10 Best Lip Sync Apps For Android And IOS

With the rise and downfall of Tik Tok, the number of people fascinated by lip sync apps has greatly increased. Lip synch which was primarily used in movies can now be available on your android and ios. If you are one of those fascinated by easy and engaging content creation by lip-synch apps then you’ve reached the place. Following the TikTok ban by various countries because of privacy concerns many content creators were greatly disappointed. The ban raised the competition for these lip sync apps. There is a plethora of quality-built, rising, and popular apps for you to try.

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Use these lip sync apps to keep up your creativity and try all these new songs in your videos. Even if you never tried to lip-synch before you must try these apps once. Who knows, maybe you find a new, hidden creative side of you, these apps are easy to use and do not require much for your smartphone’s hardware and you. Just open your camera, select a pre-loaded, pre-recorded song, and sing along. Some apps also offer easy-use video editing features in them to make the content attractive. In this article you’ll find the top 10 lip-synch apps that deliver quality with ease in your Androids and iOS:

Best Lip Sync Apps

1. StarMaker

This lip-synch app is widely popular with 100 Million plus download on the google play store. The app has a large collection of songs ranging from Hip, R & B, and Folk, etc. With high-quality music, useful audio effects, and video filters you can get a Perfect video in seconds. You can also sing songs together within groups of friends or make a duet with famous artists. The app allows the live broadcast of videos and other features to analyze reach.

With a user-friendly interface, the apps become easy to use backed by millions of songs both local and international. You can use voice effects to accentuate the videos along with filters like vintage, distant, Vinyl, etc. The audio features help you refine the recorded audio by making pitch corrections. The app has videos of other users available for you to like, comment, and send gifts to make new friends with the same taste. Download and use this lip sync for free from google play store and apple app store, and get creative.

2. Instagram

This popular app by Facebook inc. has dominated social media for a decade now. It’s a new update that revolutionized social media by introducing Instagram reels. The 1 Billion downloads on the google play store speak for its popularity, reliability, and efficacy in content creation. While other lip sync apps are popular but still require sharing on social media platforms for reach. This app in itself provides everything a singing artist may need.

The app is trusted with its privacy and user-interface worldwide and is easy to use. You can just switch to reel in the lower tab and start recording with millions of songs. With reel, you get extra video filters and quality music choices. By making lip sync videos you can boost your Instagram account along with posting pictures and videos. Getting famous comes easy with Instagram reels and other Instagram features. Download this app from the Apple app store and Google play store for free.

3. Likee – Let You Shine

Used by many YouTubers, famous social media influencers, this app has 9million plus downloads and a large number of positive reviews. This lip-sync app provides more features and any other app making content creation easy and swift. Regularly updated with new features, it’s latest AI Face swap feature is like a cherry on the cake. This lip-sync app is used for creating a variety of videos like food exploration, infotainment, life hacks, etc. 

The User-interface of the app has improved a lot from the earlier versions and the latest one works wonders. You can literally make an appealing video in just one minute or less. You can also explore the app and works of other creators for both inspirational and entertainment purposes. Give them a like, comment, and make friends if you want. This app has a creator program for new users to make them equipped with the skills required for content creation. Also, make money with its creator reward feature along with gaining a fan base. 

This lip-sync app is available for both Android and iOS on the Play store and app store for free, You can also make in-app purchases to boost your career in content creation. 

4. Dubsmash

This lip-sync app with 100 million downloads on the google play store is rising in popularity day by day. The app uses an advanced algorithm that promotes creativity and variety in what reaches you. You can text to connect people in the app, like and comment on the other artist’s posts and make friends. It has an explore tab customized to your liking which helps you find the latest trending videos. 

You can create a profile with a bio to let people know you and check out your content.

To make a lip-sync video just upload and use sounds available in the app or from your personal collection. You can add stickers, filters, texts to make them unique and attractive. You can post the video on Dubsmash to make a following or can share it on other social media platforms. Get new ideas, inspiration, and contribute to the app as well as for yourself using all features. Get this app for free on the Apple app store and Google play store and fuel your creativity. 

5. MX TakaTak

This lip-sync app by MX media which is known for MX video players has 50M+ downloads on the Play store. Though new in the lip-synch field this app is best for short videos with local and international songs, dialogues, etc. This new rising lip-synch app can be the key to your popularity. Not just make but also edit videos on this app and add stickers and texts for better content. Primarily for India, this app is gaining popularity in other countries also with its simple design.

The app has more than 6 million popular influencers who make their living through content creation. Start with this lip-synch app and make creative videos. You can watch and explore videos by famous influencers for new ideas and learn required content creation skills. It has videos ranging from Food, sports, dubbing, lip-synch to comedy and funny edits. Make videos to get likes and followers or upload them on other social media platforms to increase reach, Get this app for free on Google Play Store and Apple app store and join the community.

6. MuStar

This lip-synch app has 100k+ plus download on the google play store. Though it has fewer users than usual apps, this app is kid-friendly. It has a large collection of sound for different music platforms. The app has videos primarily made for and by kids and is full of dance videos with cool effects. You can find popular songs to create lip-synch, dub, or dance videos.

The app has a video editing feature that helps you create captivating lip-synch videos using music and photos. The video editor has glitch editing features, slow motion, stickers, video emoji effect, and texts. Videos are created without fuss with its simple design without compromising quality. The variety of editing options totally change a simple lip-synch video to an entertainer and popular video. You can make logs on the app and import photos from Instagram, Facebook, add a transition to get HD quality videos. Download for free from Google Play Store and Apple app store with in-app purchases. 

7. Zoomerang 

This professionally used lip-sync app has 10 M+ downloads on the play store. The app is widely used by content creators of Tik Tok and Instagram. It comes with tutorial videos that let you learn the basics of content creation on the app. Unlike most apps, this one does not require registration and you do not need an email for using it. The app has a large music base and is constantly updated along with tutorials.

By watching tutorials and using the app accordingly you can easily make a difficult video and increase your following. This lip-synch app has 100+ effects, stickers, and video emojis. The lip-synch feature is easy to use, there are many tutorials available on lip-synch videos and editing. This lip-sync app is available on Google play store and Apple app store. Though the app is free to download and use, you can boost your creation speed and efficiency by getting a Zoomerang pro account, Get the account only after a free trial by paying a premium.

8. Triller

This lip-sync app by Triller LLC has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple app store with 100+ k reviews. This lip-sync app is primarily a social video platform with a variety of videos. This app is widely popular among famous artists like Eminem and Justin Bieber. This app has millions of songs by famous and rising music artists. Use this music and other features to make quality content and increase the fan base.

The app is simple to use and requires less than a minute to create a famous video. Just shoot some clips, edit them using 100+ filters, music and stickers and get a video you can share. The app has many videos by other creators like challenges, dance, lip-sync, or music videos. You can follow famous artists to stay updated with trends and find ideas. You can also share these videos on other social media platforms. Compatible with both Android and iOS this app can be downloaded for free from the Play store and apple store. 

9. Funimate

With more than 10 million downloads on the google play store, this lip-synch app is decently popular among influencers. This app is used for making videos to post on other popular social media platforms. This app is easy to use and does not require expertise in content creation. A large number of editing options available allow easy sync video making. This app has 100+ cool video effects. You can even create your own effect using pictures from your gallery.

The music combined with edited video delivers catchy lip sync videos. You can also add emoji, stickers, and texts to keep the audience entertained. The app allows video looping and classic video editing. You can upload edited videos to contribute to the Funimate community as well as make a fan base. This lip-synch app is free to download and use and is available on both Google Play Store and Apple app store.

10. Tokcrazy

This lip-sync app is an exception and only the early access version of the app is available on the Google play store. Starting with the built and design, the app has a stable built and attractive design and logo. You can create a profile in the app and follow, get a following. The app currently has limited users but has good features. This new lip-sync app can be the start of your career as a content creator.

It has a discovery feature to connect and watch other crater’s videos. The app is still under development but offers great features and a large number of songs. Video editing is also possible in this app with lyrics display. Get free early access to this app on the play store for your Androids.


These lip-synch apps have changed, started, and propelled many trends through creative videos. Many famous influencers, YouTubers, and content creators were once new to the app and now have millions of followers. They have made their living through these apps. Not just for professional use people also create memories with their favorite songs using this app. These apps are time-efficient and easy to use. Take a small step towards creativity and creation and try these apps. Invest little time, connect with the world, and maybe even get famous!


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