20 Must-Have SaaS Tools to Grow Your Business

There are an array of SaaS tools which are available online to help your business increase customer retention and decrease the churn. While a vast number of tools are available, only some of them provide the required insights which can be used in order to boost your business. Ranging from optimizing to customer relationship management, there’s a tool suited to meet all your SaaS needs. And if there is a tool to help you increase your business, why not take advantage of it?

What are the SaaS tools which companies require?

The tools required by SaaS include the following:

1. Retention of subscribed customers

Unlike other businesses, the SaaS businesses focus on customers paying a monthly or annual fee for the subscription. The subscription businesses rely on recurring revenue from its subscribers, so retaining the customers is crucial to keep the business alive.

2. Growth in revenue

Whether it is marketing to the new customers or retaining new customers, the SaaS companies required ways to increase the revenue rate consistently. By utilizing the right tools, tracking of customer growth is easier.

3. Simplification of accounts

Accounting can become a pain, due to deferred revenue and other delayed revenue being a common occurrence. Having accounting software will help to keep the revenue assets organized and provide a seamless accounting experience in order to help your company grow.

4. Provide better insights

Analytical tools show companies about the customer’s usage, measurement of advertising ROI and applications to reveal the areas in which you are succeeding and which require an improvement.

5. Avoiding an overuse

There are a number of great tools available, but choose to build a toolbox which isn’t that heavy i.e holds items which are truly required. While deciding on the tool to be chosen, some of the questions which you need to be asking include:

  • Will this tool reduce the time to perform a task? If the tool increases efficiency then use it, if it doesn’t, then it’s not worth the effort.
  • Will this tool uncover some additional metrics which aren’t otherwise known? If the tool can track and uncover new metrics, it’s worth making an investment. If it just reaffirms the metrics already known, it isn’t required.
  • Will it help improve quality and efficiency? If the tool increases efficiency and quality it should be looked at.
  • Does a tool’s ROI make it worth it? A tool should help to grow a business. In case you find that the money you spend on a tool isn’t fetching your desired results, it’s probably trying to take a look at some different tool.
  • Does it have proper security and encryption? As data security plays a critical role for your company, you require a tool which provides ample security and offers strict authentication.
  • Does the tool offer support services when required? Sometimes, the software doesn’t cooperate in case you encounter an error. In case you’re looking to take up a new tool, make sure that it has a responsive customer support system in case you face any problem.

Let’s take a look at some of the best SaaS tools:

1. Ubersuggest

UbersuggestIt is free to use SEO tool which specializes in the creation of thousands of keyword suggestions and long-tail phrases. Using the data collected from Google’s Keyword planner, it provides you with keyword ideas which are similar to Google searches.

Finding the right keyword and making your plans around it, can work wonders for your brand. Using the tool, you’ll have an edge over your competitors as you’ll have the list of keyword ideas that people are using and typing into Google.

2. Canva

CanvaThe use of images play a big role in completing the copy. You can use Canva in order to get the required imagery. It is not only free to use but it allows you to create and customize your designs for social media, projects, brochures, business material in just a matter of minutes. You aren’t required to be a pro, it is the basic drag and drop which you are required to do in order to easily create graphics.

It is a user-friendly software which can be used for photo editing and has been designed in order to change or modify the photo or image with different filters, tints, shades and brightness. Canva offers thousands of fonts and templates for you to choose from.

3. Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsOne of the free to use websites is Google Analytics and can be considered one of the most used digital analytics software today. As you set up a Google Analytics Account, it provides an in-depth analysis of data collection and about the tentative people who visit your website. Besides this, it also reveals data related to the country, gender and interest from where the audience is reaching your website.

It also provides data related to the percentage of bounce rate of a website, which means, the web’s traffic analysis related to the people who enter and leave the website after visiting a single page rather than browsing the website continuously. It will give valuable insight related to what will work and what doesn’t work which will prompt you to create a business successful.

4. Zoho

ZohoEverybody is on social media now and if you’re looking for powerful Social Media Management software, to grow your social media engagements, then Zoho is the right platform for you. It is a useful software that helps business companies to boost and increase their social media presence and reach out to millions of people across the globe. It is the easiest way to run, manage and advertise your business brands on social media networks and works great on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

It works efficiently even if you’re a small, medium or large business enterprise.

Make your customers stay engaged and involved by giving them a time-to-time about the latest trend that you offer and promote it all over your social media platforms.

5. QRTiger

QRTigerIn case you haven’t been using QR codes for your business, you are losing out on relevant opportunities.

These days using a QR code has become essential for the success of your business. In fact, a lot of companies have started to use this technology now. A QR code is a 2D version of a barcode which can store various information such as a file, Vcard or a URL. It can be accessed conveniently using the camera’s smartphone or a QR reading app.

Creating a QR code is quick and easy, and once set for your business, it can be used to instantly boost customer engagement and experience. QRTiger is loaded with a lot of functionally and most notably the social media QR code. The app’s Multi-URL QR code has won the product of the day by Product Hunt making it one of the best QR code generators to track data. QR codes made on the SaaS platform result in a 30% increase of scans than any other QR code.

Some of the other ways to use the app include:

  • Use the Social media QR code to increase social media following
  • Promote your products
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Connect directly via Wi-fi using a QR code

6. HubSpot

hubspotOne of the most used software services when it comes to sales and marketing is. It has been designed particularly in order to help business, organizations and teams in order to deliver efficiency inbound marketing as well as sales strategies. Hubspot is advantageous to use and allows an all in one marketing tool in order to provide the following:

  • Content management
  • Customer support
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web analytics
  • Social media marketing

Using such SaaS tools, the organization is bound to run smoothly and has more chances to grow.

7. SimplyBook.me

SimplyBook.meIt is a great online service booking software which works with all kinds of service-based companies. Besides this the platform allows you to personalize the design booking page by setting up the desired colour, logo and choosing the desired template. When a booking appointment has been made, the client will automatically receive a notification.

SimplyBook allows you to have full control over the booking system while letting customers experience quality service. It allows you to have complete control over the booking process and makes it convenient for the page administrator.

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix24This one of the SaaS tools which allows you to effectively organize and manage teams in order to make sure that the task is done in an orderly manner. Bitrix allows you to work and handle different aspects of daily responsibility such as documents, files projects, duties and many more such things.

You can start using it right after registering and setting up the account. It will provide a smooth workflow for all your workers and teammates.

9. Toggl

TogglIt is a time tracking tool which is required for time tracking which makes it essential for every team, company, business and freelancer. You can use Toggl to track time and determine the amount of time spent by you on a particular task or project and how much time you consume when it comes to working on a particular task.

10. Calendly

CalendlyOne of the SaaS tools, in order to manage your day to day meetings, events and appointments in a stress-free manner, is Calendly. A platform is a tool which helps you understand and set up schedules online.

Use Calendly, in order to eliminate the requirement of having to read consecutive email, calls and set up interviews using the Calendly account.

By using this tool, you can create the availability of the schedule and your contact will see the date and time of the schedule. Besides this, it will provide them with the choice to choose their desired time and date thereby eliminating any confusion of time.

11. Wix

WixBuilding a website for your business can be a stressful activity, though it is required to help you boost sales. As we live in a digital age, having a website is a must.

One of the popular tools, in order to build a website, is Wix. It is a tool which allows you to build an online store with their impressive layouts. Wix will make your website stand out. The Wix Editor makes the operations easy and effortless. By creating your own website you can easily start rendering your services or selling the products you have to offer.

12. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HRIt is one of the advanced SaaS tools which provides services similar to a human resource quality service software. Bamboo is beneficial in case you are looking for skilled personnel in your company. You can use this software in order to make the job hiring process easy and manageable. It also allows you to create and post any upcoming jobs, schedule employment interviews and view a candidate’s profile in order to make hiring decisions easier.

In case you are looking to hire someone for your team, use the Bamboo HR software which provides the right tools in order to provide a powerful recruitment automation system.

Besides this, you can easily advance potential candidates for screening based on their academics, accomplishments, qualifications and score.

13. Xero

XeroIt is an online accounting service software which allows you to understand and then analyze the overall health of your business. Xero allows you to track data related to your business income and enables you to check the cash flow and usage of resources by the company.

It is ideally good for the small and medium-sized businesses with the aim to help them get a better understanding of how to manage their finances. The tool will help you to make sound business decisions when it comes to dealing with your finances. Besides this, Xero makes it easy for you to manage your account wherever you are.

14. Piwik

PiwikPiwik is one of the leading SaaS tools and is a web analytics software which can be considered an alternative version of Google Analytics. It is a downloadable analytics software which provides detailed reports for the website traffic which includes search engines, keywords used to visit the website, pages liked, languages used and the files downloaded.

15. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk ChatNext on the list of must-have SaaS tools is Zendesk chat. It can be considered one of the easiest ways to help solve the user’s problems and reach them the right way via live chat. Zendesk is a platform which helps agents in order to track down and solve the customer problems via message, calls or emails. The software has been designed for companies which look to have an advanced, cutting edge customer service while solving the customer needs quickly.

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16. GoToMeetingGoToMeeting

This tool provides the features to conduct meetings and collaborate online via video conferencing for customers, clients and colleagues via the internet, to make you feel like they are in the same room.

GoToMeeting is used by millions across the globe which makes it easier to get in touch with the contacts and increases accessibility in a matter of minutes. It provides quick access and online sharing to people even in remote areas. It is being used by millions of people globally to make screen sharing more effective.

17. ProofHub

ProofHubIt is a communication and collaboration tool to make your projects, assignments and tasks easier. Proofhub is best suited for the teams in order to ensure better work management.

It helps the team members to create to-do lists, discuss plans, communicate work projects and manage everything at a single place. Using this software, you can bring the entire team together in order to get the work done faster.

18. Time Doctor

Time DoctorOne of the ways to ensure that the organization is working productively is by using Time Doctor. It can be considered an essential software which provides detailed insights about how you spend time on a particular activity. Besides this it also tracks and records the time being spent on applications, websites and internet usage.

In this way, you’ll be able to see how your time is being used and identify any weakness in order to improve them for your team members to make sure of the time.

19. Hubstaff

HubstaffHubstaff is a tool to track work and can be used by teams, organizations and colleagues in order to manage time. The tool monitors and regulates the time being spent on a particular project and allows you to view the time you consume on a particular activity. It allows the team to work smart via scheduling activities, reporting, monitoring, GPS tracking, time tracking and much more.

20. FreshChat

FreshChatDealing with your customers and solving their problem is easiest through live chat software and FreshChat is one of the tools to help get the job done. It allows you to solve the customer’s problems with the desired accuracy.

Businesses these days have realized the importance of timely customer service and FreshChatt provides businesses to offer the required services to the clients and customers wherever they require. Besides this, clients always prefer to engage with businesses via live chat due to the ease of access it brings along.


Using tools such as Google Analytics for tracking numbers, Canva for visuals and Calendly you can ensure proper time tracking. A combination of the essential SaaS tools will help your business to improve efficiency and productivity in order to reach newer heights.

Let us know which is your favourite SaaS tool in the comments section.

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