How to Watch Disney Plus in Singapore [Detailed Guide]

In this blog, we will explain how you can watch Disney Plus in Singapore. You may have tried several times to access this OTT platform but would have failed. Do not worry, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to access Disney Plus even if you are in Singapore.  

Launched on 12th November 2019, Disney Plus, makes it more than a year of standing in the OTT Market. Within 2020 this OTT Platform has taken down a considerable audience percentage under its wings. Thanks to its wide variety of content available for people to watch.

This streaming service was created by keeping in mind people of all ages. For Gen Z, Gen X, and millennials as it provides all the content from Disney (Obviously), Pixar, Star Wars franchise, National Geographic (Also, owned by Disney, so again. Obviously) and the king of all the good times- Marvel. 

With it being one of the most budget-friendly OTT platforms around the globe, beating Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and almost all the platforms out there if kept side by side according to their monthly charges. Disney Plus comes at a meagre price of $6.99/ month, which reciprocates an excellent value for money. 

It is heartbreaking for content lovers from Singapore to see that The Walt Disney Company, which owns the Streaming Service. Disney Plus has no plans of launching this service in the tourist hub anytime soon. 

But, where there is a will, there is a way. If you are a Star Wars fan or a Marvel fanatic who is craving to binge-watch all this content; we have got you covered. 

How to Access Disney Plus in Singapore 

You can access your Disney Plus account in Singapore and more services that are either banned or unavailable in Singapore with the use of VPNs. 

Streaming Disney Plus in Singapore is just a few clicks away- 

  • Install NordVPN (We highly recommend Nord VPN for its dedication towards speed and security ) 
  • Select the desired location, where Disney+ Works. (See which location gets you the minimum ping and the best speed).
  • Download Disney Plus on your desired device. 
  • Login to Disney Plus and now you have access to all of their content. dd

Read the complete article to know about the best VPN services in the market. 

Best VPNs to use in 2020 

1. Nord VPN (Our Recommendation) 

Nord VPN has been rated highly by most of the experts in the market; ranked top tier by many, including the likes of CNet, PC Mag, and many others. 


A good rule of thumb for a great VPN is the magnitude of how fast, secure, and easy to use it is. Nord VPN. Nord has more than 5300 servers in more than 59 different locations, which gives the service an incredibly powerful system to use. The company uses the industry-standard- AES 256, 4096-bit RSA key encryption which is a great deal when it comes to security. 

Nord VPN not only provides its users with security but also gives them incredible speeds, which not many VPNs in the market can do. Most VPNs highly reduce internet speed which is sometimes traumatic to use when it comes to streaming video services (which is the case here). 

Most people with the internet have frequent use of Torrent nowadays because of all the benefits and the huge variety of things available. Nord’s VPN services support Peer to Peer (P2P), which lets you use torrent to its full potential. 

As NordVPN is not based in any country, and rather in Panama; which does not have any data retention law, there is almost no risk in using this VPN service. Also, they strictly follow a no-logging policy. 

During the entire testing phase, our team did not face any challenges; but if unfortunately, you did, NordVPN has a 24×7 dedicated live chat support team that will solve any issues raised. 

That is why we highly recommend NordVPN for you to surf Disney Plus in Singapore.

2. Express VPN


The makers of Express VPN have given their undivided attention to speed. It is one of the fastest VPN service providers in the industry, i.e. the least amount of speed reduction while using the VPN. 

Though these top-class functions of Speed and Security come at a cost, Express VPN is among the most expensive VPNs out there. But, if you understand the nuts and bolts of this tool; it will indeed justify its costs. 

We can vouch for its ability to bypass any form of filtering as it was able to unlock region based services even in China and UAE, who’s Firewall systems are considered to be the greatest. So there is not going to be an issue when you try to access Disney Plus content in Singapore.

Unlike most VPN services, Express VPN supports 4K UHD transmission and uses 256-bit AES (with Perfect Forward Secrecy), and has an inbuilt kill switch. Express VPN follows the industry-standard OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP protocols that are safe, secure, and fast. 

3. SurfShark


If you are looking for something that does the job and at the same time is pocket friendly, then surf shark is another excellent option. 

It is one of those providers who will not burn a hole in your pocket while still delivering whatever they have promised- great service for torrenting, streaming, and protecting your privacy.  

SurfShark has more than 1700 servers in more than 60 countries and has a web of more than 1000 IP addresses for its users. However, the best perk of getting the paid version is that it allows an unlimited number of devices per subscription; that makes it an amazingly cost-effective investment. 

After using and testing it multiple times by several people in our team, we can say that Surf Shark VPN gives a very delightful user experience, thanks to the easy to use interface. 

4. CyberGhost


As trendy as it sounds, CyberGhost is a VPN service that is used by many for its comprehensive features. It has a tremendously large number of servers, more extensive than most of its peers that helps CyberGhost deliver incredible speeds and an endless possibility of uses.

The company hosts more than 6500 servers in 110 locations across 89 countries, which is a number that will make all its competitors take notes. But, not all the shines is gold; while testing, we came across some issues. Some of its servers do not provide access to torrents and other blocked services, but you can always switch to any different server in no time. 

Once you make the purchase, CyberGhost lets you connect seven devices simultaneously. Just like most of the service providers, this one uses AES-256 encryption and follows OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec  Protocols that are reliable for adequate security and privacy. 

Most importantly, CyberGhost is a Romanian and German-based company, which makes it out of the 14 eyes. In simple words, if they have any of your data; they are not bound to share your data with any intelligence agency in the world. [We hope you don’t have any data that you need to hide from these agencies 😛 ] 

5. TorGuard


If you’re looking for an affordable VPN that is dependable and can go a long way, then look no further than TorGuard. TorGuard is known for its ability to protect web traffic and your online activities. 

Though TorGuard is nowhere connected to Tor Browser, it sure is a state of the art when it comes to providing great features at a small cost. TorGuard comes with 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPV6/WebRTC, leak blocking, and a dedicated kill switch which is a necessity. 

When you are looking forward to streaming online visual content, you need the speed that does not let your video and hence your enjoyment buffer; for that the TorGuard hosts more than 3000 servers in more than 50 countries around the globe. With several servers spread around, TorGuard is considered one of the best VPN services for torrenting. 

Best things to watch on Disney Plus in Singapore

  • Mulan (2020)
  • Saving Mr. Banks (2013) 
  • Avatar (2009)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
  • Apollo: Missions to the Moon (2019)
  • Old Yeller (1957)
  • The Jungle Book (2016)
  • ALL MCU MOVIES [None of them is less than the Best]


Is Disney Plus available in Singapore? 

No, Disney Plus is not yet available in Singapore. You can not access the content through any of its online channels, including Apps and the website. 

Can I use NordVPN to watch Disney Plus in Singapore?

Yes, NordVPN is the best VPN if you want to watch Disney Plus content in Singapore. 

Is Disney Plus free?

No, it is not free. But you can get a seven day trial period which is free of cost (Requires a credit card). 

How much does Disney Plus cost?

Disney Plus costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. You can also bundle Disney Plus with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99 a month, which is about $6 per month less than you’d pay if you subscribed to each service separately.

How many devices can Disney Plus stream?

You can access up to 4 devices simultaneously on a single Disney+ Account.

What devices can stream Disney Plus in Singapore? 

Once you activate your VPN connection, you can access and stream Disney Plus content on most devices including iOS/Android devices, Windows and Macs, Amazon Fire Stick, and other similar devices. 

Is there a Disney Plus app? 

Yes, Disney+ has its dedicated apps on all major platforms; that includes iOS/Android devices, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Chromecast, Firestick, Roku. 

Can I cancel my Disney Plus subscription at any time?

Yes, Disney Plus allows you to cancel your subscription at any point in time. 

Does Disney Plus allow you to download its content? 

Yes, you can download it to watch it later. But it does not allow you to download the content on Windows and Mac platforms. 

What Marvel movies are not on Disney plus?

All MCU Movies are available to watch on Disney Plus, except The Incredible Hulk (2008), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). 

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