15 Best Resource Management Software & Tools in 2021

Resource management is a methodology used by project managers in order to effectively manage resources. It involves identifying resources you’ll require to execute a project successfully and the type of skill-set required. In order to ensure proper resource management, you can pick up a resource management software to meet the requirements of your business. 

Why Resource Management Tools required?

Resource management can be fussy unless you have super handling abilities. The best resource management is one which can help you manage resources at the click of a button. Some of the reasons why you should use a resource management tool include the following:

Smart task allocation: When you identify the resources required for a project a resource management tool can help you allocate tasks via determining the availability of resources.

Automate planning: Make planning easy with a resource management software and determine the availability of required resources.

Real-time analytics: Use a tool to monitor resource consumption and get valuable insights on how to monitor your project overtime.

Improve employee relations: When you have an exclusive resource management system in place, you can reduce the burden on employees and therefore improve the employee relationship.

What to look for in a Resource Management Software?

The things you need to look for in a resource management software include the following:

  • Simple and powerful interface to help users get the most of it
  • Auto-scheduling features to assign tasks, manage resources and set deadlines
  • Collects data for the future forecast of budget and provides insights on planning
  • Integrations within the software can add to its efficiency
  • Clear and flexible pricing

Benefits of using a Resource Management Software

Using a resource management software can benefit you in many ways which include:

  • Improved productivity with seamless communication
  • Cost efficiency by maximizing outcomes
  • Simplified workflows and task scheduling
  • Real-time analytics providing valuable insights
  • Easily accessible data from anywhere

Usage of a Resource Management software by Project Managers

With businesses facing intense competition merely having a project management platform is not enough. You need to learn to use it the right way in order to benefit. Some of the tips you can use to your competitive advantage include the following:

1. Project analysis

The first step is Project analysis which will help you get the desired outcome. You need to identify things such as:

  • Requirements of a job/task
  • Whether remote working is possible
  • Whether you need to collaborate with clients or third parties

2. Pick the right plan

Once you’ve selected the online project management software, you need to pick the right plan for your business. The decision is based on factors such as users you have, your current budget and other company variables.

3. Get comfortable with the platform

You need to get comfortable with the navigation panel which has all the tools you’ll require. Some of them include the inbox, stream feeds, folders, dashboard and calendars.

4. Set priorities

A key feature of using a project management tool is setting the priority levels. It can be divided into high/moderate/low priority.

Having set up a priority level can help you keep track of the tasks and what you need to complete urgently.

15 Best Resource Management Software 

The main challenge is to match the business resource capacity with that of demand. In order to help you meet the challenges, we’ve put together a list of the best resource management tools of 2020.

1. Float

float - resource management software

Available for: Web, iOS and Android

It is a resource scheduling software which comes with an easy drag & drop functionality with which you can split and duplicate calendar tasks. The features are useful when you need to change deadlines or project requirements. Since its release, the application has undergone several core modifications. For example, whenever your schedule changes, it is automatically updated to let everyone know the current status.

Additionally, it allows you to duplicate recurring tasks and assign to multiple resources with a single click.


  • Split, duplicate and move tasks to calendar
  • Leave and absence management
  • Drag and drop functionality to schedule resources
  • Resource visualization report
  • 3rd party app integrations which include Microsoft Outlook, Slack & Google Calendar
  • Add the unassigned roles for future tasks and delegation purposes
  • Set and monitor project budgets to your liking
  • Monitor activity via real-time tracking

Pricing Plans:

A free 30 day trial of the tool is provided and if you are looking to go premium it is available from $5 per person scheduled/month.

2. Hub Planner

hub planner

Available for: Web-based

Hub Planner is touted to be one of the best resource management software out there, let’s see why.

It is a powerful resource scheduling & resource management software which boasts modern features to help you deal with the pain points of resource management. Hub Planner has everything you require in order to smartly manage your resources.

With a glance at a dashboard you can dig deeper into individual resources and allocate tasks separately. Hub Planner allows you to bring in transparency in the projects by visualizing the workflow. The tool comes with an integrated tracking module to help you evaluate the gap between actual and estimated time and analyze where you need to work harder. The tool has undergone change since its inception and is integrated with the features to help you connect with the right audience.

In case you are looking to give your stakeholders a walkthrough of the current projects you can use the tool’s filters to cut down extra information and focus on what’s important to them.


  • Drag and drop for quick scheduling
  • Get a bird’s eye for the teams
  • Includes vacation and leave management module
  • Timesheet to track actual vs estimated time
  • Request resources along with approval management
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Managed project resources

Pricing Plans:

The Plug & Play version is available at $7 per resource/month which features unlimited projects, scheduler and reports. The premium version is available from $18 per resource/month along with priority feature request and unlimited projects. For the Enterprise version, custom quotes are available.

3. Resource Guru

resource guru

Available for: Web

As the name of the tool suggests, the software caters to multiple resource management functionalities to take better decision. The tool allows easy add bookings keeping in mind the availability of resources. It can be done using the drag and drop features to perfectly meet requirements.

Resource Guru makes it convenient to manage leaves at a single place without switching calendars and allows you to quickly track the leaves.


  • Drag and drop for scheduling resources
  • Vacation and Leave management made easy
  • Download resource utilization reports
  • Get Dashboard for individual workload tracking
  • Use Custom fields and filters
  • Color codes for identifying client

Pricing Plans:

The Grasshopper version is priced at $2.50 per user/month with all features except reports, while the Blackbelt version is priced at $4.16 per user/month. The Master version is priced at $6.65 per user/month with all the advanced features such as data import.

4. LiquidPlanner

liquid planner

Available for: Web, Android, iOS

It is primarily a project management software which encompasses all the essential features you require to effectively plan and allocate resources.

Get insights on what resources you will be working on through intelligent resource workload reports. The reports allow you to manage workload across your teams and solve the challenge of under and over-utilization of resources.


  • Review projects reports for resource allocation
  • View project reports
  • Automate project scheduling
  • Check the dashboard for visualizing the current task status
  • Drag and drop interface for quick resource allocation

Pricing Plans:

The Professional version is priced at $45 per user/month for minimum 5 users whereas the
Enterprise version is priced at $69 per user/month.

5. eResource Scheduler

eresources scheduler

Available for: Windows

The next one on the roundup list of best Resource Management Tools includes eResource Scheduler’. In case you are struggling to deal with multiple resources whether individuals or anything which has to do with planning and accounting the program has been made for you.

It is a multi-user application which allows you to identify the resources spread across projects, in real offices and remote locations. It assists the project managers to easily utilize the project resources.


  • Drag and drop scheduling with support features such as split, copy & paste
  • Configurable fields and forms to facilitate capturing required information
  • Define cost & billing rates
  • Project progress reporting
  • View information on a single dashboard
  • Open API for easy integration
  • Configure email notifications
  • Personalize tracking
  • Timesheet to keep track of active vs non-active hours
  • Minimalistic UI


The Free Plan is available for a 14-Day Trial Period while the basic plan starts at $5.00 Per Month/ Per Resource. To get Annual plans, contact Scheduler through the official website or email at support@enbraun.com.

6. Wrike

wrike resource management software

Available for: Web, Android, iOS

Wrike is one of the most popular project management tools in the market. The tool comes with a flexible resource management solution and allows you to plan resources without getting bogged down by the functionalities.

It allows you to show the amount of work present on everyone’s plate and the capacity along with the task hours. With its drag and drop features, you can conveniently adjust schedules and meet your deadlines efficiently. Monitor team effort through Gantt charts and evaluate the planned effort and time spent on each task.


  • Drag and drop to make changes quickly
  • Resource visualization to picture the availability of resources
  • Gantt charts to monitor projects
  • Customized reports showing the team’s performance
  • Quick allocation of resources

Pricing Plans:

The free version supports up to 5 users for simple task management. While the profession version is priced at $9.80 per user/month for up to 15 users and supports collaboration and project planning features. The business version is priced at $24.80 per user/month for upto 200 users along with advanced work management and powerful reporting features.

7. Mavenlink


Available for: Web

Mavenlink is an enterprise-level resource management software which is full of advanced features to allow you to seamlessly plan and manage your resources. It comes with a robust set of features to forecast resource needs and availability. One of the best things about this tool is the scenario builder allowing you to create different team compositions and timelines for projects.

The tool, however, lacks dedicated mobile apps.


  • Built-in templates to help you get started quickly
  • Resource estimation calculator to estimate profit margins
  • Drag and drop functionality for resource planning
  • Resourced matching and forecasting based on current capacity

Pricing Plans:

The team version is priced at $19 per for 5 users which allows team collaboration and task management features. For the professional version, it is at $39 per user/month which allows collaboration and project accounting features. The premier version is available at custom pricing while the Enterprise version features all other plans along with business intelligence.

8. Teamdeck


Available for: Web

It is a pretty solid resource scheduling software which is easy to use and lets you manage resources without getting into any complicated tools. Its simple interface makes it easy to get a hang of the tool. The key areas it deals with include time tracking, leave management and resource scheduling.


  • Warning of any overlapping booking
  • Get resource expertise
  • Timesheet for logging of billable hours
  • Public API for resource management processes
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Allow direct approval or disapproval
  • Zapier integration with your favorite apps

Pricing Plans:

Get a startup plan for free with up to 6 members and the business plan for $3.99 per team member/month.

9. Zoho Projects

zoho projects

Available for: Web, Android, iOS

Zoho projects come with a set of features for resource planning and scheduling. It is simple and easy to use solution to suit all your resource needs.

The tool comes with a resource utilization chart to give you the freedom of getting a quick glimpse of resources available.

With its innovative see-saw design, see allotted time and free time in every resource.


  • Color code to highlight individual work hours
  • Get resource utilization chart to show the capacity of resources
  • Drag and drop for easy task allocation

Pricing Plans:

The Standard version is available at $20 per month for small teams of up to 10 members, while the Express version is for up to 15 members and is priced at $40 per month. While the Premium version is priced at $85 per month for 20 users with resource utilization charts, and other features.

10. 10,000ft


Available for: Web, Android, iOS

Another enterprise-level resource planning software is 10,000ft and comes features to take care of all your resource management needs. With interactive resource scheduling, you can get a clear picture of the workload.

Make utilization of forecasting and get budgetary estimates by creating placeholders.


  • Get budgetary estimates with resource forecasting
  • Plan resources to allocate tasks easily
  • Get Individual team member dashboards
  • Email notifications in case of any change
  • Team member directory
  • Timesheet for tracking individual efforts

Pricing Plans:

The basic plan starts at $150 per month for small teams, while the professional version starts at $250 per month for medium-sized businesses.

11. Saviom

saviom resource management software

Available for: Web

Another resource management software you can get your hands on is Saviom. With multiple options you can draw out even the basic details to manage resources effectively. It offers capacity planning, resource planning, reporting and scheduling, in a single solution.

You can also integrate the tool with email and calendar applications to sync workflows.


  • View selected categories with multiple sorting filters
  • Use drag and drop for scheduling resources
  • Get automatic notifications in case of any scheduling conflicts
  • Forecasting for future demand
  • Customizable management reports

Pricing Plans:

Quote based plans are being provided by the vendor.

12. Workfront


Available for: Web, iOS, Android

Number 12 on the list of best resource management software is Workfront. In case you are running a large team it is the perfect choice for you as Workfront offers a very professional touch. The tool is loaded with all essential features to meet enterprise needs. It allows the project managers to monitor resources and determine whether they are under – or over-utilized.


  • Dashboard to evaluate resource efforts
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Get Resource utilization reports
  • Use resource forecasting for accurate allocation of resources

Pricing Plans:

The prices are available on request and Workfront offers 4 plans which includes Team, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

13. Workzone


Available for: Web

Your hunt for a sophisticated project management solution is over as Workzone is designed to suit your needs.

Edit Gantt charts easily in order to visualize your project schedule and get a clear picture of which team member is responsible for a task. Track individual efforts and resources to make changes in the plan which get reflected automatically.


  • Evaluate workload with resource reports
  • View project schedule with Gantt charts
  • To-do list for individual efforts tracking
  • Get a glimpse of project performance with dashboard
  • Use time tracking to monitor time spent on an activity

Pricing Plans:

The pricing for this software is available on request and it offers three plans which include Team, Professional, and Enterprise.

14. Teamweek

teamweek resource management software

Available for: Web, Android, iOS

Team week is one of the best resource management software out there and is simple in terms of usage with a resource scheduling software that you shouldn’t miss out on.

It comes in with a color coded timesheet in order to make visualization of workflow beautiful. Navigate through the timeline by simply dragging the tasks to create and allocate tasks.


  • Multiple project plan views
  • Timeline to schedule tasks
  • Drag and drop to make changes easily
  • Shareable project roadmaps
  • Third-party app integrations available

Pricing Plans:

The pricing is based on the number of team members. While it is free for up to 5 users, the paid plan supports 10 team members from $35 per month.

15. Clarizen

clarizen resource management software

Available for: Web, Android, iOS

The last one on the list of enterprise-level project management tools. It comes with an integrated resource planning solution allowing project managers to adjust their resources as per their needs.

It comes with in-built time tracking functionality which allows teams to keep track of time related to each task and the time used by individual resources to complete it.


  • Resource view to oversee the capacity of resources
  • Effective for task assignment
  • Resource load view to evaluate tasks and schedules
  • Time tracking available for individual tasks
  • Availability of third-party app integrations

Pricing Plans:

The application pricing is available upon request.

Conclusion: Which resource management software should you choose?

In case scheduling or resource planning is getting on your nerves, route for a resource management software. Some of our best picks include the following:

Hub Planner: It offers an intuitive user interface with clear analytics and a free 60-day trial to help you understand it’s working.

Float: Another tool you can route for is Float as it provided visually stunning and easier to use spreadsheets.

So there you have it folks, the list of the best resource management tools. Let us know which software do you prefer and how has it helped you in resource management.

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