What Is A Text Mail Subscriber? Everything You Should Know

Sometimes you might get a call from an unknown number that you might not receive. Have you tried calling this number? On calling back, you might hear- “text mail subscriber is not available”. 

What does this mean? You might even get no answer with no voice tone. 

Well, let’s dive deeper into the text mail subscriber and everything that you should know about it. 

Is Text Mail Subscriber Scam? 

What Is Text Mail Subscriber?

A Text Mail Subscriber is a person that makes calls through the internet. You might receive these calls from the internet. 

In other words, a text mail; subscriber is a person that has agreed to receive the text emails. In general, emails are sent through email clients such as MIME or ESPs.

Some email clients provide support for varying content that includes multi-part messages, media or links. But few wish to receive only the plain text in their email. 

As text mail subscribers are the users that would only want to receive the plain text email. Hence, these ESPs can be used to send the email and convert the large email with multi parts into the text-only format.

Even if you leave a voice message, the ESP would change the voice text into plain readable text. 

One of the most common questions that users pose is: Is Text Mail Subscriber Scam? 

Is Text Mail Subscriber a Scam Artist?

text email subscriber

Honestly, there is no guarantee of 100% safety on the Internet. Some text mails might be scam whereas some might be not. 

It is important to do some research about the company and read their reviews online. Also, the rule of thumb is to hover over the bold title and if the company doesn’t seem legit, hit delete. 

It might be risky to open any email blindly. In some cases, opening these emails might be a possibility of a Trojan attack. All it takes would be just a  one Trojan Horse to hijack your computer and other data. 

Text mail subscribers use services such as Google Voice to receive and send text emails. Google Voice is one of the most leveraged tools for scammers. 

However, not everyone that uses Google voice is a scammer. 

Are There Any Apps For Text Mail Subscriber?

Most businesses use various apps that help in transcribing the voice messages to the plain text email. 

It is not necessary that these apps are used by the scammers, but even for the businesses. Such numbers are even called as the TextNow number. 

TextNow number is the number that you can use to call and text your family, friends or even clients for various purposes. This number lets you connect the phone number to your network. 

The text mail subscribers choose to get the plain text email over rich text email. Another great app for sending the text mails is Google Voice. Google Voice transcribes your multi-rich and varying email content into a simple and plain email text. 

Can You Find Out Sender?

There might be little chance of knowing about who is sending you texts or calling you as a result of the text mail subscription. The thumb rule is not to open any spam emails or texts that could be a security hack.

If you are curious to know about the sender of the texts or the caller, there are few methods that you can try: 

  • Either text them and ask. 
  • Google the number to check if it is linked to any social media accounts. 
  • You can also get the court order to ask the telecom service provider. 

 The last option that we have mentioned may not be viable for many as it may take a tedious legal purpose to know about the subscriber. (We would better suggest to ignore such emails and nor click on them.)

In case you are getting simultaneous texts and frequent calls, you can report it to the cyber cell or even block the number. 

Is There Another Way To Track the Text Mail Subscriber?

About text mail subscribers- whitepages

One of the most practical ways to track your mail subscribers is by using the databases stored by various mobile tracking apps. 

A text mail subscriber app may track or find out about the sender of the text using its database of phone numbers. 

Some mobile utility apps such as DDI utility app can trace any mobile without owning the device and that’s what makes it a viable choice among the ethical hackers.

If you are not a fan of the mobile tracker apps, you may also use the whitepages services or the reverse phone lookup services. One of the most prominent examples of a phone number tracking app is Truecaller. 

How To Track Text Mail Subscriber Using Text Mail App?

For some reason, text mail subscribers or sent emails can be tracked using the DDI Utilities app.

DDI Utilities app can dig deeper and extract various log details into files. It is one of the most comprehensive apps for tracking the texts and iMessages. 

Alternatively, there is another way to trace down the sender for unsolicited messages. 

The first step is to look for any phone number lookup site. There are various sites that can track down the general location of the sender of the phone. 

Once you have got the general location, look for the app such as ReverseLookup that lets you trace the phone number. The best part is that this app can even help trace the Android phone and iPhone devices. 

Once you have the more precise location of the sender, the next step is to look for the mobile search engines such as Ugux. With sites such as Ugux, you can trace the number by entering the sender’s number and first three digits of the area code. 

In most cases, you might not get the exact identity of the sender. It is better to consider such numbers and leave off.

What are the Signs that Text Message is a Scam?

text email subscriber scamsIt might be hard to figure out what emails or texts are scam nowadays. However, some scammers may not be smart enough to find out if the text message is a scam. 

The most common examples of scam text messages are those that promise to offer some discounts which are not available on the website. 

In some cases, you might even receive a text saying that your loan has been approved or you have been overcharged for the service and we are giving you a full refund.  

Thus, it is advisable to not to click on any malicious link or open any email that seems spam.

How To Block Text Mail Subscribers?

If you have rightly identified the fake email senders or unsolicited emails, it is the time to block such emails or texts before they flood your inbox with undesirable emails. 

For spam emails, the best practice is to either unsubscribe to these services or mark the emails as spam. You wouldn’t be bothered by the spam emails anymore. 

If you are getting the text messages, block the number as soon as you can. This way you can move all these messages to the spam folder. 

Wrapping Up

In the end, it doesn’t matter if the sender is near your location or far away. If it’s spam, it should be sent to the trash box straightway. However, if the number or email seems legit, you can always proceed because not all text mail subscribers are scam. 

If you are planning to get text mail subscriber service, you can get the TextNow number or use Google Voice to transcribe the voicemail to plain emails. 

It would also become easier to track the plain text emails over the multi-rich text emails. You can make use of various email tracker apps such as MailTrack to track the open rates, email deliverability and other metrics. 

Stay safe and avoid clicking the emails that may cause Trojan attacks. 

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