How to Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes on Mac

Do you need to reinstall iTunes? Is it because you are using a lower version? Or is it because the iTunes on your Mac show errors and don’t allow data to sync with your other devices? Or do you want to remove iTunes from your Mac and free up some disk space? Whatever your reason is to uninstall or reinstall iTunes we are here to help you. In this article, we will be talking about the two ways by which you can uninstall iTunes on Mac. After the successful uninstall you can download the app and reinstall it. 

Most of the apps on Mac can be easily uninstalled. You drag the application to the trash and then delete it from there, but this isn’t applicable on iTunes. For transferring and sharing things between Apple devices you will always need the iTunes App. We can say iTunes is the only medium for Apple devices to share things. If you try to drag and remove iTunes from your Mac book then a warning window. So let us now talk about the proper methods to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. 

How to uninstall iTunes from Mac

Basically, there are two methods to uninstall iTunes. You can choose the correct method for yourself by the knowledge you have about the MacBook. 

Terminal command Line (for Geeks)

Step 1: go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal, or search terminal on spotlight. Once you find the terminal, open it. 

Terimal Mac

Step 2: Type cd/Applications/ and execute it. The Applications directory will open. 

Step 3: Type sudo rm –rf and execute. Executing this line will delete iTunes from your Mac. 

Step 4: Now you will be asked to enter the admin password. As you enter the right password it will confirm the uninstall and iTunes will be removed. 

Step 5: You can check on Launchpad or Application folder. The iTunes icon shouldn’t be there. 

CleanMyMac Uninstaller (for Beginners)

It is an amazing app to clean your Mac’s hard drive and it also helps in keeping the Mac in a good shape. This app has a Utility called Uninstaller. This allows removing any program, application, and files in one go. 


Steps to Download and Use CleanMyMac

  1. Download and install CleanMyMac on your Mac.
  2. Open the app and click on Uninstaller. You will find Uninstaller on the left of the main panel. 
  3. A list of all the apps on your Mac will appear. Find iTunes. 
  4. Click on iTunes and then click on the Uninstall button. 

iTunes will be uninstalled from your Mac. To check you can go to the Launchpad or the Application folder. 

CleanMyMac cannot uninstall iTunes from macOS 10.13 because of the system restrictions. But this app can uninstall iTunes in the versions – El Capitan, Sierra, etc. the only way to uninstall iTunes from macOS 10.13 is to reset the Mac to default settings. 

How to reinstall iTunes on Mac

You might want to reinstall the iTunes App as it is an important part of Apple devices. To reinstall iTunes on your MacBook follow the steps below. 

Step 1:  You can either visit Apple’s iTunes official page. And click on the Download Now option. Or you can go to the Mac App Store. Under the Updates, see for new updates and click on the Update option to continue. 

Step 2: There will be some instructions, follow them to install iTunes to your Mac. The process is easy and doesn’t require anything extra. 


iTunes is an important app of Apple. This is the only software through which you can transfer and share data between Apple devices. You will always need to use the latest version of iTunes because of security. So these uninstall and reinstall of iTunes process will become a part of your life if you own a Mac. If there are new versions of iTunes and your Mac isn’t updated then data syncing won’t be possible. I feel this as a burden and that Apple should come up with some alternative for such forced updates. 


Can I uninstall and reinstall iTunes without losing my library?

There is no loss in uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes App on MacBook. But still, you should keep a copy. All your files in iTunes are saved in the iTunes library which is the My Music folder. And this isn’t modified when you uninstall iTunes. 

How do I repair apps on my Mac?

Follow the steps below to fix the damaged apps that don’t open on the Mac. 

  1. Reboot Mac. 
  2. Open the Application folder by searching in on Spotlight or by Finder. 
  3. Look for the damaged apps and delete them. 
  4. Next, enter the admin password to confirm the deletion. 
  5. Open the Mac App Store. 
  6. As you open the store you might have to login again so make sure you are logged in. 
  7. Look for the apps you deleted. You can find them in Purchased or by searching them. 
  8. Click on install and re-download the.

These were the easy steps to fix the damaged apps. 

What to do when an app freezes on Mac?

Follow the steps below to fix the situation when an app freezes or quits on Mac. 

  1. Go to Apple Menu > Force Quit and select the app that appears and click Force Quit. 
  2. If the app quits then reopen it by clicking on the reopen option. 
  3. Restart the Mac. 
  4. Check the app’s documentation to know whether it is compatible or not. 

Unplug all the incompatible devices which are connected to the Mac to know the issue. 

How to clean up my iTunes library? 

Follow the steps below to clean up your iTunes library. 

  1. Delete the duplicates.
  2. Download the missing song. 
  3. Remove the names of the missing songs
  4. Add songs from the computer to the library. 
  5. Fix the incorrect files.
  6. Back up the library. 

These were the simple steps to clean the iTunes library. 

How to reset iTunes settings?

If you want to change the preferences then go to Edit > Preferences and click advanced. To change the place of import click Change. To go back to the original location click reset. 

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