How To Play 8 Ball On iPhone: iMessage GamePigeon App

With the introduction of iOS10 version in the market, Apple’s iMessage has given a new shape to the text messaging. iMessage games are exciting, fun and multi-player games that comes inclusive of the app or can be plates outside of the app. 

One of the most popular iMessage games is Miniclip’s 8-Ball Pool. With so much buzz going around this game, one of the common questions asked is How Do You Play 8 Ball Pool On iMessage? 

The purpose of writing this guide is to guide users with the steps of playing the 8-ball pool on your iPhone or iPad. So, what do you need to start an iMessage game pool on your iPhone? 

Let’s find out…

About iMessage Games: 

iMessage games- How to play 8 ball pool

iMessage is the default messaging app in every Apple devices. Be it the iPhone or your iPad, iMessage is profoundly used for texting and socialising with your friends and families. 

To make texting more exciting and fun, iOS 10 introduced the apps and games to be included in their iMessage. This means that you can play games, share emojis and socialise with your family and friends on a single interface. 

Luckily, these games do not require higher graphics or take too much of your storage. Till now, iMessage hosts some of the multi-player games like 8-ball pool, Wordie, Simon Says and others. 

Some of these games are free while some of them are premium. I tried a few of these games and the best iMessage games are Truth Truth Lie, Four in a Row for iMessage, Truthy: Truth or Dare, Polaroid Swing, Trivia Crack, GamePigeon (collection of games), Words with Friends, Genius: Song Lyrics +, MsgMe WordGuess and others. 

However, we are only going to talk about the 8-Ball Pool using the Game Pigeon App. 

How To Install Game Pigeon App on iMessage? 

If you have an iOS 10 or later, you can download the Game Pigeon App. To install any app withing the iMessage, you need to open the iMessage app first. 

  • To download any app on iMessage, tap on iMessage icon and create a new conversation with any of your friends. 
  • In the new conversation thread, tap on the left of the text entry field. 
  • In the left of the text entry field, a gray arrow will appear. 
  • Once you tap there, three grey icons will appear on the screen; a camera, a heart icon and an App Store icon. Click on the “A” or App Store icon to launch your game store. 
  • On tapping the App Store icon, you will have a window that consists of all the recently used apps in iMessage.
  • In the bottom of the screen, tap on four grey dots to open the App Store. Here, you will also find the recent apps that are installed on your device. 
  •  Once you tap on the store app icon, an app store will open for iMessage. This app store consists of all the apps that are compatible with iMessage. 
  • In the iMessage App store, you will have three navigation tabs; Featured, Categories and Manage tab. 
  • The Featured and Categories tab shows the apps that have been recently used and lets you browse the Apple App store. In the Manage tab, you can manage all the apps that are available in your iMessage.  
  • In the Browse section, find the Game Pigeon App and click on ‘Get’ to download Game Pigeon on your iMessage. 

GAme Pigeon App- play 8 ball pool on iPhone

Game Pigeon is an amazon app that consists of other classic games into a single app. These contain games such as 8-Ball Pool, Checkers, Poker, Gomoku and Battleship. Most of these games are free to use, some of them come with in-app purchase only. 

How To Get 8 Ball On iMessage?

Once you have downloaded the Game Pigeon App on your device, you can find the 8-Ball Pool by tapping the app. 

  • Open iMessage on your iPhone/iPad and choose the contact with which you want to play your game. 
  • In the new conversation thread, tap on the left of the text entry field. 
  • In the left of the text entry field, a grey arrow will appear. 
  • Once you tap there, three grey icons will appear on the screen; a camera, a heart icon and an App Store icon. Click on the “A” or App Store icon to launch your game store. 
  • In the App Store icon, you will find Game Pigeon App in the recently used apps. 
  • Tap on Game Pigeon and you will find all the 14 games that are available here. 
  • Choose the game you want to play. Since it’s a guide on 8-Ball Pool, I will tap on 8-Ball pool. 
  • To send a request, tap on the Blue button to proceed. On pressing the send icon, your contact will get notified about the request. 
  • Once the contact accepts the invitation to play 8-ball pool, you are ready for your first turn. 

How To Play 8-Ball Pool on iOS 10?

Game Pigeon APp 8 Ball pool guide

For iOS 10 and later, this step by step guide will tell you on how to invite and play your friends to play games like 8-Ball Pool.

The rules for playing 8-ball pool is the same as the contemporary 8-ball pool. So, you don’t need to go through the rule book if you are good at it. 

Rules for Playing 8-Ball Pool on iPhone:

However, if you are a newbie, here is a small rule book for playing 8-ball pool: 

  • 8-Ball Pool game has two types of balls; Solids and Stripes. 
  • Each player has to pocket 7 balls of the same type. For example, If I will pot a solid ball on my first move, I will own the solid ones. 
  • Along with the 7 balls, you will need to pot the 8-Ball to win the game.
  • If the cue ball gets potted, it is considered a foul. 
  • Each player gets a limited time to hit a shot. 
  • You can play games using the coins in the game and purchase cues as well.

So, How Do You Play 8-Ball Pool on iPhone? 

Once your opponent has joined the game, either one of you will get the chance to break. To hit the shot, drag the cue down and aim at the ball that you want to hit. 

If you are starting out with the first shot, you should aim at the second last ball on the last row of the balls. Make sure that you hit this ball with maximum power. This way, any one of your balls will be pocketed and other balls will line up for easy pickings. 

You can also make use of the ruler to create an accurate angle of the shot. Mark up the ruler to aim the holes correctly and how each shot will go. Once you make an aim for the shot, you will get a few aim circles that make it easier to hit the shots. 

how to play 8 ball pool on iphone/ipad

Make sure to align these aim with the hole and hit them all when you are confident about it. 

To hit the shot with maximum power, drag the finger till the power is maximized. Check the power of each shot on the screen that displays the power meter. 

Remember, power isn’t everything. Try to hit the lighter shots wherever possible. Make sure that the black colored 8-Ball does not get pocketed before other balls. 

After hitting your shot, you can shrink the gameplay screen by tapping on the ‘V’ button in the top right of the screen. 

Send text messages, emojis and stickers to your friends just like you would send them normally on iMessage. Your friend can also reply you in the same way until the match gets over. 

How To Save Battery/ Cellular Data While Playing 8-Ball Pool Game?

 If you are running out of battery, you can save your battery or your cellular data by making a few changes in the settings. We recommend you to turn off your music, sound and images to save data and battery of your device. 

Navigate to the bottom of the screen and press on ‘Gear’ icon to open game settings. In the game settings, turn off the music, sound and image sharing. 

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Wrapping Up

Now, you have got a clear understanding of how to play 8-ball on iMessage. It is not rocket science to get started. Just a few taps and you can invite your friends and family for a game. 

Playing games with friends using iMessage is more fun because you can chat, send stickers and emojis. If you are bored of playing 8-ball pool, there are few other games as well. You can play few games out of Game Pigeon App on iMessage. 

I hope this detailed guide has helped you understand How to play 8 Ball pool on iPhone. Follow our blog to read such how-to guides on different games. Share this article with your friends and family and start playing 8-ball pool today. 

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