12 Best TeamViewer Alternatives in 2021

One of the most popular software used by organizations is Teamviewer. It is one of the oldest remote desktop platforms which is widely used for troubleshooting clients’ systems. But again TeamViewer has its own issues which is why we need to know some of the TeamViewer Alternatives which might help when the platform becomes a headache. Before getting straight to what the team viewers alternatives are, let’s get to know what TeamViewer exactly does and what are the flaws of the platform. 

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a standalone platform built for everyone including single users and businesses. It is widely used for troubleshooting other systems via remote access. If you have no idea what remote access is, the person who wants to repair a system can manually take access to the damaged system remotely using this software. TeamViewer is free to use for personal use but takes big bucks from your pockets when it comes to business purposes. 

With great performance and UI, the platform comes with its own flaws which may or may not harm your overall performance. Here are some of the biggest flaws of TeamViewer that can cause your organization to crash. 

Why do we need TeamViewer Alternatives?

Pricing: This is one of the biggest drawbacks of TeamViewer that it burns a lot of your pocket if you’re running a business and need to make secure remote connections. Along with this, this premium version also comes with premium customer support which is an added bonus for the paying customers. 

Security: There were reports in the past about users’ details being access and bank accounts being hacked after a TeamViewer meeting. If you’re running an organization, security should be the most primary concern while serving your users and you need to stay secure at all times. 

Image Quality: After using TeamViewer for a while, we noticed the platform didn’t produce the image output as expected. The image in the remote system was barely similar to the original ones. This might be an issue in some cases where minor details are needed to fix the system or for any purpose for that matter. 

Best TeamViewer Alternatives

1. LogMein


This is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives in our list that provides more than what you could ask for. Not just giving your a premium remote desktop experience, the other highlighting feature of this software is the cloud solution that not only helps you with storing all your files, but anyone in your team can access them making collaboration easier. 

All your team files and backup can be saved on the 1TB cloud storage and it will be visible to each member of your team. This not only limits your work to just a remote desktop but now you’re paying for some of the most premium stuff in the market. 

Other awesome features of LogMein include streaming in High Quality on the go from the remote desktop located far from you and the availability of the software on multiple platforms like Android and iOS. The quality feature definitely surpasses one of the TeamViewer’s limitations. The other feature being cross-platform can be used to access the remote desktop from your smartphone. 

Another feature that is being focused on is Remote Working which is something new among these remote desktop platforms. LogMeIn is designed to work perfectly for organizations remotely and this can be quite helpful if you’re working from home. 


  • Clean and easy to use UI
  • Cross-Platform
  • Easy to manage and share files on Cloud
  • High-level security


  • No conference meetings
  • Limited to 10 computers


  1. Individuals – $30 per month
  2. Power Users – $70 per month
  3. Small Businesses – $120 per month

2. Splashtop


Splashtop is another remote desktop provides focuses on the security of customers and their meetings/remote sessions. The platforms use multiple layers of encryptions to make sure no one can hijack your sessions and gain any sensitive information you might possess. Security features are automatic session timeout, 2-step verification is enabled in the platform. The users also need to authenticate a device before giving them remote access. 

Unlike TeamViewer, the remote desktop owners need to accept the remote connection instead of just giving access. The security has made this company one of the top remote desktop providers throughout the world including some of the biggest firms and government agencies. 

Other features include cross-platform support. Splashtop is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and many more. This gives you the freedom to access your device from anywhere if you’re a personal user. One of the best things about this platform is the availability for personal use which is totally free. 

You don’t need to pay a single penny unless you’re using it for your organization. Splashtop is easy to use and operate, and the company has specialized plans for MSPs, tech support providers, and helpdesks. 


  • Easy to use UI
  • Free for individuals and personal use
  • The best security in the market
  • Setup within minutes


  • Lag on low-end computers
  • Too many plans to choose from


  • Free for personal use locally
  • Other plans start from $60 a month

Check more plans on their website. 

3. Supremo


Supremo is another safe solution and replacement for TeamViewer for business purposes. If your company needs something simple, easy to manage, and secure, this is the software to go for. The software is easy to use and does not require any technical installation to run or connect your remote systems. 

The platform has a clean user interface that allows you to connect with remote systems without any issues and keeping all your connections secure. The platforms have AES 256-bit encryption which hides and provides maximum security to all your connections not letting anyone peep for sensitive information. 

Customization of the software according to your brand and company is also possible and comes free of cost in the package you choose. Do note this software is also available without any charges for personal use and has a very minimal cost for the features they’re offering in business packs. The software has USILIO, an IT Management Console that helps you manage the platform and the backup on their servers. 

Coming to files, Supremo also offers the users to share files between the remote connection and transfer them in real-time. The pricing of this platform is simple as specified on the website. Users or buyers can select the number of systems they want to be included in the package and pay accordingly. 


  • Easy and safe UI
  • Inbuilt Meetings
  • Affordable prices
  • Installation not required


  • Lack of voice communication


  1. Free for personal use
  2. Starting with 33 € for 3 months

4. ConnectWise Control


ConnectWise is another platform like TeamViewer that provides better and more features. It is an all in one solution to your remote needs. If you’re situated far from your work system, you can easily gain access via your internet connection being from another system or even your smartphone. The platform offers many features including fast file transfers in remote connections and also provide you unattended remote access. 

ConnectWise allows the admins of the organization to give authorization roles and permissions within the team to ensure proper management and usability of the software. Too much permission may cause harm to the company if the employee is new. 

One of the best features of the software is customization. If you’re serving your audience with the support of their software, you can customize it according to your organization to look more professional. Features like the design and default ConnectWise logo can be changed according to your organization’s needs. 

Other features they provide are remote meetings, top-notch security including multiple levels of authentication, compatibility, and whatnot. We also provide custom extensions to support your remote needs and owners can design their own extensions for their customers. The platform is intended for business purposes only and not suggested for individuals. 


  • Custom Extensions
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Multiple layers of security


  • Not built for Individuals


  1. Begins at $19 per month with a free trial

5. Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware is a powerful solution to remote sessions when it comes to a business. The features and resources they provide for Businesses are quite good. One of their key features includes fast remote connectivity and users can start sessions within 8 seconds. 

Dameware also claims their system is secure with a high level of encryption, 2-factor authentication, and multiple permission which are needed to access the features of the software. The software is targeted for business purposes only which is why they need to keep the security at the maximum level. The platform also lets you connect to devices remotely even if they’re shut down. Dameware uses Intel vPro, Wake-on-LAN to complete this task. 

The platform is known for giving details during sessions including detailed BIOS information for the agent accessing the computer. The end-user doesn’t need to go through the hassle of doing this for you. 

The remote agent can take screenshots between the sessions for further assessment if required. The sessions recorded can also be saved and uploaded to the cloud. The in-session chats make it easier for the agent and user to connect between the live sessions and communicate to resolve the issues in the system. This is a must-try software with a lot of benefits you’re getting for a one-time cost. 


  • Unattended Access
  • Quick Setup
  • Cloud Backup
  • Good Customer Support


  • No option for Individual users


  1. Starts at $540 for a lifetime with a 14 day Trial. 

6. Lite Manager

Lite Manager

Lite Manager is one of the best free TeamViewer alternatives out and very cheap solutions for the paid users. The platform provides full-proof solutions for businesses at a very nominal price and gives features absolutely similar to TeamViewer. 

The platform provides the agent accessing the connection a lot of information like a customer task manager that shows the applications of processes running in the system without actually opening the task manager in the host computer. Other basic features like drag and drop are supported in the remote sessions provided by Lite Manager. This platform can be used locally in an organization or over the internet to help the customers of an organization. 

Some of the features like screen recorder, address book, Audio/Video chat are only available in the premium version. The pricing will be discussed later but comparing to the other services in the market, Lite Manager does a far better job at giving you absolutely a lot at a fairly minimal price. 

The features might be limited in some cases, they’re more than enough to satisfy the maximum needs of the users in the market. Some of the highlights of this software are the Event Log, Network Map, Remote Launch, and many more. If you’re looking for one of the cheapest alternatives to TeamViewer, this is the best option to go for. 


  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Straightforward Application and UI
  • Cheap solutions


  • Lack of security
  • Difficult to understand the features


  1. Free for 30 computer
  2. $10 Lifetime per license

7. Mikogo


Mikogo is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer that provides some of the best features compatible with a business or an individual. The platform uses 256-bit AES Encryption making it one of the most secure remote desktop solutions in the market. 

Mikogo also has multiple security layers including random ID generated for every connection and the session lock feature which is helpful if an intruder gets in your sessions. The software is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Therefore, users of maximum platforms can access this remote desktop tool. 

This platform is mostly targeted for meetings hence they are providing maximum features in meetings. One of the best features being sharing access which the admin can authorize anytime in the meeting to make sure the other party gets a chance to present themselves. Voice conferencing is supported in the highest quality to give users the meeting experience on this platform. The host can schedule the sessions just like other meeting softwares available online. 

Whiteboards, File Transfer, Session Recordings, and many other features are present in this all in one platform. Considering the price point, this is one of the best you can get in the market. 


  • Secure
  • Easy to Use
  • Multi Whiteboard Support
  • Profile Management


  • No free version for individuals
  • Focused for meetings


  1. Standard – $14/month
  2. Professional – $16/month
  3. Team – $48/month

All the above prices will be billed annually by the company. 

8. AnyDesk


Anydesk is one of the most accurate and premium alternatives to TeamViewer considering all the aspects. It has a whole of features and if not, more than what TeamViewer has to offer. One of the targeted regions of AnyDesk is the security that they provide to the users. 

Anydesk uses Banking-Standard TLS 1.2 Technology along with RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange that verifies each and every connection and session. The owners can grant access and whitelist the computer which can connect to your system. No other system apart from the ones whitelisted can remotely access your system. Organizations can also set up their own network through AnyDesk which allows them to operate locally within the company without any internet connection. 

AnyDesk is quite popular among users and needs no other introduction. One of the best features that are available for all the users being free or paid is to grant access before letting them have control over your system. Basically, the end-user who needs to give the remote access can verify with the agent before giving him the access to make sure it’s the right person and not an intruder. 

Another feature of AnyDesk is that it allows 60 FPS on a local connection giving you a seamless and smooth experience. Other admin features are also included in the business plans for the company’s needs.


  • Maximum Security
  • Easy to use UI
  • Flexible to multiple platforms
  • Light and fast connections


  • Increasing price every day


The software is free for individual purposes. However, the business plans are:

  1. Lite – $10.99/month
  2. Professional – $20.99/month
  3. Power – $52.49/month

9. RealVNC Connect

RealVNC Connect

RealVNC is one of the most popular TeamViewer alternatives in the market for businesses. The software is compatible across various platforms and provides the users with the maximum security possible in their systems. The connections are secured with 256-bit encryption which ensures your meetings or remote sessions are highly secure without any external interruptions. 

Connecting remotely using RealVNC is quite easy and simple and it can connect throughout the world within a few clicks. Another benefit of using this platform is the UI which is easy to use for everyone. If your employees don’t know their way technically, our platform is designed for everyone and they can browse without any issues. 

The platform is nothing fancy but the simple remote desktop feature that gives you the basic security required. Other features like file transfer, communication through chat is also available in between the remote connections. 

Agents can connect to remote computers even when the owner of the computer is not present in front of the screen. Considering the features of the software, everything looks good on paper but it’s feasible for businesses and companies. The platform is not designed and is meant for individuals considering the features and price point. 


  • Secure and quick remote sessions 
  • Easy drag and drop file transfer
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Multi-Language support


  • No plans for individuals
  • No meeting support for conference calls


  1. Professional – $3.34/month
  2. Enterprise – $4.59/month

10. DWService


DWService is another free remote desktop solution in the market. Unlike other services, it doesn’t offer much in features or looks, but being open source people can contribute and with a pinch of customization, users can get the maximum out of the platform. 

The main highlight of DWService is being open-source. The platform isn’t owned or copyrighted by anyone to use. Users can easily access and connect to remote desktops without any issues and the UI is quite simple. If you don’t want any high-fi options or too much to take in, this platform might be perfect for you. If you want some additional options, considering other enterprise softwares would be an ideal choice. 

Coming to the rest of the features the platform has to offer, the file access and sharing give you full control over the remote connections. If you’re at a place far from your main computer, you can take control to access and download some information using DWService. This comes in handy when the files are a little big and e-mail might be a limitation in these situations. 

An additional tab to monitor the remote desktop’s health is also provided in the software. You can create other log files and set them up for display for your user at the other end. The shell script also allows users to create a terminal session for additional work on the remote system. 


  • Free of cost
  • Not limited to local connections
  • Log Watch


  • Feature Limited
  • Less secure



11. Parallels Access

Parallels Access

This is one of the premium TeamViewer alternatives with a lot to offer than your usual remote desktop system. The main highlight of this platform is android access. Whether you’re far away from your system, if you have a smartphone along with a decent internet connection, you can connect to your main computer. 

Connect is very fast and simple using Parallels Access. Users can easily access all their files remotely using an average internet connection as the bandwidth required by the platform is very minimal. As said above, all the applications will be easily accessible on your smartphone’s home screen and can be used accordingly. 

The platform also provides you with sharing features that can be used to share your files with your friends over the cloud. Parallels Access has a cloud feature that can be used to upload and transfer files from one computer to another. Since its cloud, there is no upload limit and users can upload files without any restrictions to the computer. 

Along with all these features, you can also use the S Pen on some of the Samsung devices like Edge and Note 4. The platform also brings you the integration of Dex which can be used to access the dual monitor setup of your remote computer. These simple and basic features might save you some time if you’re remote and not able to fully take control over your system. 


  • Dex Support
  • Android and iOS support
  • Cloud Sharing


  • Only for smartphone connections


  1. $19.99 for 1 Year
  2. $34.99 for 2 Years
  3. $49.00 for 3 Years

12. Beyond Trust

If you own a business that requires remote connections to clients, Beyond Trust is a good option to choose from. They offer a wide range of services to their clients which is beneficial for their customers. Remote desktop services are needed by every other organization especially in the IT sector which is why this is a perfect choice to go for. The platform is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

The software offers many features like business branding where you can customize the software according to your needs and make it look presentable to your customers. This comes in handy for establishing a reputed brand image in the market while providing a specific service. 

All the live sessions are being logged and recorded for the admin in case if any employee tries to mess with the client’s personal information or contact. The platform has an open-source API that allows for custom integrations using CRM and other password tools. This integration makes it one of the most powerful tools in the market. 

Using this tool, you can connect to as many devices as you want at a single time making it easier for you to attend to your customers when you get bulk inquiries. This is a must-try platform for all businesses as it will help them provide more value to their customers. 


  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Secure remote connections
  • Proper user management


  • Can be expensive for a small scale business


  1. $1,995/year

Wrap Up

A lot of choices for the users in the market when it comes to remote desktop applications and software. This list comprises of the best softwares in the market and some of the best TeamViewer alternatives that you can look for. We hope this list is useful for you and we’ll try to add something that might have been missed. 

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