10 Two-Player Game Apps for Android and iOS

If you are searching for a two-player game app then for your Android or iOS then you’ve landed at the right place. Smartphone games these days are mostly dominated by 4v4,5v5 games that require a stable internet connection and multiple, high-end devices for all friends to play collectively. While these games do for many people, there are many others who couldn’t play these games or could not allow their kids to play these games, killing the fun for many kids, which can be avoided with two-player game apps. At times while on a trip or at home there’s only one smartphone available and these multiplayer games allow only one person to play at a time or do not have a two-player mode leaving a friend out which makes these games practically useless without a friend. 

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Two-player game apps are the best alternative to a multiplayer game as these are both interactive and fun. Two-player game apps, as the name suggests, are games with a two-player feature that allows only two or more players to play on the same device or multiple devices among friends both online and offline. These are less addictive and less competitive with less hardware requirement from your Android or iOS, and so these games are best for killing time and having fun with your friends together without slowing down your smartphones. Some widely popular Two-player game apps for Android and iOS are:

Best Two-Player Game Apps

1. Pocket Tanks

This two-player game app was originally released for windows and Mac OS X in 2001 and was widely popular among Flash games. It was later introduced on Android OS, iOS, and Windows with new developments. The Android gameplay is simple and includes two tanks or more where opponent tanks can be CPU or other players, usually Two. 

The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy tank using varied weapons like Mortar shower, Spider, worm, sniper rifle, etc, 320 weapons in total. Weapons fired from tanks by tapping the fire button, follow a trajectory set by the players using features provided like angle, power, etc. A total of 10 volleys are fired and each hit to the opponent tank awards points. At the end of 10 volleys the tanks with the maxim score, the one which did maxim damage to the enemy tank wins. This simple yet engaging two-player game app also supports online gameplay. It is available on the Play Store for free and is only 67MB in size and on the Apple app store at 87MB size.  

2. 8 Ball Pool

Miniclip is popular for two-player game apps and has dominated this category with many PC flash games and now even Android games like this 8 Ball Pool. This two-player game app is available both on Android and iOS. 

The objective of the game is the same as that of a real pool game. You can move and control the cue stick by swiping and holding. The game allows two-player gameplay offline as well as online one-on-one matches. You can also challenge your friends, using your friends and play online tournaments. It also has a level system to define your 8 ball pool skill. It is available on play store and apple store for free and 59Mb, 164MB size respectively.

3. Clash Royale

The 100M+ downloads, 4.2-star rating on play store and editor’s choice speaks for the popularity of the game by Supercell, once the most popular mobile game makers. This game is a real-time two-player multiplayer game with new 4-player modes in the latest version. This Two-player game app has 99+ card character used to deploy in the arena where you are required to defend you king tower in the center along with two archer towers, and also destroy the enemy towers to collect crowns in the limited time of 3 minutes and 2-minute extra time if both players have the same number of crowns.

This game can also be played with friends by linking your Facebook accounts and inviting your friend for a custom battle from available options like a draft match, double elixir match, etc which makes it fun and an ideal two-player game app. Although it is available for free to download and play, on the Apple app store and Google play store, it includes in-app purchases. 

4. Soul Night

This game is available for iOS and Android OS and follows an interesting storyline. This is an action-shooter game and has cute, small heroes with abilities that use 120+ weapons. The objective of the game is to shoot aliens, also collecting new weapons, and dodging bullets. It has smooth gameplay and easy controls, the players might now even need a tutorial to start playing the game. The game also has an auto-aiming mechanism that further adds to the ease of playing and can be played by two players by hosting and joining games that require an active net connection. It also has other collectibles and side objectives in the game. It’s available for free with 145MB size on the Play store and 384 MB on the Apple app store. 

5. Hangman Free

This vocabulary building two-player game app is widely popular among iOS users and is also available on Google Play Store for Android users. It is an ideal two-player game app for offline gameplay as it allows players to play on the same device at alternative chances, you can take custom names for player one and two.

The objective of the game is that one player writes a word for another player to guess, a set number of guesses are allowed and at every wrong guess the drawing of a man hanging is drawn, if you run out of chance and the drawing completes, you lose, and if you correctly guess the word you win. This simple yet engaging head-scratcher two-player game app is available on Google Play Store and Apple store for free.

6. Chess Play and Learn

When it comes to two-player game apps, chess has fairly dominated this category. Earlier in Windows OS PCs that came with in-built two-player chess, and now in Androids and iOS with many chess games available on Play Store and Apple app store. 

With more features than Windows one, this Chess app by Chess.com for smartphones comes with two playing options, the first is to play against the CPU, and the second to play against another person in a two-player mode. It also comes with interactive tutorials, tips, and 150,000+ puzzles. The two-player feature allows players to alternatively play their side on the same screen by tapping on the screen.

 This two-player game app is well designed with audio effects, good graphics, and 2D,3D view. It is available for free on the Google play store and Apple app store although gold membership can be purchased for $4.99. 

7. 2 Player games

As the name suggests this is a two-player game app, with multiple mini-games like Ping Pong, Spinner war, Air Hockey, Snakes, pool, Tic Tac Toe, penalty kicks, etc. These simple, small, and fun games are easy to play and equally interesting. To move striker, paddle, or any in-game object you can swipe, tap or hold. 

This is an Ideal Two-player game app as you can play with your friend on the same phone or on multiplayer. This two-player game app is available on both the play store and the Apple app store for free, to download and play, and you can also make in-game purchases to better your experience or get a head start in the game.

8. Volleyball Champions 3D

This two-player game app brings a volleyball game experience to your Androids and iOS. The game is easy to play with objectives the same as that of a real volleyball game. The ball is hit and directed by swiping on the screen. This game uses realistic physics and has high graphics. The games allow you to train your in-game volleyball team players and use accessories to customize them and analyze game statistics. It also has volleyball arenas and practice games to improve your gaming skills. 

You can play career mode and tournaments with online multiplayer to test your skills. The game is quick-paced and allows split-screen, making it an ideal two-player game app. The online multiplayer can also be used to play locally. This fun game is available on the Play Store and Apple app store for free and can be played offline as a two-player game app. 

9. Glow Hockey 2L

This two-player game app is an app based on air hockey and is played by swiping on the screen to move the striker. Unlike the real game, this game has a colored table, puck, and striker. The objective of the game and rules are the same as that of real air hockey. Each player is required to hit a puck into the opponent’s goal box by swiping over the striker by dodging the opponent’s striker.

This game has a two-player mode which allows two persons to play on the same device as well as on multiplayer. It has 3-themes, cool graphics, four difficulty levels, paddle, and puck color choice. This two-player game app is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free from Google play store or Apple app store. This game is small in size and does not require internet for playing, so you can enjoy it with your friends anytime, anywhere without thinking about data usage.

10. Ludo King

This board game is usually played between four players but can also be played by two members on the same device. With online multiplayer one can also play this alone, or with friends on different devices. The objective of the game is to move four colored pieces around the board in a path with multiple boxes by throwing the dice and moving the piece exactly the same number of boxes as the number on the dice. To start, which is to get the pieces out of the starting, colored square, you have to get 6 or 1 on the dice.

This seemingly luck-based game also required a strategy to save other players from knocking your piece back in the starting position by scoring and moving their piece in the same box as yours when you move across their starting point. Ideal as a two-player game app, it keeps players engaged and helps kill time. This two-player game app is available on the Google play store and Apple app store for free.


With these two-player games, apps enjoy and have fun with friends on a trip or at home without the internet and kill time. These games can be a great help in keeping your kids engaged and away from violent games while you go on with your day-to-day activity. Small in size, compatible with most phones, and easily available on safe download stores the best thing about these two-player game apps is that these are free, Just download and play!

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