15 Best Intercom Alternatives for Customer Messaging in 2021

One of the best live messaging platforms on the internet right now is Intercom. Not only does it allow you to chat with customers in real but it also provides you with the set of right marketing tools in order to keep a track of user interaction in order to close a purchase.

Some of the Intercom features include allowing the business to track and understand consumer behaviour, send in-app messages to users based on their interaction, simple to use message editor, A/B testing to improve the email and in-app message based on the testing results.

Though many businesses are looking for intercom alternatives due to its expensive pricing which has been defined on the basis of total user conversations. Some of the other reasons which make it necessary to check the intercom alternatives include the following.

Though it features a great set of tools and integration with an array of apps and services, it still lacks precision as a tool.

It lacks a freemium model which may be useful in order to check out and try how one can figure out the best way to interact with customers. Besides this, a price tag of $39/month may not fit into everyone’s budget.

Intercom doesn’t seem to excel in terms of creating campaigns. Besides this, the automation doesn’t always work seamlessly.

In case you are looking for an alternative to Intercom, we have put together a list of the top 15 intercom alternatives which you can use in order to communicate and connect with your customers.

15 Best Intercom Alternatives in 2021

1. Acquire

acquire intercom alternativesOne of the best Intercom alternatives is Acquire which is a truly unified platform for customer engagement. Similar to Intercom, the goal of Acquire is to help businesses help interact with the customers and engage them in an effective manner.

The platform aims to deliver the best of customer experience and even turn them to evangelists. Besides this Acquire aims to turn the digital experience into a more humane experience.

The Sales representatives can conduct a face to face meeting with the customer in a matter of clicks using the HD video calling option from Acquire. Take the experience a notch hire, with the screen sharing and co-browsing capacities. Using these features, agents can see a customer’s browser but also control it in order to help them make complex purchase actions.

Key Features:

  • Offers Co-browsing
  • Live Chat
  • Unified Agent Dashboard
  • AI-based chatbot

Pricing: The pricing is available on request.

2. Chat.io

chat.ioChat.io offers a multichannel live chat service for customers. It offers a great alternative to intercom and has been designed to make the most out of every user chat with a minimum effort.

It tries to learn from user conversations and automatically suggest responses in order to speed up customer service, thereby making it a must-try alternative to Intercom. Though it doesn’t offer a free plan, a 14-day trial period is available so that you can check out the platform.

With customers being present on many communication platforms such as social media, email, or SMS, using Chat.io you can chat with users in real-time.

Key Features:

  • File sharing
  • Pre-chat survey
  • Chat rating

Pricing: You can try a free 14-day Trial while the Paid plans start at $10/account per month

3. Drift

DriftThe next on the list of intercom alternatives is Drift. Instead of the conventional marketing and sales platform, Drift is a great app which lets you connect with businesses in order to bring in leads.

Drift makes use of bots in order to work out for you where the bot assistant qualifies visitors from the website, and then it automatically redirects them in order to book meetings.

Key Features:

  • Use of AI
  • Email marketing
  • Offers Personalized messages

Pricing: The basic version is available for Free, while the Standard version starts at $50/month. In case you are looking for The Pro version, it is available at $500/month.

4. Tawk.to

tawk.toMessage your customers instantly using Tawk.to. In case you have no budget for a live customer messaging platform, use Tawk.to in order to work your way through. Using Tawk.to you never have to pay for live chat software as it provides all the basic features for free.

Features of Tawk.to include:

  • Real-time monitoring of website visitors
  • Answer chats from mobile
  • Engage with website visitors
  • Customize visitor widget

However, there is a little catch, Tawk isn’t completely free to use without ads. It generates revenue using Hired Chat Agent services for customers which don’t want to answer chat themselves. In order to use the software, you can get started with the basic functions which are available for free.

Pricing: The basic version is available for Free, while the Paid Plan starts at $9.

5. Deskero

DeskeroDeskero is a simple to use help desk software in order to improve customer engagement. It is a new age help desk software for efficient customer engagement. It brings in new ways to connect with customers including personal conversations via simple and efficient customer support platform.

The platform provides for easily scalable helpdesk applications which are capable of managing customer requests from an array of customer requests in line with the company’s customer service philosophy.

It provides unique multi-channel support where you are able to receive requests from a number of channels such as phone, email, internet and social media, all in a single place.

Key Features:

  • Import requests into a single ticket
  • Configure widgets and integrate it into your website
  • Works on phones and mobile

Pricing: The Pro Plan starts at $9/per agent per month.

6. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQWork your way with this hassle-free live chat software. Improve productivity and collaborate using Zoho SalesIQ to communicate with visitors in real-time.

This alternative to Intercom identifies the customer’s location and initiates conversion based on the triggers generated. The users can even initiate a conversation based on automated triggers and analyze through which source the prospects enter the website.

Zoho helps users create alerts and triggers by applying rules for automated messages. It also offers a custom-build in order to help you align the website’s branding with the ability to work the chat widget by personalizing the theme, message and logo.

Key Features:

  • Minimalist dashboard
  • Measure the performance of a team
  • Offers CMS & e-commerce integration

Pricing: The Free version supports 2 users while the pro-version is available from $7 /user /month.

7. Crisp

CrispUse Crisp to give your customer experience the human touch. One of the main reasons you can prefer Crisp as an Intercom alternative is that its free plan offers features such as basic analytics and live chat.

With the pro plan available at $25/month for up to four agents it provides neat features such as user location map, unlimited chat history, automated triggers and integrations with Facebook Messenger.

Crisp also offers an integrated help desk to allow users to solve their issues on their own. The Live Chat features are simple and fairly intuitive. It offers rich media support for GIFs, video/ audio messages, file attachments and even in chat games.

Key features:

  • Social connect
  • File sharing
  • In chat games to keep your visitor online when you aren’t online to reply

Pricing: The basic version is available for Free, the Pro version starts at $25/month, while the Unlimited version starts at $95/month.

8. Olark

OlarkLet Olark help grow business with every conversation. Similar to Intercom, it focuses on providing a simple user interface for both the customer and the business. Whatever is your business goal – high sales, better services, more leads, Olark offers functional live chat features to help you achieve your business goals.

Olark offers easy customization options to help businesses match the customer queries and provide a seamless experience to the website visitors. This alternative to Intercom provides a detailed live chat report in real-time, so you’re always up to date.

Use live chat transcripts provided by Olark along with a user-friendly interface in order to search, sort and filter relevant insights.

Key Features:

  • Improve business growth with PowerUps
  • Integrations available with major CRMs
  • Database of canned responses for quick and consistent replies

Pricing: The pro plan starts at $12/month/agent and also offers a 2-week free trial.

9. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk ChatStrike up a conversation using Zendesk Chat. It is a veteran tool in the chat service business and got into the business by acquiring Zopim in 2014. They follow the mantra, that a chat is worth a thousand emails. It is a great Intercom alternative which allows businesses to add chat to the website and connect messaging channels in order to start talking with customers instantly.

The chat features by Zendesk offers an array of features such as AI-enabled chatbot, targeted behaviour triggers and the ability to quickly share files with customers to serve them better.,

Key Features:

  • Chat ratings available in order to provide feedback and improve customer response
  • Pre chat forms to fill in the contact information
  • Monitor agent productivity and analyze metrics to gauge customer needs

Pricing: The Free version allows you to have one on one chat, while the premium version starts from $14/month.

10. Freshchat

FreshchatUse Freshchat and turn visitors into leads and engaged users. It is one of the latest additions to the CRM service provider arsenal and is a newer Intercom alternative aimed to help sales teams. Use Freshchat to plan the customer journey, offer customer support and boost customer engagement.

Similar to the majority of Intercom alternatives out there, it kicks off by using boots to help qualify the leads using well-crafted messages.

The Qualified leads are easily taken care of by the service reps which are added by vital information like which customers interact on the website, the navigation path, in order to make conversations that resonate.

Using Freshchat’s integration with Clearbit, your marketing and sales team can collaborate in order to know who they are having a conversation with.

Key Features:

  • Send Priority emails
  • Segment Users
  • Offers Multilingual Messenger

Pricing: The basic version is Free for 10 users, while the paid version starts at $15/month/agent.

11. Skype Web Control

Skype Web ControlAs the name suggests, Skype Web Control offers integration with the Skype chat widget. It allows ease of visitor interaction. Use this tool to customize your Skype chat widget and get started with it using a 2-line code.

The developer tool offers functionalities of a Multi chat platform such as file attachments, text messages and stickers. It further allows you to solve problems quickly using video and voice call features. The developer mode allows previews which are suitable for beginners who look to interact with the visitors. It is incredibly easy to use, has the option to enable free user interaction along with voice or video call features. However, it lacks the high-end tools.

The platform is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Web and Android.

12. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunchIn order to compete against the other Intercom alternatives, HelpCrunch offers unlimited contacts, chat functionality and omnichannel support for a fixed price tag. It also offers a sleek and interactive chat widget user interface similar to Intercom.io.

The platform supports multi-channel messaging and combines all messages under a single roof whether its chat, email or social media. It is possible as the platform automatically gathers all customer data coupled with the chat history in order to provide actionable user insights. Follow up with them using emails and queries in order to provide instant solutions.
However, the only drawback of Helpcrunch is the limitation to add a chat widget to a single platform per agent. It means you’ll be required to add multiple accounts in order to make the messaging reach a wider audience via Android, Web or iOS. There is a limitation to add the chat widget to one platform per agent

It offers a 14-day trial to help you try out the whole experience before to pay for $12/agent per month. In case you need to add automation to the mix, you’ll need to pay $25/agent per month.

Key features:

  • Has a multi-channel messaging
  • Supports Interactive UI
  • Supports Unlimited contacts
  • Gather all personal or behavioral customer data

Pricing: It offers a free 14-day trial while the paid plan starts at $12/agent per month.

13. SendinBlue

SendinBlueThe platform is yet another highly rated alternative to Intercom which puts your entire suite of digital marketing tools in a single place in order to take prompt actions.

It offers tools such as SMS, emails, landing pages and ads. It also ensures that you have quick access to the necessary tools. As a result, you can easily communicate with clients without hassle and get help when required. In terms of offering productivity, it is fully equipped to match the features of Interfom.

SendinBlue uses automation to help you focus on the relevant tasks and put away the less important ones. Thus you are able to get the work done in time, whether it is SMS, email or instant communication with the customers, it helps you tick all the boxes to stay ahead of everyone.

An essential feature of SendinBlue is that it lets you keep a tab on the customer details which plays an essential role in building powerful customer relationships. Based on convenience you can fine-tune the design and improve the deliverability of the transactional emails. In case you need to put more emphasis on the transactional emails and the CRM, SendinBlue is a better option when compared with other Intercom alternatives. The platform though has a steep learning curve. 

Key Features:

  • Offers a robust CRM
  • Has a powerful suite of digital marketing tools
  • Excel in SMS and email marketing
  • Get a more personalized experience

Pricing: The basic version is available for free, while the paid plans start at $25/month.

14. Mailjet

MailjetIn case you are looking for a faster and lightweight alternative to Intercom, try Mailjet. Although it doesn’t have the high-end tools offered by Intercom, it is way more customizable in order to provide a fully personalized experience.

It offers an intuitive interface which hardly requires any learning. So you can communicate with your clients efficiently without the need to get help.

As it comes to streamlining the emails, it has a clear edge over Intercom. It offers transactional email and transaction SMS features to give you the flexibility to communicate over the right medium. Though in terms of integration with third-party tools it lacks versatility.

Based on the workflow, you can combine productivity tools with the chat feature in order to have a more simplified experience. If you are looking to have everything fitted into a single place, Mailjet is the tool. The cons of the tool are that it lacks versatility and integration with a number of tools. 

Key Features:

  • Offers an Intuitive interface
  • Ability to customize
  • Efficiently monitor results
  • Get contact management
  • Integration with Zapier

Pricing: The basic version is available for free, while the premium version starts at $9.65/month.

15. LiveAgent

LiveAgentIn case you’ve been searching for a feature-loaded CRM, then pay heed right away, LiveAGent offers the live chat functionality but besides this also includes social messages, customer care support and ticket management in a single platform. You can add a required account or a number in order to activate some of the functionalities.

LiveAgent also operates a bit differently as compared to Intercom, wherein you don’t just send a message and wait for a reply. Its widget first searches and then connects you to a representative in order to initiate a conversation.

The drawbacks include complex UI which may take some time to get used to and it doesn’t have a freemium model.  There is no free tier to use the app and requires you to spend $29/agent per month.

Key Features:

  • OffersTicket management
  • Chat widget
  • Customer care support

Pricing: The paid plans start at $15/agent per month.

Final Words

As well all know Customer service is king. Using new customer platforms such as Intercom and Drift, customer service is a lot easier and quicker.

You can use chat services such as Zendesk and Olark to quickly communicate, send canned messages and even let customers play games during a chat, in order to boost engagement.

So what are you waiting for? Try out the Intercom alternatives listed above and don’t keep the customers waiting.

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