15 Best Horror Roblox Games of 2021

Are you a horror game lover, and searching for some scary games? Then let me tell you that Roblox horror games are the ones for you. Roblox has many amazing horror games which you can play and enjoy with your friends. The computer world is a house of unique and innovative games that became popular and attracted many gamers from around the world. 

The game developers keep updating and bringing new horizons to their games to hold the players. Roblox is one of such developers. It involves the user with it. The platform is popular because it allows the player to not just play but also design. This opportunity engages gamers who want to use their creative potential.

There are a set of people in the world who are fond of horror games as it gives some kind of pleasure. This article is for such people. Horror genre is never boring. We will talk about some of the most enjoyable scary games on Roblox. Some of these games are very scary to play so be prepared before you begin. 

15 Best Horror Roblox Games

1. The Apartment 


This is a scary game. Here the players are to explore a huge apartment building. You can play it in your way. The players can walk alone or with friends on different floors. With every step you take, you will find something scary.

There are many scary sounds, unusual figures, and playing this game gave me a mini heart-attack. 

2. Dead Silence 

dead silence

It is one of the most popular horror games of Roblox. This game is inspired by a supernatural horror movie of 2007. The players can either play alone or with up to three members if they can take the pressure. 

The story of the game says that an amateur doll is gifted to the characters Ashen and Lisa by another character Jamie. Billy goes to get some supper while Lisa stays at the house and plays with the doll. 

3. Before the Dawn 

before the dawn

It is a horror game where the player is sent to a dark place in the middle of the night. The players just have a lantern and wits as their tools. It feels like someone is following you, your breath becomes heavy and the heart starts beating faster. The player needs to run, hide, or outsmart the follower. 

If you are able to protect yourself until the dawn you win. The name of the games says it all. You can buy tools by spending points as there will be some monsters you will have to face. It is a scary and challenging game. There are various abilities like walk speedier, breathing quieter, etc. 

4. School History 

In this horror game, the players need to solve the mysteries of a school. It is a fun and terrifying game to play with friends. Walk around the school to find the keys and other instruments to open the doors. 

And let me tell you walking around the school isn’t easy at all. There is something scary everywhere. 

5. Alone in a Dark House 

Alone in a Dark House

As the game begins, you will find yourself alone in a big dark house. If you are daring enough to accept the challenges, you need to explore the house. This is a game which you can’t play with friends.

You will have to do everything on your own. You and your friends can enjoy the screen together but playing is a one player thing. This is a nice game to kill time. As you walk through the house you will kind various things and mysteries. 

6. The True Back Rooms 

The True Back Rooms

In this game, the players have to cross and survive four unique stages of the backroom. They need to avoid beings. These backrooms aren’t normal rooms, they are full of mysteries. 

These rooms have a size of about 600 million square kilometers. And to get into the room the players need to noclip reality. Each stage has three medals, bronze, silver, and gold. You get these medals if you complete or find the things in the given time. 

7. The Mirror 

 The Mirror

This is an extremely scary game. The story of the game says staring at a mirror for long can lead to unpleasant results. And after that whatever tricks are played on you is not by The Mirror, it is your subliminal self. This game scared me out and I was scared of mirrors for a while.

 You can’t play this game in a group as it is a single-player game.  This game starts with the player set in an experimental chamber, the lights are dim and the player is asked to stare into the mirror. This staring for a long time builds up stress which later becomes punishing. 

8. Murder Mystery 2 

The storyline of the game is simple but it gives immense pleasure and fear. The players need to keep running and hiding from the murderer. Once caught you are dead.

 This game has three modes, casual, hardcore, and assassin. In one game there are 12 players, 1 murderer, 1 sheriff, and 10 innocents. Only the sheriff has a gun throughout the game which can be used to save the innocents. 

10. Zombie Attack 

Zombie Attack

If you are fond of zombie-themed games, then this is the game for you. Like all other zombie games, the players need to protect themselves from the hungry creatures. 

10. Piggy Traitor Mode 

Piggy Traitor Mode

In mode 1 of this game, a player is made the traitor. Now as the bot piggy generates the selected traitor is given some weapons like knives and some traps. The piggy and the traitor have to team up and kill all the survivors. 

The piggy cannot attack the traitor in this mode. If the players find a gun and shoot the wrong person then that player will become the piggy. The traitor cannot pick the gun. And if they shoot the traitor the game ends. This game feels like an updated version of hide and seek. 

11. Stop it Slender 

Stop it Slender

Many players claim that this is the scariest game they have ever played. There are different roles in the game and if you take the role of the citizen who is escaping death caused by a slender man then this will be the scariest game for you. 

12. Horror Elevator

This game is one of the oldest elevator types of games. The inspiration behind this game is unknown. This game presently has 24 floors. It is the scariest version of the normal elevator. Let me tell you about some of the interesting floors. 


All the people are sent to a building away from the elevator. As a player, you can either stay in the building or walk in the elevator. Shrek is the creature you need to run, hide from because if he caught you, you will die. If you don’t have the speed coil then Shrek will easily reach you. 


This floor will have well and trees. You will see a girl near the well and she will be almost off it. And then she will disappear. Later you will find she is inside the elevator. It is one of the hardest floors and it is almost impossible to survive as you will be stuck with the girl. 


This floor is impossible to survive without VIP tools. If you want to survive this floor do nothing but stand next to the hill near the elevator. Climb up the tower with the tools. A lot of ghosts will try to chase you but won’t reach you. 

Hotel Mario the 13th Hotel 

The floor starts with the road of Hotel Mario. And just when you realize a Mario NPC covered with blood will attack you. 

Jeff the Killer 

This floor is one of the scariest. It starts with a bed covered in blood and a picture frame. The frame can show two pictures, one with Jeff’s face and another saying go to sleep written with blood. 

13. Light Bulb: Reillumination 

Light Bulb: Reillumination

The game begins in a room full of shelves and is all about the players trying to escape a frightening game of hide and seek. There are two doors, one on the north side and the other on the east. The northern door opens to a room with a lot more shelves. 

The eastern room opens to a locker and another room. When you turn on the lights you will see the message of run and hide, here you need to hide inside the locker. Since the game has two beginnings it also has two types of ending, the good ending and the bad ending. 

14. The Roblox Plague 2 

The game begins with you teleported to a randomly selected map. In the place, some players are selected to be infected with the plague. Their appearance starts changing so they walk like zombies and start becoming purple in color. You need to avoid these infected players. 

There are hiding locations on every map for the healthy players to hide. The infected players leave purple puddles wherever they walk so the healthy ones need to avoid these puddles as well, this isn’t easy. If all the players get infected that ends the game and the infected players win whereas if there are more healthy players then they win. 

15. Identity Fraud (Revamp) 

Identity Fraud (Revamp)

This is a horror game and is all about escaping mazes and reaching the final boss. As you pass the mazes there will be monsters chasing you to kill.

 There are also many secrets in the game. In maze 1, the ceiling and floor have a greyish-yellow hue. Its design is some kind of prison but the area is unknown, there are large gates as a symbol of dead ends or environmental tools to look through the walls. 


There are a lot many Roblox horror games but these were some of my favorites and the best. Check these games out and you will love them. Select the perfect game for you and your friends and then make the mood. Play in a dark room with headphones or speakers depending on if you are playing alone or with friends. 

Getting up in the room will help you get the full experience. Roblox has so many services to offer its players. It has various memberships that a player can access if he/she has the required functionality. Roblox also has its visual currency, Robux. It has a small world of its own. 


Is Roblox a bad game?

Roblox is regarded to be unsafe for children below the age of 12 and some other children as well. Many parents share their concerns about how they can save their children. There are some features by which we can block Roblox from a device. This will only block Roblox and not the other games which the children can play. 

Is adopt me in Roblox shutting down?

There are rumors about adopt me in Roblox shutting down but neither Roblox nor Adopt Me has announced anything about something like this. There are no chances of these games shutting down in the near future, especially when they are getting so popular. This is good news for the fans. 

Is Roblox completely free?

Roblox is free to download and join. If you want, you can buy Robux to buy and upgrade the accessories of the games for the avatars. You can also opt for the premium membership option. This will give you a Robux stipend and access to their trading and sales features. 

Is Roblox a virus? 

Roblox virus is a Trojan-type malware that is said to have a cheating application for the Roblox games. Many players believe that this virus will help them get Robux currency free of cost but this isn’t true. Such players end up infecting their computers with this virus. 

Is Roblox money real money?

If the creators and players of the platform earn a high amount of Robux by attracting adverts and players then they can convert Robux into real money. To convert Robux into real money the user must be above the age of 13, must have paid for Roblox’s premium subscription, and have an accessible PayPal account. 

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