20 Best Discord Alternatives for Better Experience in 2020

A great tool to connect with your team members in real-time includes voice and text chat apps. These apps are popular among gamers and professionals in order to collaborate and exchange information. One such app is Discord and is used particularly by gamers. The app enables gamers to collaborate easily during the gameplay. However, Discord has seen a rise in the cases of chat bombarding and people harassing each other. In case you’re looking for discord alternatives, there are an array of options available.

Why use discord alternatives?

Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Lacks a professional User interface
  • Chat bombardment and Frequent server raid
  • No robust integration
  • Privacy problem
  • Self-hosting unavailable

Now let us look at discord alternatives in order to ensure effective communication.

Alternatives to Discord

1. Slack

slack discord alternativeOne of best Discord competitors is Slack. When compared to Discord it can be considered much more comprehensive. You get around 1 GB of file sharing options of any type and you aren’t limited to audio and video files as in case of Discord. In the case of a workplace, Slack performs better when it comes to sharing and sending documents such as PDFs.

Slack offers developer integrations which include Trello, Giphy, Github, MailChimp, Dropbox etc.
Besides this, you can separate work and play in Slack as compared to Discord where you have a single account for doing everything.

This Discord Alternative offers a freemium model which can be upgraded via paying $6.67 per user/month or $8/ annually.

Slack remains a better Discord alternative and has functions similar to Discord. Though Slack is highly extensible and can be downloaded on your desktop and smartphone. You can Set up channels or groups, and even automate repetitive functions. The File uploading function is easy with the drag-and-drop capabilities, and ability to integrate third-party tools.

When comparing the app version for Slack, it is much sleeker than Discord and is updated frequently to keep it running smoothly.

For those who are looking at a business-ready software, then Slack should be considered. Similar to Discord, it allows communication via two methods which includes direct messaging and via channels making team collaboration easier.

Some features which Discord lack include annotation and sharing of the screen. Overall the app is well designed with a friendly user interface.

2. Discourse

discourseForums aren’t necessarily an alternative to Discord though as a community tool, you won’t get a better open-source software than Discourse.

One of the best ways to describe it is to think of it as Forum version 2 and an improved version which doesn’t feel clunky as most forum-based tools do. It comes in a couple of versions. You can self-host where the software is free to use or you can pay for a host for your option. Though self-hosting is cheaper, the premium version can manage the technical side.
The main advantage of Discourse is that it’s more organized and makes it much easier to find posts.

The Features of Discourse include Easy to find conversations and information, full control with customizable options, brandable to ensure community tools are part of the brand experience, better analytics options and user-friendly UX.

3. TeamSpeak

teamspeakIt is the number one choice VoIP communication system in case you are looking for online gaming. As an alternative to Discord, it provides crystal clear sound to let you communicate with other team members cross-platform. It ensures military-grade security and lag-free performance.

Features of TeamSpeak include Lag-free communication, Background noise reduction, Military-grade security, access to over 100 add-ons and cloud-based services which enables you to synchronize your servers & settings.

The top features include lag-free communication with echo cancellation and noise reduction.

4. Zoho Cliq

zoho cliqNext on the list to facilitate quick communication among team members is Zoho Cliq. It is easier with this tool to communicate. Make use of this tool to do more than just conversations at work. Start with your own project-specific channel to share your work progress with team members. Create your dedicated channel for projects to share appreciation and celebrate victory with your team.

Easily work together in real-time, share ideas, make a quick call and follow up on your tasks.

You don’t have to scroll through an endless chat to find important messages, you can pin the messages for quick reference. The tool is available for free which offers up to 10k searchable messages for org with max participants per channel being 100.
The Unlimited plan starts at $3 per month, per user.

5. Element

elementKnown formerly as Riot it is a great alternative to Discord with similar functions and features. What sets it apart is that it has been created using an open-source software allowing its customization and flexibility. Based on a reaction-based software called Matrix, it allows you to use other communication channels in the app besides hosting other apps of your preference. It also puts a focus on end to end encryption thus enhancing the security of the app. It comes with an array of features similar to Discord allowing you to share files, chat and add different plugins to the app. It is available on desktop, mobile and web. Overall, Element bears a lot of similarity with Discord but provides a higher level of customization and security.

6. Troop Messenger

troop messengerTroop Messenger is one of the best alternatives to Discord. Troop messenger has been designed to meet the needs of every type of organization whether it’s a team of 10 or 10,000. It offers a seamless experience and is an easy to use office messaging tool with a smooth user interface.

It comes with a wide range of functions such as group conversations, screen sharing, one-to-one messaging, file previews and voice video calls. The app features cool emojis which make communication a lot of fun.

Some of the features of Troop Messenger include Burnout which allows team members to chat privately. The Response Later feature allows you to tag messages with a reply function later to answer any message later. With the advanced search feature, users can easily search for images, text, contacts and locations across the platform. The recall feature comes with a picture where you accidentally send a wrong message and can undo it.

7. Microsoft Teams

microsoft teamsMicrosoft Teams allows you to simply share group projects and cooperate in real-time, manage it and have it all integrated on Office 365. With Teams you can organize meetings and keep in touch with employees, thereby managing the overall workflow. The features of Microsoft Teams include Intuitive integration with Office 365, Live collaboration on projects, ease of accessibility and sharing with ease to OneDrive and SharePoint.

It is a fantastic business communication platform which has been seen growing rapidly among companies. Some of the features worth noticing include integration with Office 365, scheduling & joining meetings, automatic recording and desktop & mobile availability.

8. Telegram

telegramThis Discord alternative app offers unlimited cloud storage, which means you don’t need to bother about having a data backup. You can login from anywhere to access your data. There isn’t any compression available for the media files which means that you can send and receive original size pictures.

Create supergroups, allowing you to make a group of over 2 lac people. It also offers a self-destructing feature where you can set a message timer that will automatically delete a message.

One of the important things to remember about Telegram is that it provides all the premium features for free.

9. Google Meets

google meetsGoogle Meet is loaded with a host of features which include an unlimited number of meetings, live captioning during meetings, compatibility across multiple devices, video & audio preview, adjustable layouts, screen sharing and messaging with participants. Google workspace essentials are available from $8 per user per month.

To ensure security and privacy, Google offers 2-step verification, Context-aware access, Encryption as well as advanced protection program.

10. Facebook

facebookFacebook is a solid Discord alternative and seems to align its features with the famous video-and-voice chat app. Despite being over-crowded it allows you to build micro-communities. Facebook groups can be the perfect virtual space allowing you to bring people together.

You can set up communities to bring in people for a project, you can live stream on Facebook in order to provide real-time engagement benefits. In the case of businesses, private groups can be the way to make customers feel special.

Users can easily switch between voice and text and audio & video calls can be done seamlessly.

11. Steam Chat

steamchatSteam Chat is one of the best Discord alternatives, as it follows the golden rule of keeping it lean. The features of Steam Chat include having One platform for games and chat. It allows The Group structure and Steam lets you use the game-related content similar to trading cards as in PlayStation.

It offers a clean User interface as compared to Discord which puts over a million features in your face.

12. Google Hangouts

google hangoutsAlthough Discord is a modern take on Google Hangouts, the business features are missing that Google Hangouts brings in. It has the ability to make phone calls from a dedicated number within the application. While running a business on the go, you can integrate team chats and a dedicated number. Google Hangouts has the backup of the Google ecosystem, which Discord does not have. Google offers competitive rates for international calling from their chat, which is essential in business.

Use Google Hangouts to tap into the contact list, gather contact details and synchronize with Google Calendar.

It makes joining calls effortless with a simple to use interface.

13. Wire

wire discord alternativeWire is one of the best Discord alternatives offers fully file sharing, video calls and encrypted communication. The guest features allow you to interact with customers without asking them to set up an account. You can take up high-quality group video calls on mobile devices and the Pricing is very competitive compared to other competitors.

The features of Wire include screen sharing for up to 10 users, 100% open source, a complete end to end encryption for video, voice, and messaging. Use the ping to instantly communicate and get urgent info.

Get unparalleled voice and video calling facility.

14. Volley

volleyIt is a conversation tool which allows you to have asynchronous conversations with the customers, colleagues and team members. Speak 7-8x faster as compared typing text. So why spend time typing? With Volley you can be more efficient when it comes to communication.

Features of Volley include quick communication – Faster than an email, text, or chat. Send a volley when it is most convenient and doesn’t require a mix up of schedule.

15. Mumble

mumbleMumble is an alternative for communicating with other developers easily. The features of Mumble include Low latency so that everyone gets to hear each other without losing any connection. Encrypted messaging allows users to share confidential information. High-quality audio is available, unlike Discord. It is customizable since it is an open-source solution.

One of the customizations added is an automation messaging feature.

An excellent thing about that platform is that it uses low-latency audio calls which means that you can chat with anyone on low. Besides this, it is absolutely free to use and an open-source application. It offers accessibility across platforms such as Mac, Windows and Linux. The software has numerous features such as Chat encryption and User authentication with codes.

The voice quality of Mumble is far stable compared to Discord and uses low bandwidth.

16. Mattermost

mattermostIt is an open-source and self-hosted communication platform which is built for teams of all sizes. It is marketed as a Slack alternative to Slack and is used for internal communication.

In order to set it up, you must have some prior technical knowledge. The features of Mattermost include hosting on own servers with full data control, cheaper alternatives to Slack, integrations, enterprise-grade security and availability across platforms such as desktop, web and mobile.

17. Skype

skypeOne of the most usable Discord alternatives. It allows you to have one on one as well as group chats. The audio call or video chat options are available, along with the option to share your screen. It has a very basic user interface so you don’t require much time to get your hands around it. Skype is available for Windows, iOS and Android. It offers a premium version with features such as SMS, voicemail and calls to landline or phone outside Skype.

The features of Skype include instant messaging and chat history, making chat, audio and video calls, and simple user interface.

18. HeySpace

heyspaceHeySpace is similar to Discord and Slack but with additional features for you and your team to stay organized on tasks. It recognizes the importance of communication, deadlines and collaboration within teams.

It can work across platforms and has additional integrations which make it a great tool. The features of HeySpace include boards to add and edit projects. The chat features are user friendly so that you can tag co-workers and convert messages into tasks. Using the board you can add and edit the latest projects for your team to work on.

You can prioritize tasks, work on Q&A and convert messages into tasks. With the Calendar features, you can add due dates and timelines to projects. Don’t get confused by all the current tasks, you can simply view them under the assigned section.

19. Overtone

overtoneIt is simple to use Discord alternative which looks similar to its competitor. Based on Vivox, it is one of the best voice chat services which is used by popular games such as PUBG, Fortnite and League of Legends. It aims to bring exclusive technology to gamers from around the world.

The simple app doesn’t use a ton of resources and is easy to set up and use. It includes most of the essential text and voice chat features, along with group chat & supporting text messages.

Besides this, it can help connect with people of similar interests and help you discover teams which are playing the same game. The top features include no client requirement, free to use and its availability on platforms such as Windows and Desktop.

20. Tox

toxIn case you use Discord for other than gaming and you require a platform which is more privacy-oriented then you should give Tox a try. What makes it worthy is military-grade encryption and means that your conversations on the platform will remain safe.

It is fairly simple to use and has a clean looking interface. It has text, voice and video chat support with neat screen sharing features which can come in real handy while managing the team.

Tox has file sharing features which makes it a great addition for professional settings. What makes it one of the best Discord alternatives is that it lacks central servers and it means that you don’t need to deal with any server outages. The top features include decentralized servers, powerful encryption, simple interface and chat, audio & video calls. It is supported on platforms which include Windows, Mac and Android.

The BottomLine

So, there you have it folks, the list of 20 Best discord alternatives. In case you are looking for the whole gamut of products we would suggest you route for Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts as both of them have the backing of the behemoths like Microsoft and Google respectively thereby adding to the convenience and functionality of using an app.

Let us know which one of the apps you prefer and how has it added to improving efficiency for your business.

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