How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 started gaining attention at the end of 2019 and its popularity continued after that. The game wants to be an all-rounder. And it is trying to do great with its replay value. This helps gamers have a nice time with their friends or alone. Today, we will be talking about the Risk of Rain 2 characters and how to unlock them. There are about nine types of characters that we can unlock In Risk of Rain 2. We will be talking about how we can unlock each of them. 

How to unlock every Risk of Rain 2 character

1. Commando 

Commando is one of the initial characters of the game and to unlock it, you need to just start a game. You need to do nothing to unlock this character, no challenges nothing. It gets unlocked by default.  But for its alternate skins and skills, we will have to complete challenges. You can play with this character until you are eligible to unlock the other characters.

risk of rain commando

 Even after being the first character of the game it is no less than the others and has a solid class. Command has some basic attacks that are fast and easy to apply. Also, it has some cooldowns and efficient abilities to help you. Commando can attack a group of enemies at once if you line them up. It also has a dodge maneuver that can save you from danger. 

2. Huntress

 To unlock this character, you need to pass the first three levels without dying. It is a high DPS character.  You will have to reach the Rally point Delta or Scorched Acres and complete the teleporter event there. This character isn’t hard to unlock but it will be a bit difficult for the beginners at Risk of Rain 2.

 Huntress comes with a lot of mobility and with this, it has got low health. You must know to use your skill to the best to evade the enemies. This character can shoot while sprinting and has a very strong area of damage. When you are in a bind to get out of danger, you can use the attack when you suspend her in the air. Huntress and bounce off and sprint enemies up to six times 

3. MUL-T

To unlock MUL-T, you need to pass the first level five times. You can unlock it while enjoying the game. This character can perform two types of attacks at any time in the game. First is a short-range nail gun. It is useful to control a crowd when there are a lot of enemies. The second one is the long-range sniper and this is good to pick enemies off at a far distance. 

risk of rain multi

If you want to get away from enemies fast, then you must use MUL-T’s speed dash. It also has a move to deal with damage and stun enemies. It is known as Cluster grenades. 

4. Mercenary 

To unlock this character,  you will have to obliterate yourself at the Celestial Portal at the end of the 7th stage. You can find celestial portals in the third stage after you complete one loop back to the first stage. If you like close-range combat then Mercenary is best for you. The character uses its sword for melee attack and this allows performing the combat attack. 

Mercenary is good for groups of enemies and boss fights. Its laser sword moves for 130% with every third hit dealing 300% damage in a large area. The whirlwind slices two ties of 200% each horizontally or vertically depending on if you have made the move while in the air or not. 

Mercenary has a good mobility skill of binding assault that allows us to dash forward and stun enemies up to three times. It can also jump twice with the passive skill cybernetic enhancements. With this character, you must finish the fight with eviscerate. This attacks the enemies nearby for 110% damage. 

5. Artificer 

risk of rain artificer.

To unlock this character, you need 10 lunar coins to buy her from the Newt Shop. It is irritating to unlock as lunar coins are rarely dropped off. After you have the coins, you need to go to the merchant and talk with the frozen Artificer.  This character can survive elemental damage and large area effect damage. You can use four different spells with Artificer to evade the enemies.

  • Flame Bolts – can deal with 200% damage and ignites enemies.
  • Charged Nano Bomb – can deal with 400% to 1200% damage and stuns enemies. 
  • Snap freeze – it freezes enemies for 100% and immediately kills anyone with low health. 
  • Flamethrower – it burns enemies at the front in a cone for 1700% damage. 

You can use the fire and ice to control the crowd and groups of enemies. 

6. Engineer 

You can unlock the Engineer character by completing 30 levels. The stages don’t need to be from the same run. Engineer gets unlocked by itself over time. This character is good at defense and has a lot of tools to do so. To take down the enemies and make your team win; you must pair your Engineer with mines, shields or dual-turrets. 

To get the best of this character, you need good timing and a strategic style of playing. This character has some abilities like pressure mines, bubble shields, bouncing grenades, and TR12 Auto Turrets. 

7. Rex 

To unlock Rex, you need to pass the Power Plant challenge. If you are at some other location you will have to restart the game.  You need some good gaming skills to unlock this character. The character is found in the Abyssal Depths. The fuel array item is unstable. So if your health goes below 50% you will die. 

risk of rain unlock rex

This character has a high-risk playing style and is good at crowd control. Some of the moves take a huge portion of the health. But if you use it correctly, it can do a huge amount of damage. Tangling growth and seed barrage can deal with a lot of damage. Natural toxins, inject, and disperse weakens the enemies and this makes it easier to clean them up. 

8. Loader 

Loader is one of the difficult characters to unlock in the game. You need to complete the Guardian Offline challenge to unlock Loader. During your run, you will visit the Siren’s Call fourth location. If you are at some other location you will have to restart the game. As you get here, you need to destroy five eggs nets to spawn a unique boss. These eggs look like some large white mushrooms and you will find them around the map. 

You need to kill the Alloy Worship Unit who has an amazing health pool and deals a ludicrous amount of damage. When the Alloy Worship Unit dies it will release a rare item and as it will be defeated for the first time, the unit will unlock Loader as a character. 

9. Acrid 

To unlock Acrid, you need to pass the nine challenges in the void fields. Under the Bazaar there will be a hidden cave that will lead to a purple portal. This portal will take you to the Void Fields. Then you need to complete all the nine challenges there. 

risk of rain acrid

The character has a poison skill which makes certain attacks poison on enemies for 10% of their health over time. This attack just drains the enemies’ health. 


So we see that there are nine amazing characters in Risk of Rain 2 that we can unlock during our run in the game. Some of the characters get unlocked in the game by themselves over time. But there are ways to unlock them quicker. Also unlocking some characters requires some serious skills but that is also not impossible. With proper management and knowledge of the game, you can easily unlock these nine characters in the game. All the characters are different from each other and have some specific features. You must know when to use which character to be a pro in Risk of Rain 2. 


Is Risk of Rain 2 worth it? 

Risk of rain 2 knows how to make gaming fun. It is progressing and provides the players with rewards. This gives gamers the feeling that they are doing something meaningful and this encourages them to play more. This means it’s worth the investment.

What is Risk of Rain 2 about? 

Risk of Rain has ten levels and has amazing characters throughout the level. The objective of the game is to reach the teleport, complete challenges, and succeed. 

How many characters does risk of rain 2 have?

Initially, there were six characters in risk of rain 2, commando, MUL-T, huntress, engineer, mercenary, and artificer. In 2019, four more characters were listed as under construction. The game was in early access so these four characters were added later. 

Is the risk of rain cross play? 

Risk of Rain 2 isn’t cross-pay or cross-platform compatible. You can pick up the game via Steam for PC and digitally through your gaming platform’s store. They all have a list of the artifacts and locations. 

Is the risk of rain 2 on console?

After 14 months of early access development on consoles, Hopoo Games got the co-operative rogue-like shooter sequel. Risk of Rain 2 got a full version 1.0 release in October 2020 on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. 

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