14 Best Root Apps For Android To Enhance Your Device’s Performance

With rooting apps, you can change anything you do not like about your phone. Advantage of rooting is that it gives you full access to the system directory and then you can make changes as you like and can make alterations to the way the OS works. Thus, in this article, we have given the list of Best Root Apps For Android that you must install now. 

To acquire control over the OS of your android device, very much depending on the device, you must have a management client installed.

You can have full customization just about every theme or graphic. If you do not like the theme of your phone? you can easily change that or do not like how your device’s CPU behaves? Or your device’s battery life is short? It is possible to change with root. 

After you have installed a Rooting app over your device, this app kind of becomes a gatekeeper of root access on your phone. Whenever an app is going to make a request for rooting, you have to approve of the request by using the root managing app.  

Best Root Android Apps That You Must Try 

Below we have given you the list of Best Android Root Apps solely based on our expertise:

1. Servicely

Servicely- best root android app

Servicely is one of the best apps for rooting. It lets you control the battery life of your android devices. To use servicely or any other rooting apps you have to have your device rooted, otherwise, the app is not going to function. Servicely auto starts once your device wakes up. You can choose to disable any broadcast receiver from any apps installed over your device. You can install this app for totally free of cost.

To use servicely, you have to choose the number of apps that you want to put to sleep/ stop working once your device’s display goes off. It prevents battery hungry apps from running in the background and eating up your device’s battery life. While it stops apps from consuming battery life, you can also choose to disable or enable servicely’s service on your device anytime. 

2. Root Booster

Root Booster- best root android app

Use Root Booster if you need a well-performing device that runs applications smoothly and without lags or if you need better battery life for your device. 

Root booster increases performance and saves the battery life of any android device. With very simple settings it can give you a good speed and stability boost. Instead of killing applications, Servicely hibernates them. Hibernating the applications stops its services and though the application doesn’t kill the battery and computing power any longer. Instead of killing apps, hibernation is an efficient way to save battery and increase the device’s performance, which some other rooted apps don’t do. Hibernating an app disables and freezes apps from functioning in the background.  

3. Greenify

Greenify-Apps-on-Google-Play- Android rooting apps

Greenify is another rooting app that hibernates the apps eating up battery life than killing them. It optimizes your device’s performance and prevents it from becoming slower and emptying battery life. It puts the apps to hibernate and wakes them up when an appropriate event is triggered.

It also increases the amount of free RAM along with the process of hibernating as it forces close the apps that are using a lot of RAM. Though, if you have a good phone with good memory accessible on your device, you don’t need apps like Greenify to free up space. 

Greenify has also been seen as an alternative to task-killers. The app has new features for Android nougat. It will help you identify misbehaving apps and have them hibernating when you are not using your device. 

4. Tasker

Tasker root android apps

Tasker turns your android device into a fully automated device. You can customize your android to take over 350 actions that will allow you to truly customize for any actions that you want, be based on the time of the day, your location, your WIFI network, receiving SMS and calls etc. for example, you can set text to speech with your incoming calls, WIFI status, for an appointment etc. 

Use tasker for over a hundred things that it can customize for you. You can easily create new home widgets. You can design your own UO and use it to display any information you want or you can use to trigger any task.

5. 3C Toolbox

3C-All-in-One-Toolbox-– Root Android Apps

One of the very interesting apps for rooting android, you’d find with features that you can use for generating shortcuts to various system functions. It provides a user with more than 60 toggles and various options to monitor system performance and battery consumption. It has numerous functions and features that you can use to get the most out of your phone’s performance.

3C Toolbox lets you manage all kinds of applications installed on your phone and gather analysis on usage. It only works on rooted devices.  

6. Viper for android

ViPER4Android- best root android apps for android

Viper4android will help you elevate your love of listening to music. It is a great app if you constantly long for a better music listening experience. It has numerous guides available for tweaking audios. You can use its audio equalizer that lets you tweak android’s audio to entirely enhance your music listening experience. 

You can customize audio with a range of your music output devices with wise specialization, speaker, phone speaker, wired earphones, Bluetooth speaker and USB/Dock. You can install viper4android on a rooted android smart device with just one click. 

Requirements for installation: a) a rooted android, b) Busy Box installation, c) download viper4android fx, it is available for free, d) custom recoveries, you would need to install TWRP or CWM for full performance availability.

7.  System app remover

System app remover application will help you remove any installed application over your android. It easily lets you uninstall any system app, even the ones that come installed by default. To have this application work for you, you will need your android to be rooted. 

With the root permission, system app remover can; move your apps to SD card. It can transfer an application to phone internal storage. It can sort applications by movable, name, size and time they were installed. It will uninstall multi-app with just one click. It will show all system apps if installed that might harm your device. It required android 5.0 and up android versions.

8. DiskDigger Photo Recovery Pro

DiskDigger-photo-recovery- rooting app for Android

DiskDigger photo recovery helps you recover accidentally deleted or lost files on your device. It is one of the user-friendly file recovery tools that will help you recover your lost files. 

Any data recovering apps recover data by accessing the central structure of the storage portion of the device. 

DiskGigger photo recovery then un-formats and repairs that hard drive portions that have been lost or deleted. Once Diskdigeer then reverse the erased data for you to choose and recover. 

Diskdiggger is compatible with all new and older versions of android. Not only with rooted devices but with unrooted devices it works perfectly well too. It has high efficiency with recovery with rooted android devices. It recovers deleted video files and photos. 

9. Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager App for rooting Andorid

Magisk Manager is one of today’s best and most popular rooting services. Being one of the new tools for customizing android devices, Magisk Manager has been seen as an alternative to long-standing SuperSU. 

Magisk Manager is a little different than other Rooting apps. It is known as the systemless root method. It simply means it doesn’t really change the android system’s partitions, meaning, it does not modify the real system files. Because of this, your android device can be unrooted in an instant. 

Magisk works with installed modules. Root is just one of the modules that you can install over your android device and it will still allow you to make easy modification and customizing. These installable modification modules include ad-blockers, emoji replacements, cameraAPI2 enabler and more. 

10. Titanium Backup


Titanium Backup needs an android device to be rooted. It is one of the most powerful backup tools for android devices that are out there. With Titanium Backup, you can backup, restore, freeze (this is possible only with the pro version of titanium backup) your apps and data. 

With Titanium Backup root app, you can do a 0-click batch and scheduled backups and create multiple backups as per applications requirement. You can back up SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, WIFI AP and XML. It has all the good reasons to be popular. 

It has a very useful feature, called ‘freeze function’. Instead of killing or uninstalling, Titanium Backup will allow you to completely stop the apps from running. This option is available for pro/ paid version only. Thought, Titanium Backup can be used to uninstall unwanted apps and bloatware equally easily.

11. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer Android rooting App

Solid Explorer is one of the best looking file managers. It has two individual panels layout that will work for you to bring out a new experience to the file browsing. It will protect your files with absolute strong encryption. It will also back up your files and apps to your desired destination, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, OwnCloud etc. 

You can store your files and data into the forms of ‘collections’. Then, you can choose to view, delete, move or rename the files that have been managed by the Solid Explorer. Solid Explorer protects the files that are important to you with a strong AES encryption and keeps them into a secure folder. The contents of this ‘secure folder’ are unreadable by any apps other than Solid Explorer itself. 

All in all, Storage Explorer will perform file management, cloud storage- for backups, NAS, file encryption, Root exploring etc. 

12. Android Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator for Android is useful when you have a preference to execute commands inside the operating system similar to that with Linux. A Terminal Emulator app proves an interface where you can connect with the local device and have your smartphone seem like a system into which you can execute Linus commands. 

Android Terminal Emulator gives you full terminal emulation by turning your Android smartphone into the Linux operating system. You can launch shortcuts.

 Android terminal emulator is free of cost. This app will not emulate video games for you. It only lets you access the Linux command line and execute them straight from your Android device. 

13. Kingroot

KingRoot apps- best rooting android apps

Kingroot has one of the best methods to root. Kingroot Android root is there to increase your smartphone’s battery vitality and speed performances. This root app will install all incompatible apps that you would like to have installed over your android device. It will also block annoying and irritating unwanted ads that come along with some of the applications. 

Kingroot will make it very easy for you to have an easy backup creation for your android in any case when you need your data and will have a need for recovery. It performs tremendously well over a rooted android device. It uninstalls all standard useless apps that might have come installed by default with your device. 

Kingroot installed on a rooted android device will get you access to the hidden features such as a custom ROM or kernel, overclocking your processor and many other cool features that you would like your rooted android device to perform. 

14. Naptime

Naptime-best Android rooting App

Naptime is just another battery saver android app you would need when you are having a ton of apps eating away at your phone’s battery power. It lowers power consumption by using android’s built-in doze power saving functionality feature. Being performing the same task of saving android’s battery, it is not the same as just another app that is used for battery conserving. 

Most apps either kill background apps and turn off WIFI, GPS services when the screen is locked. But Naptime has a different approach, called Doze. Doze works by cutting power consumption. Naptime, by default, sets it to go off or get activated only five seconds after you have turned off your phone’s screen. 


Few things to remember before you root your android device:

  • Even the slightest mistake in the rooting process can turn your phone into a brick. Your phone will get damaged and will be of no use.
  • Once you start with the rooting process your phone gets straight out of warranty period.
  • Risks of malware.

While these are some of the best and most used apps for rooting android, it doesn’t have to be a list of the apps that you were looking for. Let us know in the comments if we have missed some of the best android rooting apps that you love or prefer. 

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