20 BEST Webcam Software for Windows in 2021

Nowadays when working from home is common and Video conferences a daily routine. From meetings to interviews to communicating with the client and presenting ideas, people depend on their device and it’s webcam. People are often in need of webcam software for windows devices which is widely used worldwide.

Not just office work, even students require webcam software as now practically everything has switched to online. Even family gatherings happen online nowadays and to ensure an effortless video-call webcam software is a prerequisite.

If you’re a user you’d know that a webcam usually requires webcam software for optimum performance. Well if you didn’t know this, don’t worry. This article has got you covered with all the basics and essentials of using webcam and webcam software. You will get to know about the best and free webcam software and the extra features you get with them.

Need for Webcam software

Every hardware in your computer, laptop requires software to run at its optimum performance and do what it’s made for. Just like you require Nvidia drivers to use the Nvidia graphics card, you need webcam software to use the webcam. Your webcam will be useless without Webcam software.

Although most laptops or desktops come preloaded with webcam software, Windows 10 also has a preloaded webcam software that supports most hardware. But using other than preloaded webcam software in your device has other advantages and better efficiency. They get the best out of your Webcam hardware.

Advantages of using Webcam software

Using webcam software for windows 10 and other OS gives you an edge over other users. Different from preloaded software, this software has extra features. WIth custom software, you will get features like webcam recording, a webcam viewer, etc. The webcam viewer you can test your webcam before actually using it for official purposes.

Youtube streaming is trendy nowadays and if you’re a YouTuber or wish to be. A high-quality webcam is necessary for streaming. If you’re a gamer, a webcam allows you to interact better with their audience. Youtube viewers are interested in how you react to an in-game scenario, your expressions like anger, joy, and focus. To let them see all this you require a Webcam as well as a webcam software. 

Choosing the Best Webcam Software for Windows

Ideal Webcam software must have some basic and advanced features to make it worth it. A Webcam must allow the recording of video and audio in it. Having an in-built basic video editing feature is also expected from such software. The most important feature is that it should be compatible with your Windows.

We know that even after knowing your requirements, finding and choosing Webcam software is a tedious job. To let you choose one effortlessly here are 20 Best Webcam software for Windows, some of these are even free webcam software for windows 10:

1. Windows Camera

windows camera

This webcam software is actually a video and audio utility introduced in windows 8 and above. It has the same features, structure as that of the camera used in Windows smartphones. It can capture photos in 1080 resolution.

Since it’s a first-party built-in camera, it can be trusted for basic use. It is good for capturing pictures and videos in both light and dark areas. When the webcam is used, or the laptop’s camera is used, it’ll show the Windows camera as the default webcam. 

The software is very basic and has not many features but it’ll do for the day to day use. It is ideal for attending meetings and video calls but is not recommended for professional use. Though the software provides video stability. This Windows 10 Webcam software is dependent on your video, audio quality totally depends on the webcam or the camera you have. 


  1. Free, Preloaded with windows
  2. Simple and easy user interface


  1. Does not have extra features
  2. Not ideal for professional use
  3. Not Recommended for Streaming

2. YouCam 9

YouCam 9

This webcam software is used by famous streamers because it supports live-streaming sites and software. This Software is packed with everything to make your streaming, video calling experience surreal. It is more than just webcam software as you can use real-time video effects in it and a lot more features.

It supports 1024×768 pixels and 16-bit color and has a little more than usual hardware requirement. You require at least an Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 processor with 4GB ram to run this software. But it has its number of advantages as it has its high hardware requirement.

This Webcam can be easily integrated into popular video call services like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft team. Using this software you can change your looks in a video call using its makeup, skin enhancement tools. You can also add 200+ augmented realities, change backgrounds. You get an animated emoji feature and Video effect filter with it.


  1. The real-time video editing feature
  2. Ideal for Youtube-streamers
  3. Makeup tools and animation to keep the audience engaged


  1. Best features available with the paid version only
  2. High hardware requirement

3. IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera Viewer

This Webcam software is used for accessing USB and IP Cameras. This software supports up to 2000+ models of IP Camera Models including Webcams. If you’re using an additional webcam with your desktop this webcam software is an ideal choice.

You can simultaneously access up to 4 webcams with this software. Get a preview for multiple cameras using this webcam software with the least hardware requirement. Users can even edit video quality like resolution and frame rate.

You can also edit video, image quality, and features like brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can even adjust the orientation of your webcam along with digital zoom and tilt. The software is easy to use, and is ideal for personal use, and is available for free. You can take pictures in multiple formats and it also supports audio. 


  1.  Free to download and use 
  2.  Can use 4 cameras at once
  3. Real-time video adjustments


  1.  No Extra video editing features 
  2.  Not ideal for professional use

4. Logitech Capture 

Logitech Capture

Logitech Capture is one of the most popular Webcam software used by streamers and content creators. Unlike the above-mentioned software, this one has multiple features to help you accentuate your video. There is a long list of what all you can do with this webcam software. 

Starting with recording, you can record detailed videos with your webcam using this software. You can even record from more than a webcam, as well as simultaneously record window screens and switch between them. This feature is especially useful for streamers who do gaming streams.

Though made for desktops and laptops it has a recording feature to download in vertical mode. It easily integrates with popular streaming and video calling sites. It allows text overlay with different editing options, colors, and font styles. You can apply filters, border, and transition in real-time as well as changing resolution and other qualities of picture and video.


  1. Extra feature and multitasking 
  2.  Video and picture editing, adjustments
  3. High-resolution, Simple design, ideal for professional use


  1.  High System requirement

5. MyCam

This Webcam software is another popularly used one. This software comes loaded with many features one may need as a content creator or YouTuber. It’s not just webcam software but also a photo, video editor. Not a full-fledged one but will do if you’re new to youtube creators. And are looking for webcam software to start with. 

With this webcam software, you can add filters to your photos and video effects. It has a smart sharing featuring which allows you to share files directly to your smartphones. By scanning a QR code you can easily share files using QR code and broadcast on stream servers.

It allows faster processing with effective GPU usage. You can capture and save pictures in JPG/PNG format and get delayed shooting. The app has a demo version for you to use, or you can buy the complete setup. It is ideal for both professional and personal use.


  1.   Extra video, photo editing features
  2.  Good-quality audio-video capture
  3. Easy interconnectivity and sharing within devices


  1.  No Free available
  2.  No enough accesses in the Demo feature

6. SplitCam 


This Webcam software is another one of the top used software by YouTubers. The software has many features to let you easily edit and make youtube videos in real-time. The software can be easily integrated with IM software and add to your video calling experience.

The features you can use as a YouTuber, content creators are Video recording, Digital Video zoom, and multiple resolution support. Apart from these basic features the software lets you do webcam splitting. With Webcam splitting, you can use your webcam in multiple applications with ease.

For professional use, it has screen recording and video recording features. And for fun personal use it has a lot more. You can use Real looking 3D masks, you can replace your face with a realistic mask. It can be used if you wish to attend a video meeting anonymously like a meeting of some drug cartel members, sounds fun, right?


  1.  Totally free to download and use
  2.  Webcam splitting feature
  3.  Cool Video effects


  1.  Less features fro professional use
  2.  No hardware acceleration
  3.  Limited processing speed

7. iGlasses

This Webcam software is popular among Apple Mac users and has a large number of users. This software is also available for windows and is as efficient as in Mac. The software gives you extra control over your webcam, enabling you to use it for professional purposes. 

The software integrates with many programs and sites like Skype, Messenger, and Yahoo. You get to make useful video setting changes and customize your webcam with this webcam software. It is compatible with all the webcams using Macam drivers. 

It allows you to make changes in the pictures captured using the webcam software. You can flip images, rotate them, use the mirror image function, and also get night vision images. It supports only 32-Bit applications but ensures fast processing and easy usage. iGlass webcam software trial version is free to download and use on windows. 


  1. Useful professional features 
  2.  Video setting controls
  3. Basic Image adjustments


  1.  No free version available
  2.  Only supports 32-Bit applications

8. YawCam


The name “YawCam” stands for “yet another Webcam” which is true to some extent. The software has everything Webcam software must-have. Unfortunately, it’s not preferable for Youtubers or any other stream site users. But YawCam is perfect for professional use.

You can do seamless video streaming, and capture detailed pictures. The software allows text and image overlay which serves well for new streamers but now professionals ones. Webcam hacking is not that common but it happens, and if you’re an office person the results can be catastrophic. To ensure your utmost safety it has a Built-in webserver and password protection.

Another plus point of using this webcam software for professional use is that you can schedule online time. It supports multiple languages and you can even make time-lapse videos. Time-lapse is something out of the ordinary that makes it unique. 


  1.  Password protection
  2.  Enhance video, image capture
  3. Time-lapse and text, image overlay


  1.  Not recommended Streaming
  2.  No Hardware acceleration
  3. Limited processing speed

9. BandiCam


This Webcam software is known best for its screen recording feature. What’s special about its screen recording feature is that you can record a specific region of the screen. Its screen recording is both best in quality and space-efficient with is the smart compressing feature. You can record screen, broadcast while maintaining video quality, and boost your youtube and twitch streaming.

This is an ideal software for streaming as it has everything that one may need for attractive and catchy stream videos. You can record 4k video with 480 Fps, you can add text and image overlay, as well as webcam overlay. With webcam overlay your audience and see your reactions while gaming.

 You can add mouse-effects, schedule recordings, and much more. And can even draw on your screen in real-time. This webcam software is ideal for professional use. By paying just 67$ you can get the best features of the software. Else for personal use, the software is apt. 


  1.  Useful video, image editing features
  2.  Image, text, and webcam overlay
  3. High-resolution screen recording


  1.  Watermark with unregistered product
  2.  High system requirement  

10. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

As suggested by the name it is primarily a screen recorder and a popular one. The software can also be categorized as webcam software as it works with webcam and has integrated features. You can capture the complete screen or selected area of the screen. 

You can record selective potions of the screen at a custom ratio and crop the video before saving. This is software is a complete package for youtube streamers as you can create a screencast with it. You can add webcam overlay, record audio both system sounds and microphone with the screen video.

You can also record just your webcam and schedule recording. Users can take snapshots in between videos to make thumbnails while uploading on youtube. The software allows fast processing and highlights keystrokes, mouse clicks. It is best for professional use and with its easy sharing feature, you can also use it for personal purposes. 


  1.  High-resolution screen recording 
  2.  Webcam overlay
  3. Audio and video capture, basic trim for videos


  1.  No free version available 
  2.  No video effects, adjustment allowed

11. WebCamoid


This is an open-source webcam software and hence is free to use and download. Despite being open-source software it offers a lot more than any other paid or open-source software. It is an ideal choice for professional use with all those features and not so simple user-interface. 

You can take pictures, record videos, use video effects, and simultaneously control multiple webcams. Record in multiple formats, up to 1920×1080 resolution and 60  Fps as well as adjust video and image quality. With this Webcam software, you can change and control minor details of what your webcam captures.

If you’re new to youtube streaming and have experience with little complex user interfaces, this is the software for you. It also allows cross-platform between Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can even use it for personal use, with little usage you can get the basics of the interface. 


  1.  Free to download and use
  2.  Video effects and adjustment features
  3. Ideal for professional use


  1.  Difficult user-interface
  2.  Choppy working

12. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

This is yet another Open-source webcam software and the one that’s widely used by streamers. This software is available on Linux and Mac along with windows. It allows real-time video recording and editing and mixing images, texts, webcam, etc.

The app offers more than basic video editing tools, you can work on multiple videos simultaneously, add transitions between them. Along with video editing, you can also edit your audio to get the best out of your webcams. Using all it has to offer you can easily create a stream ready screen, content.

Unlike other open-source webcam software, in this one, you get easy and total control of what and how you create. The interface is simple and easy and allows you to effortlessly change the layout and add transitions. This is the best free webcam software for professional use.


  1.  Free to download and use
  2.  Extra features and simple interface
  3.  Multiple Transition and text, image overlay


  1.  Choppy user experience
  2.  Not recommended for consumer use

13. Go Play

Go Play

This Webcam software is primarily known for its excellent screen recording feature. You can record all or selective parts of your screen in 4k high-resolution at 60 Fps. It has a unique Picture-in-picture recording which allows webcam overlay. Using this software you can even use your voice as playback by recording.

While using picture-in-picture you can use the video input of the webcam and audio input of your microphone. The Video editing features let you make youtube ready videos, you can trim, crop, and merge videos. Add video filters, transition animations, and text effects with this Webcam software.

You can also do professional-level editing of the videos recorded, and share them easily on social media through the software. It is optimized for Youtube and you can add your own subtitles and synch them. Apart from the free version with most features, you can get premium to remove watermarks and more.


  1.  Free versions with mos features.
  2.  Ideal for professional use
  3. Video-effects and transitions
  4.  Audio editing and high resolution 


  1.  Watermark and other limitations with the free version
  2.  Ads with the free version

14. AlterCam


This is webcam software dedicate to webcam enhancements only. It is ideal for office works or attending meetings, classes. You can also use it for personal purposes like video chatting with friends. To ensure a fun and simple video chatting experience it has 50+ video effects and mosaic for anonymity.

If you wish to use it for professional purposes you can add your logo to the webcam stream. You can even broadcast pre-recorded videos which can help present in front of colleagues without mistakes. 

The software allows hardware acceleration for fast processing of HD videos. You can even add webcam overlay and image overlay. You can record webcam video and audio, change voice in real-time, and be ready for Youtube streaming. It has everything you may need for professional and personal use.


  1.  Ideal for everyone
  2.  Fast processing, Webcam, image overlay
  3.  Webcam broadcasting 


  1.  No free version available, only trial
  2.  Some features not available in trial
  3. High system requirement

15. ManyCam


This webcam software is especially for improving your online video calling and streaming experience. It easily integrates with popular streaming sites, platforms, Video calling apps, and IM software. The app is best for professional office use, and ideal for youtube streaming, personal use like video chatting.

To customize the video in real-time while streaming, you can add virtual backgrounds like scenic pictures. Late for meeting with messed up room and background, no worries just use a prepossessing virtual background. This feature is what makes it a perfect pic for YouTubers and office people.

This software has more than 15k video effects, that’s a lot more than you can ask for. And it is available in 12 languages, you can simultaneously stream at multiple platforms using this software.

With all these effects, HD video editing, broadcasting, and screencast there is nothing that’s stopping you from an effortless webcam experience. 


  1.  Free version available for windows
  2.  15k+ effects and virtual background
  3.  High-resolution video recording and editing


  1.  Limited features in free version
  2.  High system requirement

16. ContaCam

This webcam software is actually used for security camera monitoring but also supports webcam. It may not be preferred for your webcam and software but it is still better than your default webcam software, drivers. Rather it is as effective as any other webcam software just that there are no video and image editing features, making it practically useless for YouTubers and streamers.

But if you want it for personal use or office use, the software will do. It supports audio for USB webcams and has an in-built webserver to store videos. You can play every video captured using the webcam and this webcam software. ContaCam is safe and secure and comes with password protection.

It can be used for basic webcam usage like recording videos with audio and can be integrated with some common use apps. It also has a motion detector for capturing detailed videos. 


  1.  Password protected webserver
  2.  Multiple camera support
  3. Recording and snapshots from running videos


  1. Not ideal for youtube streaming 
  2.  No video, picture effects, and adjustments

17. Clip Champ


This webcam software is another one of the best used for youtube streaming. The software includes a free video editing feature, compressor, convertor and allows recording from the webcam. It is trusted by more than 12 million users.

The software offers a large number of video templates, helping you both personal and professional use It more of a video editing software that has impressive webcam support. You can record videos from a webcam and use audios, videos to do mixing and creating youtube ready videos. 

Though you can exactly do real-time editing or webcam overlay or alter steam quality. But you can improve your content quality by recording webcam videos in high resolution and editing them using editing tools from the software. With the free version, you can make unlimited video exports in SD quality. By paying a premium the video export quality is improved and you get free audio files.


  1. Record high-resolution videos 
  2. Professionally edit them
  3. Never run out of ideas with templates and audio stock


  1. Limited video quality with the free version
  2. No real-time video effects, webcam overlay

18. Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software

Also known as NCH software, this software considerably enhances your webcam with smart features. You can record a complete screen with it or a selected part of it. Record what your webcam captures and enhance it using this software. It is ideal for both personal and professional use. 

The software allows recording and multiple formats and can record not just from a webcam but any camera attached with the device. You can use it for office use to record screen, important meeting with audio. You can adjust video resolution, image quality, fps, and size, etc.

If you are a youtube streamer, the text, video overlay has got you covered. You can simultaneously record your screen as well as what your webcam captures. The software allows snapshots of the video, creating time-lapse videos, adjusting color settings, and effective recording from multiple devices.


  1. Free version with useful features available
  2. Video, image editing, and adjustment allowed
  3. Webcam and text overlay


  1. Limited features with the free version
  2. High system requirement
  3. No hardware acceleration

19. Magic Camera

This webcam software has all the basic features one must look for in an ideal software. The user interface is a little choppy but would do with high enough hardware to support. It allows user to record screen as well as take screenshots with ease. 

You can use video filters on the recorded content along with emoticons, add texts, make freestyle drawings, and paint. It can add real-time borders and effects to live videos and still pictures. The software can be integrated with instant messaging software and video calling software.

Though it has various video editing features and webcam, text overlay, it is not recommended for professional use. It will do for personal use like creating social media content and memories. It has a collection of adorable designs to use on the recorded video or during video chats. 


  1. Real-time recorded video editing features 
  2. Various video effects and border, snapshots allowed
  3. Webcam overlay and free draw and paint feature


  1. Not recommended for professional use 
  2. Limite features with a free version

20. Photo Booth Pro

This webcam software is also available as a windows app. As the name suggests it is primarily for photo capture and editing. It is an excellent choice if for creating daily content for Instagram or Twitter account. The app is available in windows Microsoft store for free.

It has an intuitive user interface face that allows quick photo editing. The software works with your webcam to capture pictures and allows you to use 33+ effects and filters. You can even create videos, as added in the latest update. 

You can preview all create content in the gallery before posting on social media. The effects like a mirror, grayscale, invert pinch lets you accentuate picture capture from your otherwise basic webcam.


  1. 33+ picture effects
  2. Fast and simple user-interface
  3. Create videos with effects using a webcam


  1. For personal use only
  2. No webcam or text overlay
  3. No picture detail adjustments


Use this webcam software to get the best out of your new webcam or your laptop’s camera. Ease your work, make quick and creative content for the popular streaming platform. Use the paid version to improve the quality of your content as well as increase your reach or use open-source to save money as well as create appealing content.

Apart from streaming, record lectures, meeting to look over key points, and better understand topics. Use fun features like emotes and masks to have fun video chatting with friends. With video editing available with most software do multitasking in one place. Get started with free webcam software, record, edit, stream, and get popular!


Does Windows 10 have webcam software?

Ans. Yes, Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed windows camera which is a Video and image capture utility first introduced in Windows 8. The software uses your webcam to capture detailed pictures and stable videos. The software can also be integrated with video conferencing platforms like Skype and Messenger. 

How can I improve the quality of my webcam?

Ans. The quality of your Webcam depends mostly on the hardware, i.e the specs of the webcam you buy. Although you can improve the video and image quality captured by webcam using better webcam software.  

With Webcam software, you can make adjustments to the captured media and also make basic edits.

What is the best Webcam software?

Ans. MyCam is the best webcam software in the paid category. Ideal for both professional and personal use. It is a great software to start your youtube gaming, twitch career. An alternative to the paid version there is free to download and use Go Play webcam software. This software has the most feature as that of My Cam with high-resolution support and high fps.

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