10 Best InVision Alternatives You Should Switch to Right Now

InVision is one of the best prototyping tools for designers as it simplifies the process of presenting the designs and is effective as compared to sending files in a PDF format. But this app is now becoming a thing of the past with Invision alternatives coming up. Designers look for something more in a tool which has led to the development of Invision competitors.

Why look for InVision Alternatives?

Firstly, the web prototype is very primitive and is basically a slideshow with little interaction option available. Secondly, it only focuses on design feedback. In case you want to get feedback on HTML prototypes and websites, Invision is not the right app to route for.

Thirdly, there is a limitation on the team plan which is available for only 5 team members. Fourthly, in case you’d like to connect with the design draft and get user feedback from people outside the department, the Invision app is not the right choice.

Designers also complain about the limited customer service, lack of responsive features and it doesn’t support wireframe creation and elements modification.

Why look for in an Alternative to InVision

InVision is a popular application for teams performing both app and web design. It is designed to work with teams of all sizes, but it may not be a good fit due to a variety of reasons. The main reasons you might want to consider an alternative to InVision include the following:

1. Lack of intuition

The tool has a steep learning curve and requires some form of training. In case you’re using the tool to communicate with external clients, there can be a little problem.

2. Primitive prototypes and mockups

The prototypes made using InVision are kind of primitive. The mockups lack interactivity, and as the user clicks it is as similar to a presentation.

3. Difficult sharing

While the InVision app is made for sharing the process for providing access looks someone complicated and is unintuitive.

4. The trouble with customer support

The InVision app is incredibly popular but its customer support is somewhat limited which makes it difficult to get answers by users.

Best Invisionapp Alternatives

In case you’re looking for an Invision alternative, here’s a list of some of the most appropriate options out there.

1. MarvelApp

marvelappThe app is touted to be an all-in-one platform which will power design and help to bring the ideas to life. MarvelApp aims to become a one stop shop which gives you everything you require to make the capability of design accessible to everyone. The tool helps users create an interface and wireframe quickly. The design can be interactive without any period coding ability or experience. Once the designs are confirmed it can comfortably be passed to development.

The app makes it possible to collect quick user feedback and ideas about a product. The tool is a great tool for design teams to bridge the gap between development and design teams.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • A lot of functionality
  • Offers integration with other tools


Doesn’t offer online access
You can’t share comments related to project images
Not a robust prototyping tool

2. Filestage

filestageNext tool on the list is Filestage. It offers project managers an efficient way to manage digital projects. The tool has been designed specifically to make it easier to manage videos, graphics as well as marketing projects. It places a huge emphasis on simplicity and user interface. Filestage offers an intuitive experience which makes it easy for both internal and external users to communicate easily. The usability of the tool makes it a great Invision alternative. You are sure to find the ease of use in this tool and master the complicated feedback process. With a smoother feedback process, you’ll be able to save more time and increase efficiency.


  • Excellent version control
  • Simple to add new colleagues and clients
  • Improved task management capabilities


  • Lacks a desktop and mobile app

3. Adobe XD

adobe XDAdobe XD is available for businesses of all sizes. The tool provides an array of features which includes auto animation, repeat grid, responsive resize and a lot more to help creative teams with help in content design.

In case you’re looking for a tool embedded in the Adobe ecosystem, this tool is for you. This makes it quite easy to use it as an alternative to InVision. Adobe XD offers almost which a UI or UX designer requires.

The Artboard feature makes it easy for the design professionals to create a number of pages, whether they are required for desktop or mobile.


  • Wide range of prototyping features available
  • Offers a value of money
  • Easy to share prototypes


Reliance on plugins can end in problems
Doesn’t offer export to Sketch
Limited design tool options as compared to its alternatives

4. HotGloo

hotglooIt is another prototyping application designed specifically for people who prefer to work online. HotGloo is a web-based platform which offers an array of features, such as team collaboration and feedback.

The prototypes created using HotGloo are entirely interactive while the wireframes are functional on both desktop and mobile. The features will help give you and the team members to get an idea of what the final product looks like.

HotGloo packs similar functionality as Invision but is a lot cheaper. In case you have a large team, these savings can be significant over a period.


  • Interactive prototypes
  • Sharing options with clients
  • Easy to resize and position


  • Lacks a clean user interface
  • The trial isn’t long to give users a proper introduction
  • Has a steep learning curve

5. Zeplin

zeplin It is a design collaboration platform which has been designed for designers and developers to work together. The tools help to achieve the goal of cooperation in order to speed up the workflow. Zeplin makes it easy for designers to hand off the designs as well as style guides to the colleagues without causing confusion. This tool keeps track of accurate specifications and assets which can be used by the developers. In case you’re concerned about cooperation between designers and developers, this tool is a good Invision alternative. Besides this, it also offers the ability to create CSS styles.


  • Offers cross-platform application
  • Speed up the collaborative process
  • Strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity


  • Can get difficult to user
  • New users require prior training
  • Rigid pricing structure

6. Proto.io

proto.ioIt is one of the best prototyping applications which helps the designers to create interactive, animated and other prototypes without requiring any coding. The features are easier for designers in order to create versatile mockups.Photo.io is a tool which offers a strong focus on interactivity which is absent in InVision. This feature is critical for the success of your project and you might find it a natural fit for your needs.

It is also compatible with a range of editors for vectors as well as other tools. There is a good chance that Proto.io will fit alongside the existing online proofing tools.


  • An array of advanced features
  • Simultaneously build projects
  • Create micro-interactions


  • Difficult to share components between projects
  • Pricey as compared to its competitors
  • Has a steep learning curve

7. Flinto

flintoIt is an application for Mac which helps designers to create interactive prototypes, This tool supports a range of functionalities which includes real-time preview, sound effects and more. It is an alternative to Invision for those who are developing applications and require a more robust tool. Flinto is simple to use for design professionals who have prior app-development experience.

It also allows users to edit texts and vectors.


  • Simple and user-friendly experience
  • Helps designers to understand prototypes
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Yearly payments
  • Lacks proper sharing tools
  • Animation software can take some time

8. Moqups

moqupsIt is a visual collaboration tool which brings in a range of different functionalities such as think, plan as well as communicate.

Moqups offers diagrams, whiteboard and design features. The features help designers to create a range of documents such as mockups, wireframes and diagrams. One of its biggest flexibility is the app’s strength which differentiates it from InVision. In case you’re looking to unleash your creativity and share it with others, Moqups is the right tool for you.


  • Gives the client a real introduction
  • Simple to use
  • New Users can get started quickly


  • Offers monthly package
  • Feedback isn’t shown directly on each design
  • Can be expensive based on the needs

9. Mockplus

mockplusIt is a powerful prototyping tool which gives designers the ability to design faster and smarter, thanks to the popup panel and more. Mockplus offers a range of templates to get started and save time. With its drag-and-drop functionality, designers can quickly expedite the design process.

It offers designers a faster way to work as compared to InVision. In case of time is of the essence, and you need to make fast around, you might want to consider Mockplus.


  • Offers a simple and clean UI
  • Free version available
  • Save on cloud


  • More expensive as compared to others
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Premium features are locked behind a paywall

10. Balsamiq

balsamiqThe aim of Balsamiq is to help anybody breathe life into their apps and websites. The platform achieves the goal by offering the team with rapid wireframing capabilities.

Balsamiq helps team collaboration. Version control is the key to provide project orders, while user testing is a great way in order to create wireframes. You can use both cloud and desktop apps. The level of flexibility offers a great alternative to Invision will empower you to work efficiently.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful search function
  • Helpful default icon sets


  • Limited expertise available
  • Restrictive built-in shape
  • Lacks font options

The Bottomline

So, there you have it, folks! We’ve picked out some of the best Invision alternatives. Mockups and Wireframes are easy to be handled when you work with tools such as AdobeXD. Such tools are packed with functionality and easy to work with the user interface. You can also try the MarvelApp to quickly collect user feedback.

Let us know in the comments section which tool you are interested in using and are currently working with.

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