15 Best Professional Copywriting Tools For Freelancers and Agencies

What copywriting denotes is the proper arrangement of words in order to drive the reader in a particular direction such as to buy. The process can be referred to as a text form of salesmanship but it requires a lot more. The copy is composed by the copywriter who makes his way through the process which includes having an idea, following it by planning and research which eventually takes shape on paper. It goes through proofreading and editing prior to publication. Once it’s out there the job of the copywriter is complete.

Luckily the copywriter in each step of the process has a bunch of tools which makes the process less painful and more enjoyable.

Best Copywriting Tools

1. Discussion Forums

Discussion ForumAnyone who has worked as a copywriter knows the importance of writing for a reader. If the main aim of the writing copy is to engage and persuade a reader to take some form of action, a writer is required to know where to find the readers. It can be difficult at first to locate who, when and where a person will go online in order to search a question or information.

The main role of the copywriter is to keep up date with relevant information and anticipate what the reader will want to read about. It is a great way to engage with the reader’s posts and follow them in order to track the relevant themes using online forums.

Forums such as Reddit exist which offer info on almost every topic and provide info related to national and international topics. In case you can’t find a thread of any relevant topics, you can simply create one and invite the participants to offer their viewpoint. It is a great way to know about the minds of readers and gain appreciation of their interests and thoughts.

2. Headline Analyzer

Headline AnalyzerIt requires extensive time and effort to put up and write a topic. When it comes to catching the reader’s eye, Extensive time and effort required. Some of the best headlines are relevant, interesting and intriguing and seek to drive traffic, search and shareable results.

In order to help you improve the headlines, the Headline Analyzer tool provides a quantitative measure of the effectiveness of the headline you have written. What it does is analyze the grammar, overall structure and readability of the headline. It is one of the best copywriting tools and offers a statistical representation of the factors which highlight how well the headline is doing and where it can be improved.

It also shows what your headline will look like in the email subject line and offers tips in order to ensure the best headline for your writeup. In case you want to have the optimum headline, you can run in through Headline Analyzer to see how your score works out.

3. HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator copywriting toolsNext on the list of Copywriting tools is the HubSpot Blog idea generator which can be a key to producing interesting and thought provoking content. At times, getting topics to write about can get a little difficult. How does one come to get a topic which has been written a number of times by writers and copywriters?

The tool by HubSpot uses the existing information on the web in order to assist in finding and identifying your required topic. In order to use it, simply enter a noun into the generator which can be anything from mobile technology to interior design and be enlightened with highly articulated blog topics you can write about.

4. Thesaurus

thesaurusAs copywriting is a form of salesmanship it requires the appropriate use of certain words. Using the right words can make or break your content. Using Thesarus.com you can find the right word and phrase in order to effectively transform your content.

It offers a wide range of features such as synonyms and antonyms. Most writers have a favourite word which they tend to overuse. The synonym function proposes a dozen of alternatives in order to help them bring in more words to play.

5. Hemingway App

Hemingway App copywriting toolsThe app can be used in order to supplement other editing tools. It is due to the reason they offer an extensive formative and structural aid for your writing. Hemingway uses colour codes in order to indicate any specific content issues.

The highlight of yellow suggests lengthy and complex sentences which are required to be shortened. The red highlights dense and complicated sentences which require a restructuring. The purple highlights words which can be shortened while the green highlights passive voice.

Besides this, the app offers metrics related to reading-time of a particular piece of content. It can be of great use for a copywriter who looks to convey a message in a certain amount of time. Coupled with word and letter count, the Hemingway App helps a writer stay focused and be succinct.

It is a stand alone program, which is accessible online and can be downloaded on desktop which allows you to format the text as you write along with checking for errors.
The paid version of the app is also available which allows full app usage in case of absence of any internet.

6. Grammarly

GrammarlyOne of the essential skills of Grammaly is the ability to produce a copy with a limited number of grammatical errors. An essential skill for any writer is the ability to produce copy with very little errors. In order to speed up the process, you can use Grammarly which is perhaps one of the most convenient and easy to use tools which checks for several errors.

It includes grammar and punctuation, spell check, writing style, plagiarism. You can set up a free Grammarly account to begin with writing. It allows you to make decisions based on style, emotion and the domain. It works to deliver insights related to these goals.

Ultimately, the number of features which Grammarly provides make it a writer’s best friend. Even for the native English speaker, it offers a line of defence as it picks up on a number of writing and grammatical defects.

7. Canva

Canva copywriting toolsA copywriter is required to consistently deliver original content. It doesn’t stop at using words, the pictures and illustrations are also used in order to visually enhance the copy. Based on finding images, you may turn to the internet in order to search for photographs and illustrations. These may however require citing the sources and denote a lack of originality.

Using Canva you create and design your own images and that is all for free. In order to take your copy to new heights you can use this copywriting software. Make use of Canva in order to customise logos, posters, infographics, ads, social media and reports.

It can be difficult to source a supporting image which represents and reinforces what you’ve put in words. You can use Canva in order to optimize the illustrations and complement your copy in the manner you want.

8. Google Docs

Google DocsThis is one of the copywriting tools which enables you to store the documents in the cloud and allows you to access them from wherever you are. Using Google Docs you stay in control of the shareability of your content at any time.

When compared to its alternative, Microsoft Word isn’t a case for comparison. You can use Google Docs in order to open and edit a document. You can also download Google Doc as a word extension.

These features of Google docs, enhance the shareability option as a copywriter. As clients may require a file in different formats, you can use formats as PDF, HTML or rich text.

9. Pixabay

Pixabay copywriting toolsSourcing an image is vital for copywriters and scanning and looking via search engines in order to complement the copy can be an exhaustive task. With millions of images to complement the copy, it can get quite exhaustive. However, there can still be issues related to crediting the original sources of the image and you don’t want to be affiliated with a weak source even if it’s an image.

You can use Pixabay in order to source relevant images. It offers over 4,00,000 free images which includes photos, vector graphics, videos and illustrations. You can find high quality images which fit the bill.

The images from Pixabay can easily be made original and unique after some minor editing.

10. Ahrefs

AhrefsAnother one of the copywriting tools in order to work up backlinks and SEO analysis is Ahrefs. With this tool, the copywriter’s expertise for detecting and analysing relevant keywords, backlinks, ideas and traffic estimates increase. Ahrefs also help you find interesting topics which can drive awareness and clicks.

The Site Explorer of Ahrefs allows you to quickly and easily analyze the site backlinks the competitor websites. It comes in handy for the copywriter who looks to explore profitable keywords for organic search. The content explorer tool can highlight the shared content for a particular topic which has the largest amount of share on social media. It is useful for anyone to analyze the shareability and promotion of content.

11. Dupli Checker

dupli checker copywriting toolsAs an infinite supply of information, arguments and theories on the web, it can be difficult to assume such arguments of your own. A copywriter produces new original content on a regular basis.

The Duplic Checker is a free online tool which provides the following:

  • Checker of Plagiarism
  • Article Rewriter
  • Checker of Domain Authority
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Word Counter

The tool has a free online plagiarism checker which tool scans content for unoriginal material. Simply upload the document on the website or copy and paste the copy into a box. With a maximum of 1000 words per search, it is a useful tool to check long copy.

As copywriters want to maintain their credibility, no copy is complete without a quick scan through an effective copy detector.

12. MozBar

MozBarMozBar is a free browser extension which provides on page access in order to link metrics and offers site analysis tools. In case you want to assess the page or domain authority of a website you can use Mozbar. Take a quick glance using the extension bar to find instant metrics for a page.

As a proper workflow should be present, Mozbar presents the chance to glance and have a quick understanding about the page’s ability to have on-page linking as well as have a social perspective.

Prior to starting work, you are likely going to want to check on the interest of the audience. Proper keyword research can tell you if you’re on track. You can utilise the Mozbar to view keyword difficulty scores for searching anything in real time. In order to research for SEO on the go, MozBar is the perfect tool.

13. Hunter

Hunter copywriting toolsWhile producing a great copy is essential, it is not of much use if you cannot promote it well. The first is doing so is to make contact with the right publisher. One of the most time consuming activities is reaching out to people and finding the requisite email address.

One of the copywriting tools you can use is Hunter. It is an extension tool which searches the website for a potential email address in seconds to help you connect with anyone. It can guess the email address structure based on the people mentioned in the domain. In most cases, Hunter can conjure up an email thereby saving you valuable time.

14. Live Keyword Analysis

Live Keyword AnalysisCopywriters know the importance of using and working keywords within their copy. Having the fine balance between overusing the keywords and not using it enough can be achieved with this tool.

Live Keyword Analysis is a quick, easy and offers a free SEO tool to help you to calculate the keyword density. It can help determine whether a keyword is too frequently or too little within the copy. You can adjust the keywords accordingly in order to find the right balance.

15. Scrivener

Scrivener copywriting toolsThe process of having the right copy with proper research using multiple drafts can sometimes be difficult and keep tabs on. A copywriter may find themselves trying to navigate different tabs and different writing documents.

It is a word processing program which is designed for writing and is very similar to a physical binder which allows you to manage everything in a single place. Scrievener is one of the copywriting tools which allow you to organize notes, research, concepts for easy access.

In case of any material received from the client, it can be put into a single folder. No more dozens of documents to search. What’s more you can keep multiple project files open and view things in a split screen.

The Bottomline

Using the copywriting tools mentioned above, you can easily streamline your work as a copywriter. Tools such as Grammarly, allow a quick check on grammar and plagiarism. Manage the visuals using Canva and download the perfect images from Pixabay.

All such tools allow you to improve work and get more clients on board to improve revenues.

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