15 Best Couple Game Apps For Android And iOS

Is your romantic life boring? Do you want to spice it up with something interesting? Look nowhere else as we bring you the best couple game apps that will give you and your something new to look forward to. These apps have different purposes and some of them might be about connecting you to your loved ones or juicing up your existing sexual relations. These apps are very helpful if you and your partner live in a long-distance relationship as there are personal messaging apps for communication between couples. 

All these apps are top-rated and the best in the category. This is will help you and your partner in needy times and if you guys are having any trouble communicating with each other, some of the apps on our list will solve this purpose. All your chats are secure and nothing can go out unless your partner decides to do so. As a couple, it is important to give ample of your time to one another but in this busy world, it can be quite difficult. These apps are trying to solve all the relationship issues by removing different types of barriers and keeping your relations healthy. 

Best Couple Game Apps

1. Sex Game for Adults

This is one of the most popular apps for couples to play that has some of the best and interesting features. The app is designed to give a twist to your physical relations in a unique way. The app gives you and your partner some dares to challenge them with which by default are quite romantic. Apart from the default dares, players can also some custom dare challenges of their own for partners and play accordingly. This creates interesting foreplay before getting into the main part and gives couples amazing new ideas to level up their sexual intimacy.

The app can be played by more than 2 players and one of the best parts is couples can enjoy this game without an internet connection. All the features can be used offline and there are no limitations. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. 

2. Between

Between is one of the best communication apps for couples available online. The app has everything couples can ask for if they’re in a long-distance relationship or if one of them is traveling. The app lets you use romantic emoticons and GIF selfies to make your conversations interesting. Couples can enter the information of their partner in the app and Between will remind you when the day comes. All the images will be saved in Between chats even if your device gets lost or you change it. Many other features make your chats interesting like scheduling dates for anniversary etc so you don’t forget and make it memorable. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. If you don’t have either, you can also connect using a PC or a free voice call feature. The UI is simple and easy to use. All the options are easily accessible for users in a single place. 

3. Happy Couple

This is an interesting app that can help you strengthen your relationship with the help of a set of quiz questions every day. The app provides 5 topics to choose from and couples get 5 questions which can be sexual, emotional, or physical. The couples will then discuss these questions among themselves and know deeply about each other. This is not a matchmaking app and it helps couples already in a relationship. If you just started out dating, playing a quiz with your partner is definitely going to help you out. 

The app also provides daily tips via push notifications to level up your romantic life. These tips can be valuable in long term and will help you sustain a better relationship with your partner. 

4. Desire

Desire is another good app in our best couple games app list for all types of couples being long-distance or new relation couples. It gives you challenges like dares for both in a relation. The application has hundreds of dares to choose from and the developers release new dares every week so you and your partner never get bored. After completion of the dare, you earn points after each win which is an added bonus and boosts your morale to continue the game. The game can be played without the internet and has many options even when you’re offline. Earning those points we talked about lead to new challenges and levels which are quite interesting. 

The app has many other features like a love journal and private chats. It is available for both Andro and iOS platforms so you’re not limited to either of them. Try it out and let us know how it helped you today. 

5. Couple Widget

Couple Widget is another best couple game apps available for both Android and iOS. The application is unique and has a friendly user interface. The features are quite simple but unique. It lets you save your favorite dates like an anniversary or how long have you been dating. You can set an alarm for a particular date to remind you if today’s a special day. The application has a built-in calendar that is intended for the same purpose. You can set some tasks daily that you need to perform with your partner like working out together. 

One of the best things about this couple game app is that it has mood synchronization enabled that tells you how your partner’s mood might be today after judging the moods of yesterday. This is a must-try app among the others on our list. 

6. Sexy Dice

Sexy Dice is an interesting addition to our couple game apps list. This has kind of a unique touch with some already witnessed features from our list above. As you might have guessed by the name of the app title, the app features a Dice in the game played by couples where they need to shake their device or touch the display to roll it. After the dice rolling, a task will be provided to you and your partner along with a timer. You need to complete the task in a dedicated time. The dares are filled with spicy tasks that couples will find interesting to perform with each other. 

The game can be played by any type of couple being straight or gay. The dares are mixed for everyone and are not limited to any category. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms to make it easier for everyone to use. 

7. iPassion

This is an interesting couple game app that can engage you both in deep conversations about each other. The application is quite a user friendly with a lot of direct options. The interface is quite straightforward with no hidden options whatsoever that you might find difficult. The function of iPassion is quite simple. You need to answer some questions about yourself and then your partner needs to guess the right answer to those same questions. If he/she gets it right, you gain points which are rewards of how good they know you. 

The end goal of this app is to bring you closer and get to know each other very well. After the game is over, you and your partner will be engaged deep into conversations about the questions we asked in the quiz.

8. Bliss

Bliss is a totally different app when it comes to couple game apps. The app can also be seen as a different version of Monopoly but for couples. The game sets the romantic mood for couples when you’re in bed and analyses everything like what you’re wearing and what toys you have with you. After the game begins, it gives you actions to choose from as the dice rolls and lands on some places. By default, the game has over 700 actions to choose from and users can edit the actions according to what they need. 

The app has a lot of positive reviews and comments with people enjoying it all over the world. It has thousands of downloads and reviews on both Playstore and the iOS app store. 

9. SexRoulette

This is one of the best couple game apps to play with your loved ones. This app is very interesting with the 5 unique game modes it consists of. Although the UI was a little weird, the features of the app make up for the faulty interface of the platform. The game gives you tasks in 5 modes out of which you can choose from. One of those modes si truth or dare, which is quite easy as you can imagine and the other popular mode will be Roulette which gives to different sexual position to try with your partner. 

The application is available for both Android and iOS and is developed by some of the best developers in the world. Although both platform apps have been developed by different devs, the function and concept remain the same in both of them. 

10. Wefeel

Wefeel is another competitor to so many apps on our list. One of the prime reasons to choose this over other couple game apps is the UI which is quite good. Some of the apps on our list have the worst interface which looks odd but Wefeel is designed perfectly by the developers. This is true for both Android and iOS platforms. The interface is buttery smooth with zero or minimal lag in the device. The functioning of the app is quite simple. It offers your challenges and tasks that you can perform with your partner to strengthen your relationship. 

The app doesn’t have any exclusive features apart from the UI and of course, the expert sections where tips regarding relationships are shared by some of the best and experienced people online. 

11. Kindu

Kindu is another couple game app that was meant to bring joy to your sexual relationship. The app offers multiple features including some of the best ideas and actions you can perform in and out of the bedroom with your partner. The main goal of the app is to relive the intimacy between couples and brighten their romantic relationship. You can learn new things and activities to do with your partner being sexual or non-sexual. It connects you and your partner so that you get to know deep about each other and how they work. 

The app is very popular among both Android and iOS users. It has thousands of downloads along with hundreds of positive feedback from the users. It is definitely a worth try app on our list. 

12. Couple Game

These couple games are quite trending in the market with a lot of fun activities involving both the parties in a relationship. This app, in particular, is quite common and popular among couples that gives a lot of ideas and games to play with your partners. If you wanna know how well your partner knows you, this is the best chance. Also, If you’re in a long-distance relationship and you miss your partner, this app the best way to connect and know each other. If your relation is at any stage, this is the best app to gives you some of the best quizzes to test your partner. 

The application is available on Andoird and well as iOS and has half a million downloads on the play store. It has thousands of positive reviews from users all around the globe and people are using it regularly to juice up their love life. 

13. Can’U

As the name says, the app is literally based on the term “can you”. What this means is, you can send a new and challenging dare to your partner which they need to complete. The worst part is the suspense about the dare which even you don’t know about. Only your partner knows about the dare and the only way you can know is if they complete it. In return, your partner can also give back a dare for you to complete. These surprises really boost your romantic and intimate life and make sure your relationship doesn’t lose the special touch. 

The dares are quite sexy and will help you and your partner in getting closer than you were before. The app has created over 1000 original dares so far and will keep giving more in the future. The concept of this application definitely makes it worth trying. 

14. Lovedays

This app was specially built for people who have short term memory and forget the important dates in their relationships. Lovedays create unique and custom widgets on your smartphone The application also gives you access to a unique day counter which will countdown the important date like anniversary or date night next week. It will remind you every once in a while about any important date which is coming in the future. The app gives you full customizing features and editing options so you can follow it accordingly and create some of the best looking widgets for your device. 

If you want to know how the app is performing in the market, it has millions of downloads on both Android and iOS platforms with thousands of positive reviews on the same. The UI is very smooth and easy to use for editing or creating widgets. 

15. LokLok

The final app on our best couple apps list which has a different and unique touch for the couples. If you want to let them know and show your love every now and then, how about putting as their lock screen? Yes, this is possible by downloading LokLok on both the devices and keeping them in sync every time. The app replaces your default lock screen with a whiteboard on which one of the partners can draw anytime and it will be visible to the other. 

The app is insanely popular among Android users but unfortunately, it’s discontinued on the iOS platform. This is a downfall for iOS users as they won’t be able to take the benefits of this app. It has half a million downloads on the play store with thousands of positive reviews from a lot of users. 

Wrapping Up

This article was all about apps that couples can enjoy to entertain and have an intimate sex life. If your relationship is starting to get boring, you should definitely check out these couple game apps and maybe they can help you out. Couple games and exercises are sometimes important and crucial to make sure you don’t lose the romantic touch in your relation. If you have any other apps that are useful in this list, do tell us in the comments below. We’ll review and add it to our list.

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