foundation, it uses gecko layout to render web pages that then implements current and anticipated standards.  

You can easily customize your browser with its features like, it can block over 2000 trackers for you, it will add blocker add-ons available if you want to use them etc. 


Kiwi-Browser app for android

Made for the android platform, KIWI is a chromium-based browser with the simplest user interface. It has incredible page load speed; it is a perfectly optimized rendering engine.

Any developer can take on the developing skills with its open-source code and learn to develop an android browser that blocks hackers from using your device to mine crypto-currency. Its full source code can easily be found on Github. IT was very recently that KIWI was turned completely open source. 

Communication Applications:

6. Zulip

Zulip android app- best open source apps

Being an open-source app, Zulip is an excellent platform for developing space for workplace conversations. It gives you an easy switch option between different channels and private chats. 

Use Zulip to transfer files and docs between team members. It easily allows you to integrate with other systems and have a centralized notification centre. It is an amazing android application that has everything an internal communication software can offer.

7. ConnectBot

ConnectBOt is a secure shell client developed for the android platform. ConnectBot generates a secure connection through which you can easily use shell on a remote machine and can transfer your files easily between machines/ devices. 

An android developer can use the ConnetDot’s open-source code to easily implement and manage simultaneous SSH sessions, create secure tunnels and copy/paste between other applications. 

8. Google I/O

Google IO Android open source apps

Google I/O is a conference application. it navigates your conferences if you want to attend the conferences personally or remotely. Google I/O gets you reminders for your conferences, personalized your schedules, makes schedules for your conferences, picks details on topics and speakers, it will guide you by using vector-based inference maps etc.

With Google I/O open source code you can easily learn to develop new applications that require features such as Google I/o.

9. NextCloud

Nextcloud-Best Open source android apps

NextCloud is used for dropping files and folders where you can easily download them for a longer or short time period. This application gives you the services of providing you with a copy of files and folders that will physically appear in the NextCloud folder for every desktop app that’s connected with a visible download link.

Nextcloud has the capabilities files (basic sync features, gallery, contacts, calendar, passwords, notes, announcements, tasks etc. 

10. Telegram

Best open source android app- Telegram business

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging application. It provides a space where you can exchange media and can have conversations privately and over groups. It is designed for both personal and businesses of all sizes. It is an instant messaging platform that allows users to share any media data, have secret chats and more.

This open-source application can be used by a developer for developing a good application that has a need for the feature data encryption and secret chat and more. 

Health Applications:

11. COVID Alert

COVID Alert- best android open source apps

COVID Alert is an android application developed to trace if you have been exposed to anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. A mobile phone’s Bluetooth is utilized to scan the user’s surroundings and track the user’s location. COVID Alert notifies the user if he/she has come in close contact with later positive for COVID-19.

The application protects your name, location, address, and health information. This open-source application will help develop more android applications that will help track COVID 19 patients online. 

12. Trace Together

TraceTogether Google Open Source app

Similar to COVID Alert, TraceTogeher quickly notifies you if you have been exposed to COVID-19 through close contact. It was developed to give you timely care, guidance and protecting the user and those around the user. 

Similar to COVID-19, this app uses Bluetooth and the user’s data is getting stored. It works against the spread of COVID 19. TraceTogether ensures the spread of the virus doesn’t go to the majority of the people and the infection and people who have contracted COVID virus should remain under surveillance.  

13. Pedometer


Pedometer, a perfect open-source android app to tally your daily steps and track if you have met your goals or not. It is another health care application developed to keep the user motivated to meet their daily fitness goals such as calorie counters, activity trackers, day logs etc. 

Pedometer also keeps track of your burned calories, steps taken per day, the distance you have covered by walk, running and cycling, it will record the time you have taken to finish a task and speed. 

Use Pedometer open source code to develop an amazing fitness tracking application with good features.  

Multimedia Applications-

14. Timber

Timber-Music-Player-–-Apps-on-Google-Play- best open source app

Timber Music Player is a good designed and fully-featured music player. Use Timber to customize your excellent music experience. With its open-source code, you can use this player to build an amazing music player related to this android application. 

Timber lets you browse and play songs. You can choose the albums and the artists that you want to listen to and it will be added to your playing list with lyrics displayed. You can search for songs online and browse device folders. You can create playlists and edit them for your liking. You can choose the dark theme and UI customizability. 

15. VLC Media Player

VLC media player- best open source apps

The VLC media player is a vastly used multimedia player. You can use VLC media player to stream and play both video files, audio and other types of files. It is free of cost. It supports MPEG and DIVX streaming and plays videos as they are being downloaded. 

VLC media player gives you the ability to choose the speed of the track that’s playing, you can choose the aspect ratio of the video. It can enhance the video and audio playbacks for your device, it supports streaming and can be extended to almost infinitely with downloadable plugins.

16. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle music playeer app- best open source apps for Android

Reinvent your music experience with the Shuttle music player. It embraces your music tastes with gapless playback, lyrics display, has tons of theme options including dark and light themes. It has extremely customizable widgets.

It has both free and paid versions. Where free versions cover basic features, the paid version will give you options for folder browsing, Chromecast support, extra themes and ID3 tag editing. 

17. Kodi

Kodi Music app- open source apps for Android

Kodi is free of cost and an open-source media centre application that allows you to access all kinds of content. IT has a friendly user interface. It is extremely easy to use and It has various options of customizable skins, themes and fonts a user can choose from. 

You can add a lot of plugins and add-ons that are available over Kodi to enhance your multimedia experience. Kodi will give you access to streaming media content i.e. videos and music and gives you space to save streaming media and watch the stored content anywhere you like. 

18. AntennaPod

AntennaPod is the newest favourite player for android. It is a free open source podcast that is easy to use and is rich in features. 

With AntennaPod you can easily stream audio shows or download shows or an episode of podcasts to your device. You can later add these downloaded or saved podcasts/ podcast episodes to your audio player or podcast player. Through AntennaPod you can generate an easy podcast listening application. 

Security Applications-

19. Haven

Haven App for android-open source apps

Haven is an application that is developed with privacy and security in mind. It is designed to protect a user’s belongings be it physical or electronic. Haven uses the device’s camera, accelerometer and its mic to detect if anyone is near the device or moving the user’s belongings or the item Haven is set up for.  Whenever any of the alerts gets triggered Haven will instantly click a picture of the person interfering with the item or with the  device and send the picture to you along with a text message saying an alert has been triggered. 

It uses a motion sensor, movement sensor, voice sensor, on-device logs, devices camera settings etc. It is an open-source app a developer can use certain features and codes that can help to build up an excellent security and privacy application having features similar to Haven. 

20. Bitwarden

BitWarden is an open-source password manager. It generates a password and stores your passwords over the cloud and syncs them across your multiple devices. 

It has very basic features but it has gained a good number of users that need easy password management. 

Over time BitWarnde has improved and developed new features. One of such new features includes, a user can store more than just passwords. BitWarden now can store a user’s credit cards, secure notes and identity info too. This android open source application will help you know about password storage and login protection. 

21. AFwall

AFwall (Android Firewall) is a front-end open-source, iptables firewall application for android. Its firewall buildup allows a user to restrict which applications can have access to your data networks. This open source android app requires rooting of Android.

AFwall, with root, lets you whitelist services for IAN access, WIFI access and mobile data access. It notifies you for new installations. It gives you private and safe internet surfing secure space. AFwall could be a good help for a developer who’s thinking of building up security and piracy apps as it has a good list of features and a large number of users. 

Final Words

While the above-stated list has given you some of the best open source android apps that are out there and works extremely well for their feature and use. 

These open-source apps will inspire and will give you a greater chance to guide you while developing any android projects, and will give a push to the knack of learning and boost your Android development skills. We have shared the Android open-source apps in almost every genre that you can use to practice and brush up your skills. 

If we have missed something, do let us know in the comments box.  

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