5 Methods to Fix Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

If you are an owner of any Nvidia graphics card, then GeForce Experience is a very useful software suite for you. You can access almost everything that concerns graphics on your system using it. Also, it helps you to better manage your Graphics card. To keep the hardware (Graphics Card) in a proper state, software plays a key role. Nowadays, you need to look out for other things as well besides driver updates.

There are tonnes of benefits of using GeForce Experience software. But, if you are a new user, you may be receiving the error code 0x0003 on the GeForce Experience software. The error can be a huge issue for the proper working of your system. The same issue and ways to fix it will be discussed in this write-up.

Many users are facing the issue where the GeForce Experience software crashes and displays the error code 0x0003. When the application crashes, a dialog box appears, which reads – Something Went Wrong. Try to restart your system and then retry to use GeForce Experience. The dialog box has the option to close it only. Owners using Windows 7 are facing this issue, along with Windows 8 and Windows 10 owners.

What Causes The GeForce Experience software to Crash and Show the Error Code 0x0003?

GEForce ExperienceWe tried to look into the matter, and researched about the users facing the same issue, and found out the ways by which it can be resolved. Based on the study, there are several potential reasons behind this issue.

For instance, if you see the error message saying ‘Nvidia Telemetry isn’t allowed to interact with Windows’ – this could be due to the restriction of permissions of Nvidia Telemetry Container. You can easily solve this issue, by using the Service option and allow the interactions of the app with Windows.

If you see the error message saying ‘Some mandatory Nvidia Services are not running’ Then the issue can be due to the fact that a program might be disabled. Nvidia Display Service, Nvidia Local System Container, and Nvidia Network System Container are necessary for the proper working of GeForce Experience software. Thus, if you receive this error code, then you must try to check and force start these applications manually.

Error message – ‘Corrupted Nvidia Driver’ is linked with issues with drivers. If one or more of the drivers are corrupted, then you will get this error message. To solve this, you will need to reinstall every Nvidia driver and component.

If you receive the error message – ‘Glitched Network Adapter’ then clearly the issue is with Network Adapter. As per reports by some users, this occurs when your Network Adapter gets held in an oblivion state. You can fix this error by performing a comms reinstall, that is also known as Winsock Reset.

Many reports are claiming to get an error message saying ‘Windows Update Inferred with GPU Driver. This happens when Windows install an automatic update. You need to uninstall current Nvidia drivers and reinstall the latest ones to resolve this issue.

Now, we will discuss all these scenarios in depth.

1) Allow Nvidia Telemetry Container to Interact with Windows:
nvidia telemetry containerMany users who were facing the same issue told that they were able to resolve this issue by using the Services screen and allow Nvidia Telemetry to interact with Windows. They also confirmed that the service is initiated.

After doing these steps, they were able to resolve the issue.

Here is a stepwise way on how to proceed:

  • Open the Run menu by pressing the Windows and R keys together.
  • Type services.msc in it, and hit Enter. A new screen with open up. This is Services Screen. You can get prompted by User Account Control (UAC), if so, press Yes to grant permission.
  • Scroll down through the list and try to find Nvidia Telemetry Container. Right click on it and press on properties.
  • When you are in, then you need to click on the Log On tab and ensure that you allow it to interact with your system. Finally, click on Apply to save the changes.
  • Now, return to your previous screen. Find all of the services given below, and make sure that the following are running – Nvidia Display Service, Nvidia Local System Container and Nvidia Network Service Container.
  • When you have ensured that they are enabled, then try going to GeForce Experience software again. See if the problem still persists.
  • If not, then continue with other methods given below.

2) Remove and Reinstall All the Nvidia Drivers:
Many users that were facing the error 0x0003 error code were able to fix the problem by following this method. They deleted the older drivers and reinstalled them with new Nvidia drivers. When they restarted their system after that, they were able to fix the error.

This is how you can reinstall Nvidia Drivers:

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  • Type appwiz.cpl in the dialog box and hit Enter. This will open the programs list.
  • After that, click on the Publisher option to order every application installed by them.
  • Then, right-click on the first list by Nvidia, and then click on the uninstall option.
  • Repeat the same process with all the items under the Nvidia Corporation list.
  • Do the same for all the Nvidia-installed applications.

After that, restart your system and wait for the completion of the next startup sequence. Then download the latest drivers. You will then need to follow the prompts given on the screen. After installing the drivers, restart the system to see if there are any improvements or not.
This way, all the faulty and bad drivers will be deleted and replaced by the latest ones. But, if the problems still persist, then you need to follow other methods.

3) Reset Network Adapter:
geforce experience error code 0x0003

Many users have been able to remove the error code 0x003 by resetting their Network Adapter. They did so by resetting it to the default configuration. This is known as comms reinstall and Winsock Reset.

Follow these steps on your Windows 7, 8, and 10 Operating System to Reset your Network Adapter:

  • Press Windows + R keys to open the Run menu.
  • Type cmd, and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt. Give the permissions if you are asked by the UAC.
  • In the Command Prompt, type netsh Winsock reset and press Enter.
  • The prompt will process, and once it is done, restart your computer and see if the issue still persists or not. If not, then move on to the next method.

4) Manually Installing the Latest Graphics Drivers:
If none of the above methods seem to be working for you, then the issue must lie in a faulty driver. This can only be resolved by manually installing all the latest graphics drivers. Many users with the same issues have said that they did solve the issue with this method.

Follow the steps given below to be able to install the drivers manually:

  • Press Windows and R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter. This will open the Programs and Features list.
  • In the installed programs list, locate all the installation files published by Nvidia, and uninstall them by right-clicking on them.
  • Restart your computer after deleting all these files.
  • After restarting, go and download the official drivers by choosing your graphic card model, series, Language, and Operating System info.
  • Then follow the sequence of on-screen prompts to install the drivers. Check if the issue of 0x0003 is still there or not.

5) Try to create a new User Account:
As the last source of hope when nothing else seems to work is using a new user account. After deleting all the Nvidia drivers and applications, you need to get administrative permissions to do so. Reinstall the drivers and see if the issue remains.

First restart GeForce Experience software. The error code 0x0003 also asks you to restart the PC. Follow this tutorial to know how to restart the GeForce Experience software.

  • Open Task Manager and select all the Nvidia tasks running in the background. Click on End Task.
  • Now, run the GeForce Experience software as an Administrator by right-clicking on it.
  • Stop the Startup of GeForce Experience software:

Follow these steps to stop GeForce Experience software from startup:

  • Open Task Manager and look for Startup Tab in it.
  • Right-click on GeForce Experience and disable it.
  • This method can prevent you from getting the error code 0x0003 from the GeForce Experience software.

Fix on Missing Nvidia Control Panel:

  • Reinstall Nvidia drivers.
  • Reboot all the Nvidia services.
  • Then, create a shortcut for installing the directory.
  • After that, add Desktop Context Menu.

How to fix Error Code 0x0001

fix errorIn case you are getting the error code 0x0001, this shows that the Nvidia drivers have corrupted. You can fix it easily by reinstalling all the drivers.

These are the steps for you to follow:

  • Open Control Panel and uninstall the GeForce Experience software.
  • Delete the folder named Nvidia Corporation from Local Disk C.
  • Finally, install the latest drivers.

By following these steps, you will be able to fix the various problems that you might be facing in using GeForce Experience software. Do let us know in the comments below if you are not able to fix the issue, or are getting some other issues. We will get to you soon.

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