10 Best PDF Editors for Mac in 2021

Digital file management has become very important in many industries. Nowadays, it is highly advantageous to have a good PDF Editor available. There are so many PDF Editors for Mac that can help you have a better PDF experience. Choosing the best PDF Editor can be confusing for a lot of people. Let me tell you one thing if you are just starting to edit PDFs, then you should go for something good for beginners and not professional editors. In the list below, we will talk about the 10 best PDF Editors for Mac. They will help you keep your PDF file safe and secure. 

What are PDF Editors?

Before getting into the list, let us first talk about what a PDF Editor is. Well, a PDF Editor is a group of applications, features web services or software. These services allow us to view, edit, manipulate, create, and manage our files and documents in PDF format. We can also edit files of other formats in some of the PDF Editors. This editor makes storing and editing our files easy and safe. 

Uses of PDF Editors

The most important or we can say the basic use of PDF Editor is that they allow us to manipulate text and images of a PDF file without converting them into a different format or pay for some software. No matter what the purpose of the PDF file is they are the best to share information because their content doesn’t change. You can use any kind of device or program to view it. 

With a PDF Editor, we can return a file back to its original application as well. These editors make the work simple as we can scan and OCR hardcopies and combine them into a common format. We can allow access to our files. If we want to find an earlier version of any file we can easily locate and revert back to that version. 

With an editor, we can see the reviewers adding comments and making changes immediately. Whenever you update the file, you can send a message about it to all the members having access to the file. An editor also helps in collecting data in a faster and convenient way. 

Why do We Need PDF Editors for Mac?

PDF Editors for Mac detect the fonts by themselves. The editors help in formatting the texts and paragraphs more easily. They make editing a PDF document as easy as editing documents of any other format on Mac. We need a PDF editor for Mac so that we don’t need to switch to some other device or change the format of our document to edit it. 

Best PDF Editors for Mac

1. Adobe Acrobat for Mac 

Adobe Acrobat for Mac

This PDF editor has users from different industries. It is an expert for all types of editing and fields. Its latest version is just amazing. It has the ability to understand what the users actually want from the application. This editor has all the tools and features required to edit a PDF file. 

You won’t ever feel the need for any extra feature on this editor as it is a powerhouse. It makes everything easy to navigate. It is best suited for professional editing. The users have easy access to complex editing, sharing, and functions. The editor gives the user the full right to control who can view or comment on the file etc. 


  • Provides complex functions with easy navigation.
  • Seamless operations. 
  • It has tools for sharing, securing, editing, and converting PDF files.


  • Might be confusing to non-tech users as it has advanced features. 

2. Preview 


It is Apple’s PDF Editor. As it comes from one of the most high-standard companies it provides the users with a top-notch PDF experience. It is best for beginners. This simple editor helps to carry out basic functions on the PDF smoothly. It has tools for reading, editing, and annotating files. So apart from editing the file you can also enjoy reading and annotating your files.

 It is a simple editor to make a beginner a professional with time. If you want simple editing features for your files on Mac then this is the editor for you with no complexity. It is ideal for students but not for workers. You can begin with this editor to become a pro later. 


  • Have functions with a user-friendly interface. 
  • Build-in and free tools.


  • Doesn’t have other features that most of the other editors have. 

3. PDFelement for Mac


It is a user-centric PDF Editor which you can easily find on the Mac App Store. This editor keeps you on top of the communication path and doesn’t allow any kind of delay to stalk your inability to perform some actions on the file. This editor allows the user to annotate, read, merge, sign, edit, and watermark the file on Mac. 

Users can easily use any feature of the editor without many technical skills. It has a user-friendly interface. You can perform a lot of odd and common functions on your file with just a few clicks. It is said to be an ideal PDF editor by many of its users. This editor also helps the users to know about some unique things they can do in the files. 


  • A user-friendly, neat, and fresh interface.
  • A bulk of features for PDF files.
  • Allows working with other formats also like Excel, Word, HTML, etc.


  • Simple design which strips it of highly advanced features. 

4. PDFEscape 


Many people have a lot of apps on their Mac. So for such users, a web-based PDF Editor is ideal. PDFEscape is an online PDF editing application that allows manipulating a file from almost all devices. It is the solution for all your PDF management needs. 

It also has tools for reading, securing the file, etc. This is the best editor if you don’t have space to download and keep an editor on your device. But you will always need an internet connection to access this editor. Though it is an online editor, it is no less than the other editors. It has everything a user needs to make their files better. 


  • Tools for reading, editing, and securing files.
  • Also have tools for filling, signing, and creating PDF files.


  • Cannot access without an internet connection. 

5. PDF Expert 

PDF Expert

It is the PDF software of Readdle. This editor is one of the best PDF Editors for Mac. It is one of the most used editors and is also recommended by many Apple editors that support smooth operations and has easy to use functionalities for the PDF files. 

It comes with all the basic features and tools of an editor. This editor is good for beginners and I won’t bad but not good for professional use as it doesn’t have many of the advanced features. It has an easy to use interface. 


  • A variety of functions for editing images and text files.
  • Easy to use.


  • Doesn’t have advanced features. 

6. PDFpenPro 

This editor is inspired by Preview. It has a friendly design and can be a surprise for new users. This platform has a wide range of functionalities and the implementation requires just a few clicks and this makes the work very easy. It has an impressive range of features like editing, annotating tools, converter, OCR, and a lot more. 

This is a simple application with a lot of functions. This makes it good for both professionals and beginners. This editor is a house of everything and you won’t need to go anywhere else for anything. 


  • A lot of functions to edit a file on a professional level. 
  • Simple design. 


  • Doesn’t have a lot of complex tools as a lot of other editors of this level have. 

7. FineReader Pro for Mac 

FineReader Pro for Mac

If you want advanced PDF editing then this is an ideal application for you. This is one of the best PDF editors for Mac for advanced editing. One of its best features is its OCR function that allows to take pictures of documents and convert them into editable and searchable files. 

This editor also allows working with a variety of image and text files. It is best for professional use as it comes with all the advanced features. This doesn’t mean it isn’t good for beginners. It will be useful only if the beginners have some technical knowledge. 


  • Have many advanced features. 
  • Works with a variety of text and image files. 


  • The OCR function isn’t as efficient as that of other editors. 

8. Scribus

It is a widely used PDF Editor for Mac. Scribus is said to be one of the best mac OS 10.15 editors. It is open-source software. The makers have a good understanding of what the users need. The editor is made for both beginners and professionals. 

It supports advanced tools for professionals like ICC color management, CYMK color separation, and a lot more. It is one of the first editors to satisfy both beginners and professionals. But you can only do one task at a time in this editor otherwise it will all be a mess. 


  • Run by a responsive and vibrant community.
  • A smooth, neat, and friendly user interface. 


  • Not good for multitasking.

9. Skim 

This editor is amazing for multitasking. It has a great capacity to process multiple documents simultaneously. You can edit a number of PDFs at the same time, applying different functions. You can prepare other files to be attached along with the form while filling and signing the form at the same time. 

This editor is great for professional use. It saves a lot of time as you don’t need to wait for one process to finish starting the next work. You can start many things at once and work on each of them simultaneously. This makes the work quick and proper. 


  • Have all tools for making a professional-looking PDF file. 
  • Supported by AppleScript and other integrations. 


  • Dull user interface. 

10. Foxit PhantomPDF 

Foxit PhantomPDF

It has a wide range of tools and competes for the best PDF Editor for Mac. It has an impressive collection of generic file editing tools. Apart from that, it also has a connected PDF. It is a proprietary feature that allows creating and manipulating multiple versions of PDF files. 

If you want to send different versions of the same PDF to people then this is an ideal editor for you. You can copy or make multiple versions of documents and use them accordingly. It is helpful when you are to share the same document with a slight change. You will not need to make the whole file again. 


  • Have many tools like OCR, editor, converter, etc. 
  • Includes third-party integrations for complex functions. 


  • Lacks compatibility. 


So these were some of the Best PDF Editors for Mac. They will make your work easier and interesting. The choice of the editor depends on your level of skill. If you are a beginner, you must choose an editor which is suitable for you as taking a complex editor won’t be of any use for you. Similarly, if you are a professional with technical skills, go for the comprehensive editors with advanced features to make your edits effective and useful. Most of the editors mentioned above have all the basic features you need for editing PDF files. 


Is there a PDF Editor for Mac? 

The PDF editing tool exists in the Macbooks. It is the iMac or other Apple hardware. MacOS includes Preview and it has both image editing and annotation tools. You can use it to attach a signature to your PDF file. 

How can I edit a PDF on Mac for free? 

For making simple changes to a PDF file you can use Preview which comes with OS X. If you double-click any PDF file it will open in Preview. It has hidden tools that can be used to edit the files. 

Can I make a PDF editable? 

You can edit the PDF in any PDF editing tool that allows you to access files in the form of PDFs and create new ones. Or else use applications to convert the PDF into a word document and then edit it. 

What is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat? 

  1. Google Docs
  2. PDFelement
  3. Soda PDF Anywhere
  4. Microsoft Word
  5. Nitro Productivity Suite 

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