11 Best SIEM Tools For Real-Time Incident Response And Security

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management system which provides real-time analysis of security alerts using applications. It includes systems for Security log management, security event correlation, security information management and log management. SIEM tools work in the area of Security Event Management as well as Security Information Management.

Security event management can help perform threat evaluation and monitoring, incident response and event correlation. It performs the function of collecting, analyzing and reporting of log data.

How does SIEM software work?

A SIEM software works by gathering the security log data which is generated by an array of sources such as host systems and security devices such as antivirus and firewalls. The second step is to process this data into a standard format. With a standard format, the next step is to perform an analysis for identifying and categorizing incidents. Hence, the alerts are generated in case a security issue has been identified. Besides this, SIEM software provides reports which are related to security events.

Let’s take a look at the best SIEM tools to help to tackle security incidents.

List of Best SIEM Tools

1) Datadog

DatadogIt is Security Monitoring which helps you to secure your stack with real-time threat detection. You can set up security integrations within minutes. Apply detection rules without a query language and correlate security signals in order to investigate any suspicious activity.

The SIEM tool unifies the operations, developers and security teams into a single platform. With a single dashboard, Datadog develops business metrics, devops content and security content, and detects threats in real-time, investigating security alerts across the infrastructure metrics and logs.

Key Features:

The SIEM software offers around 400+ vendor backed integrations, security monitoring and lets you collect metrics and traces from the entire stack.

With the detection rules on Datadog, it provides a powerful way to detect security threats and any suspicious behaviour within real-time.

You can start detecting threats within minutes of default, edit and customize rules with the simple rules editor in order to meet the organizational goals – no query language is required. Easily break down the silos between developers, operations and security teams via Datadog Security Monitoring.

2) SolarWinds SIEM Security and Monitoring

SolarWinds SIEM SecurityIt is best suited for Small, Medium, and Large businesses. SolarWindes offers a free trial for 30 days with the prices for premium starting at $4665 for a one-time fee. It offers a solution in order to provide for threat detection for the on-premise network via log and event managers. SolarWinds has features of USB devices and automated threat remediation. The log and event manager has new features such as node management, log forwarding, events console and increased storage limit

Features of SolarWinds include the following:

  • Perform advanced search and forensic analysis.
  • Faster identification of threats with event time detection of suspicious activity.
  • It offers regulatory compliance readiness and supports PCI, DSS, DISA, SOX, STIG.
  • Maintains continuous monitoring and security.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

It doesn’t have a complex security suite and provides good capabilities and features for threat detection and can be considered a good solution for SMEs.

3) Splunk Enterprise SIEM

Splunk Enterprise SIEMIt is also considered one of the best SIEM tools for Small, Medium, and Large businesses. Splunk provides a free trial of the product but the trial differs as per the product. In order to get the premium product, you can get a quote for them. As per the reviews, the license of the SIEM software will cost $6000 for 500MB per day for a perpetual license. If you need a term license it is available for $2000 per year.

The software provides for improved security operations such as asset investigator, customizable dashboards, statistical analysis, incident review, and investigation. Splunk features of risk scores, and alerts and provides security services to the financial services, public sectors and healthcare.

Features of Splunk Enterprise include:

  • Workability with any machine data even from the cloud or on-premise
  • Automation of actions and workflows for the quick response.
  • The capability of event sequencing
  • Quicker detection of malicious threats

In order to provide actionable and predictive insights, the software makes use of AI and ML. Dashboard and visualization is also customizable.

4) IBM Security QRadar

IBM Security QRadarIBM Security QRadar is best suited for medium and large businesses. In order to get the price, you can get a quote from IBM Security QRadar. As per the online reviews, the price starts at $800 per month, while for the virtual appliance, the price starts at $10,700. You can take up the free trial for 14 days.

IBM Security QRadar is a market-leading SIEM platform, which provides security monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure through log data collection, event correlation, and threat detection.

What it allows you is to prioritize security alerts by using threat intelligence as well as vulnerabilities databases. IBM Security QRadar has an inbuilt risk management solution which supports integration with IDS/IPS, antivirus as well as access control systems.

It is an extendable SOC core which can be enriched using additional functionality and plugging useful applications available at IBM Security App Exchange portal.

Features of the SIEM tool includes the following:

  • Highly scalable and versatile platform with out-of-the-box functionality and presets for different use cases.
  • Behavioral profiling technology and advanced rule correlation engine.
  • The sold ecosystem of IBM integration with third-party vendors.
  • It offers numerous features for data collection, network activity, log activity and assets. It also provides support to Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

5) AlienVault USM

AlienVault USMAlienVault is best suited for any size of business. It offers three pricing ie the Essential which starts at $1075 per month, Standard $1695 per month, and the Premium $2595 per month. The Essential plan works best for the Small IT teams, Standard plan is available for IT security teams, and the Premium plan is best suited for those IT security teams who are looking to meet the PCI DSS audit requirements.

It is the only platform having multiple security capabilities and has an asset discovery, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, inventory, SIEM event correlation, log management, complicated reports and email alerts. AlienVault makes use of lightweight sensors and can be used by MSSPs to tailor security services offerings.

Features of AlienVault include the following:

  • Offers automated asset discovery features which can be used in a dynamic cloud environment
  • The endpoints will be monitored continuously for threats and configuration issues.
  • AWS configuration issues and identification of vulnerabilities.
  • Deploys faster to automate threat hunting.
  • It is the platform for threat detection, compliance management and can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment.

6) LogRhythm

LogRhythmThis software works best for medium-sized organizations. You can get a price quote for the high-performance software solution and the Enterprise licensing program. Though, according to online reviews, the prices are pegged at $28000.

The SIEM tool provides the next-generation SIEM solution for problems such as alarm fatigue, fragmented workflows, lack of automation, lack of metrics to understand maturity, and segmented threat detection.

Features of LogRhythm include the following:

  • Process the unstructured data and will provide a consistent and normalized view.
  • Supports Windows and Linux OS.
  • Based on AI-based technology.
  • Supports a wide range of devices and logs.
  • The platform has features and functionalities from behavioral analysis to AI and log correlation.

7) RSA NetWitness

RSA NetWitnessThe RSA NetWitness is available at the starting price of $857 per month for a term license. The rates are applicable for an enterprise. It makes use of data sources such as RSA NetWitness Network, RSA NetWitness UEBA, RSA NetWitness logs and Orchestrator.

In order to have a definitive response, it provides automation and orchestration capabilities. For this purpose, it connects with incidents over time and identifies the scope of the attack. It helps the analysts to eradicate the threats before it impacts their business.

Features of RSA NetWitness include the following:

  • Performs real-time enrichment using the threat intelligence and business context.
  • Help analysts during the investigation by making security data more useful.
  • Automatically extract the threat of relevant metadata using specialized algorithms.
  • Get Complete incident management.
  • Provides flexibility in deployment partially or fully virtualized.

The platform provides unmatched benefits, advanced threat detection and unmatched visibility. In case of extensive metadata, it works with different sources to extract threat-relevant metadata.

8) Micro Focus ArcSight

Micro Focus ArcSightThis tool is best suited for any type of business. Micro Focus offers a free trial to help you gauge its functioning. It offers features such as distributed correlation and cluster view. It is good as it supports over 500 device types in order to analyze data and is available for software, appliance, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

Features include the following:

  • Provides distributed correlation combining SIEM correlation engine and distributed cluster technology.
  • Provides integration with machine learning and intelligence platforms.
  • Makes use of agents or connectors as it supports more than 300 connectors.

It is a scalable solution which meets the demands of security requirements and is good at blocking threats.

9) Securonix

SecuronixSecuronix is best suited for small, medium, and large businesses.

In order to get the price, you can request a quote. It is the next-gen SIEM tool to collect data. detect advanced threats, and to deal with threats quickly. Securonix is a scalable platform based on Hadoop and will be delivered in the cloud as a service. It allows you to export the visualized data using standard data formats.

Features of Securonix include the following:

  • User and entity behavior analytics, including automation, threat hunting and security orchestration.
  • To make an intelligent and automated incident response, it makes use of the Securonix Response Bot.
  • Based on artificial intelligence.

It is a machine learning-based platform and eliminates Complex threats using behavior analytics and machine learning.

10) McAfee ESM

McAfee ESMFree trial of this tool is available and you can get a quote for the premium version. It provides you with real-time visibility for the activities on networks, databases, applications and networks.

McAfee provides products related to security such as Advanced Correlation Engine, Application Data Monitor, Global threat intelligence for Enterprise Security Manager, McAfee Investigator, Enterprise Log Manager and Event Receiver,

Features of the tool include the following:

  • It comes with advanced analytics and can detect threats easily.
  • Ensures the Dynamic presentation of data.
  • Presents actionable data for investigating, containing and adapting for importing alerts.
  • Data can be monitored and analyzed from a broad heterogeneous security infrastructure.
  • Has an open interface.
  • It is one of the popular SIEM tools out there and confirms the system security by running via active directory records.

11) EventTracker

It can be considered one of the best SIEM tools for small, medium, and large businesses. It is the platform having multiple capabilities such as Log Management, SIEM, threat detection, response, User and behaviour analysis, automation, security orchestration and compliance. It comes with a customizable dashboard and automated workflows. EventTracker also provides for scalable view for small screens.

Features of the software include the following :

  • Generate rule-based alerts in real-time.
  • Performs real-time processing which will be helpful for behavior analysis and correlation.
  • Get 1500 pre-defined security and compliance reports.
  • Provides a single pane of glass for SOC.
  • Allows you to pre-configured alerts for security and operational conditions.
  • The solution is useful in industries such as banking and finance, higher education, retail as well as healthcare and can be deployed via cloud.


So we have seen some of the top SIEM tools along with their reviews and comparisons. Most of them offer a trial while the pricing is available on request. Some of the top SIEM tools include SolarWinds and Splunk. McAfee is also one of the popular SIEM software which offers prioritized alerts and dynamic data presentation.

A good source of ingestion is ArcSight ESM which is available on the appliance, AWS, Azure and software. On the other hand, QRadar supports Linux and focuses on critical incidents. AlienVault has multiple security features and provides automated asset discovery.

EventTracker offers multiple capabilities with features such as customizable dashboard and automated workflows.

Let us know, which tool makes real-time incident response and security management work.

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