How to Fix Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

Discord is one of the most famous free Voice Over Internet Protocol applications out there. It has over 250 million users all around the world. Discord is a unique app, and its popularity has surged drastically in the last couple of years. 

Basics of the application

how to fix can't hear anyone on discord problemBefore we get into the technical part, we should start with the basic methods to solve the issue in case you can’t hear anyone on Discord. Initially, you should try to close and reopen the app, and also, you can try to restart your system.

Also, test if your headphones or speaker is working properly or not. To do so, you can go to any music service or YouTube and run any sound. If you do not hear anything in this test, then it could be a problem with your sound system or headphones. If they are working fine, then you should continue with the following tests. 

  • Initially, you should try and restart Discord. This might seem stupid, but sometimes, it works.
  • Then, you should try to unplug and replug your headphones, again, this might sometimes work.
  • Restart your computer.

If any of these work, then you can enjoy gaming sessions with your friends. But, if they don’t, then you need to start with technical aids. 

A simpler task again, you should try to delete and reinstall the Discord application completely in case you can’t hear anyone. Although this is a tiresome job, it is worth giving a shot. If you reinstall it, and voice calls don’t work on the application again, then it has to do with your system’s compatibility with the app. 

This is a frequent problem with Discord, which makes you unable to hear others when your headphones and speakers are working properly. 

It might seem to be a big problem, but we will help you to solve it. 

What to do when you cannot hear anyone talk in Discord?

You can tackle the problem efficiently by doing some common and obvious checks. It can either be a disconnected cable, or even a bug in the application. You should also try to set your preferred device as the default in Discord or you could also use Legacy Audio Subsystem.

Follow the steps given below to know how to do that:

  • Select a Default Device
  • Use proper and working output device
  • Try the Legacy Audio Subsystem
  • Again, we will start by addressing and troubleshooting the basic and more common problems.
  • You should start by refreshing and restarting Discord.

Also, when Discord is closed, turn off any third party voice changing application. Also, crosscheck your connections and output devices. Further, make sure that your friends haven’t left their mics off by accident. Since almost all basic checks are completed, we shall now move on to more technical stuff. 

Check if your desired peripheral is the default communication device in settings

can't hear anyone on discord

When you use an external audio system, they may not be automatically set as the default in settings. Your system may have selected a different audio system, and hence, you do not get any audio output. By following the steps given below, you can change the default communication device.

On your taskbar, locate and right-click on the speaker icon. A menu will pop up, and choose to open sound settings. Find a section named Related Settings. It is situated on the bottom right side of the screen. Open the Sound Control tab. Locate your desired audio device, which will be under playback, and right-click on it. Choose to set it as the default communication device. Apply and click on Okay. This will change the default communication device. Restart your computer, and see if the problem is solved. If not, then continue with the next method.

Confirm that you have not enabled any voice-changing software

Discord has its own set of options to fine-tune and refine your voice in calls. But using a third party software to change your voice can conflict with the applications system. This can lead to improper audio feedback or no sound at all. Thus, make sure that you are not using any such application while using Discord.

Opt for Legacy Audio Subsystem, in place of Standard

Can't hear people in discord

If Discord worked fine before you updated it, and you are facing problems after the update, then it could be due to the compatibility issues between the hardware and software. In this case, to solve the problem, you can revert to the “Legacy Audio System”. Follow the steps given below to do so.

Open the Discord application. Near your avatar, you may find a little cog icon, click on it. This allows you to access “User Settings”. In the list, click on Voice and Video options. Find an audio subsystem section in it. By using the dropdown section, choose the legacy option. Click on okay and restart Discord. 

Alter your Server Location

You can also change your server location, and it may help you to solve the problem. Don’t worry, you can always turn it back anytime you want.

To do so, try the following steps:

  • Right-click on your default server, and open server settings.
  • Click on the overview section, and choose another server from the dropdown menu.
  • Save the changes and check if the problem is solved or not. 

Check your Input and Output Devices in Windows

Check input & output in DiscordAlthough not being able to hear anyone in Discord seems to be a problem with the application, it can be a trouble with your Windows operating system as well. If you continuously switch output devices, then this might be the reason behind the trouble. Make sure that your desired device is selected as the Input/Output device by Windows. 

Right-Click on the speaker icon on the taskbar.

  • A menu pops up, and navigate to the “Open Sound Settings” option.
  • Search for Input/Output option. You will locate a drop-down menu, and you need to select your desired speakers or headphones as the default.
  • For output, select the headphones of your choice, and the mic for your input.
  • Save the settings and restart Discord. Check if you can hear your friends on the app.

Set your Input and Output device in Discord

After setting the default input and output devices in Windows, you need to check the same within the Discord application. Follow the steps to continue:

  • Open Discord and look for a gear (settings) icon near the mute icon, and click on it.
  • Within it, go to audio and video settings.
  • At the top, you will be able to locate drop-down menus, and you need to select the devices of your choice, instead of setting it to default.
  • After that, locate and move the sliders to the right, and check the performance by clicking on the “Let’s Check” button.
  • Record a sound and check if you can hear it from your desired device or not. 

Refresh and Update Discord

If you use Discord for your work and games, then you must keep it up for a long time. This can result in you missing important updates. This can cause bugs and thus, the problem you are facing. Discord’s development team tends to find such issues and fix them with patches in the next update.  Thus, make sure to keep your application up to date. 

Run Diagnostic test or Debug of Discord

If you can’t hear anyone on Discord even after trying every method mentioned above, then you should try to connect to a voice channel and run a debug diagnostic test on your voice connection. Read the steps below to continue.

Connect to a voice channel, and locate the ‘i’ button near the ‘voice connected’ option. This will open an information panel. You need to hit the debug option in that panel.

Check how many green icons you get after doing so. If you have ‘X’ icons in red colour, then the issue is from. Discord’s side, and not yours. But, in case you don’t see any red signs, but the problem still persists, then you should save the diagnostics and contact Discord about it. 

This may take some time for the officials to solve the problem. So, until then, you can try the web version of the service. This can be a viable substitute, as it is not likely to have bugs. 

Concluding Thoughts

How to Fix Discord Can't Hear Anyone

In case you have tried all of the above-mentioned methods, and still can’t figure out what’s wrong, then you should take your headphones to another computer, and try using Discord with them. If it doesn’t work on another system too, then there is something wrong with your headphones. If they do work, then something is wrong with either the Discord application or your system.

If you really want the app to work on your PC, and want to lose anything to do so, then you can also opt for full PC format. We do not suggest to do it, because if you do, you will lose all of your data. But if the app means so much to you, then only you should consider doing it. This will be the last possible method to help clear the problem you are facing during calls in Discord and you may need to search for Discord alternatives.

Do share if we were able to fix your problem, and which method was able to do so for you? Was everything clear enough for you to understand? Do share your views in the comments section. Also, feel free to ask any questions in the comments. 

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