10 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Videos with Friends

Most of you who stream Netflix shows or gameplay to your friends must have used Rabbit, right? But some time back, the investors in the company withdrew their money and since then a lot of people are in search of Rabbit alternatives.  

However, it is not really hard to find some good alternatives of Rabbit as there are many available on the internet, but the point is which one works the best and is secure enough to help you maintain privacy? 

Well, for that you don’t have to try each one of them as we have done it for you already. In this article, we will be listing down some of the best and working alternatives of rabbit you can use. 

So, let’s dive into the list, shall we? 

10 Rabbit Alternatives You Can Use 

1. Watch2gether 

The name says it all!!! Watch2gether is one of the best rabbit alternatives on this list which can be used to share your computer with your friends or family to do various activities such as playing music, watching a movie, or buying stuff on ecommerce sites.  

With Watch2gether, you can experience live streaming in a premium way, however, it does not deploy a virtual machine, like Rabbit used to do, so make sure the one who has a better upload speed should be the one streaming stuff. 

Moreover, you can chat while with your friends while streaming and also send GIFs which is pretty cool.  

Rabbit Alternatives

2. Metastream 

Another worthy rabbit alternative in our list is Metastream which made it to the list because of its amazing live synchronization playback feature. The latency while streaming live is 0, all credits goes to its superior proprietary technology.  

With Metastream you have the ability to stream almost everything with your friends, all you need to do is invite them by sharing the link and code, that’s it. You can stream YouTube videos, Twitch, SoundCloud, Netflix, and other services also.  

However, there are a few downsides of using Metastream such as no webcam support, no feature to stream downloaded media, and audio support. If you do not have requirements for such features, then Metastream is the best free alternative to the rabbit. 


  • Build up a queue 
  • Watch or listen to songs and videos together online 
  • Real-time chatting and time markers 

Rabbit Alternatives

3. SyncLounge 

If you wish to create a private room with your friends or family and watch media together, SyncLounge is a worthy website for it. You can even connect your Plex library with SyncLounge and watch the content together with your family.  

You can communicate with your friends via texting and have more fun while streaming. In brief, if you are a plex user and wish to share it with your friends and family, Synclounge will be a perfect choice. 

It is available for free but does not comes with audio and webcam support, but if that is not a big issue to you, give it a go.  

Rabbit Alternatives

4. Discord 

Discord is a famous communication app among gamers and streamers. Ever since it has launched, new features keep coming up and bugs are also fixed on time. Discord is the perfect free alternative to rabbit with features such as texting, creating your own stickers, going live in a server, audio and video calls, and more. 

You can share your chrome tabs or even the windows screen with your friends and enjoy watching a Netflix movie or anything else without worries. There are no limitations on streaming and you can stream almost everything on discord.  

One can set up his own server, invite friends to the server, assign roles to them, add bots to the server, and do a lot more.  

There is also a premium version of discord called Nitro, which I believe is not necessary for you unless you are a very big gamer or have a community of thousands of people. 

Rabbit Alternatives

5. Netflix Party (Teleparty) 

Teleparty formerly known as Netflix party is another amazing live screen sharing service that is limited to streaming only a few OTT services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and HBO websites. You can share the screen in full HD resolution with no latency.  

The chatting features are also fun, you can choose custom emojis, upload screenshots, share gif, and communicate with your friends while watching your favorite Netflix show. Teleparty has limited features and is ideal for those who just want to watch shows together with their friends and family.  

Rabbit Alternatives

6. Syncplay 

There is one strong reason to list Syncplay as a rabbit alternative and that is its ability to play downloaded content on a computer and share it with others on the live stream. Another best thing about this alternative of the rabbit is that it is available in Windows, macOS, and Linux as well.  

Offline media is playable using VLC, media player classic. You can create a private room and host a watch party with your friends and family. However, one downside of using Syncplay is that there is no audio and texting feature but if that, not your desired feature, Syncplay is definitely worth a try. 


7. TwoSeven 

Want to host a virtual movie night with your friends during the lockdown or want to listen to romantic songs with your long-distance girlfriend? TwoSeven is what you need to do all this amazing stuff with your friends and family.  

Developed by an Indian couple, TwoSeven has managed to create its name as a useful synchronization tool. You can also enable the option to use a mic and webcam and allow participants to control the room. 

TwoSeven supports almost every major OTT service like Netflix, Hulu, prime, and with its browser extension, you can play videos from almost every other site. There are other features like text messaging and reactions too. 

8. MyCircle.tv 

This one is also a worthy alternative of rabbit with features like uploading and sharing in the room and sharing URLs from any sites. You can even share videos from your cloud storage like dropbox, google drive, cloud, and play them in the room. 

The room features are pretty amazing, you can see the videos that you have played previously in the history tab. The admin can turn off the mic of any attendee if he or she is continuously creating havoc in the room while the videos are being played.  

You can use the texting feature also to communicate with some limited emojis. Overall, mycircle.tv is pretty amazing but the user interface is very boring.  

9. ShareTube 

If you just want to watch some youtube videos together with your friends or family and do not have an interest in fancy features like emojis, gifs, webcam sharing, and all, Sharetube is ideal for you.  

You can play youtube videos by sharing the URL in the room. It is not a great alternative of rabbit but you can still try it out once. 

10. Tutturu 

I should have kept this one on the top of this list but never mind. Tutturu is so much similar to discord in terms of color scheme and responsiveness. The user interface is butter smooth and very neat. 

There is a free and premium version of this shared web browser service, the premium versions free you from restrictions such as timeouts, claiming roles in their discord server. The free version has chatting features where you can send gifs and emojis too. 

Wrapping Up 

Rabbit surely was an amazing browser sharing service, but there are various other alternatives that exist. In this article, we have shared some of the best alternatives of rabbit that can be used for sharing videos and other playable content with your friends and family.  

If you feel like we have missed out on something in this list, please comment.  

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