15 Best FREE YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2021

Watching videos on YouTube for hours and getting entertained is almost a global habitude. And sharing YouTube videos have become trendy, no just in video form but also in audio. Saving MP3 form of songs by your favorite artist and sharing among friends is fun. Using these songs for private videos, with your memories and accentuating them. Here is a list of the best free YouTube to MP3 converter that will help you in the process. 

Downloading videos in MP3 format for your private use and not reusing them in your content is Legal and is quite common. Downloading and using non-copyright songs in your videos and posting them on social media is quite trendy nowadays.

Here are some shortlisted best, trusted, and Free YouTube to MP3 video converters:

Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters

1. Y2Mate


This YouTube video converter site is one of the most popular and easy-find sites. If you google “download YouTube videos” this site will be certainly in your top 10 search results. The side allows you to download YouTube videos in a different video, audio quality.

The site has a simple design. On entering the site you can find 3 options on the top namely “YouTube downloader”, “YouTube converter” and “YouTube to MP3 Converter”. The downloader only allows you to download YouTube videos in MP4, MP3 format.

With YouTube Converter of this site, you can convert YouTube videos into different video formats like MP4, MOV. KMW, WEBM, FLV, etc. While with the YouTube to MP3 converter you can convert YouTube videos to Audio file formats like M4A, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, etc. The site is free and safe to use and makes videos available for download in low to high video quality.


  1. High-quality video, audio files
  2. A large number of video, audio formats supported
  3. No file size limit


  1. Too many adds on the site
  2. Cannot pause downloads

2. YTMP3


This is another YouTube to MP3 converter site available online. The site does not require any registration and can be accessed from any device with a browser. You can convert videos in both audio and video formats and download them in the highest quality.

The site is completely free to use and works fast and is simple. On-site below the search box you can find two options,  MP3 and MP4. Once you paste the video link in the box hit convert. The site will convert the video in both audio and video formats in the highest quality.

By clicking on the two options, you can choose the quality, format of the video, or audio you wish to download. There is a limit to how long video you can convert and download from this site. Video with a total length of 1 hour only can be downloaded, to control traffic and keep it fast.


  1. Converts to the highest quality
  2. No adds


  1. Limited audio, video formats supported
  2. A video time limit of 1-hour

3. EasyMp3Converter


This is yet another popular YouTube video to mp3 converter site. The site has an easily-navigable design and is compatible with most browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. The site does not require any registration or login, all you need to download your favorite video is the URL.

You can download mp3 audio files in different quality ranging from 64kbps to 320kps. It is as fast as your internet can be. Just after pasting the link, the site will examine the link and will convert the video to audio in a few seconds. All the download options with different audio quality will be displayed from which you can choose any and start the download. 

With this, you can convert umpteen number of songs effortlessly. The site is safe to use and does not have any limit on video size. The site has a home button on top, after every successful conversion you can go back to the first page. Like this, you can download as many as you want MP3 files.


  1. Multiple sound quality available
  2. Limited ads
  3.  Fast and simple


  1. Video can’t be converted into video formats
  2. Limited audio formats supported

4. X2Convert 


This site is used for converting YouTube videos into different audio as well as video formats and supports multiple formats. On entering the site you’ll find two options on top convert mp3 Video and get video. The first option is used to download YouTube videos in different audio and video file formats.

While the other option allows you to download videos and audio files in the most basic formats, MP3 and MP4. The site supports different languages for your ease and allows you to download videos in the highest quality possible. It is completely free to use and does not require any registration. 


  1. Allows downloading in video formats too
  2. Limited ads on site
  3. Allows quick access


1. Limited audio formats

5.  YouTube to MP3 Converter 

This free YouTube to the MP3 video converter site is an ideal choice for many users. The site has a simple design with the search box on top where you paste the link. Following the box, there is an extra box with a dropdown menu to select the audio quality of the file. By clicking on convert you can get the converted YouTube video in mp3 format in seconds. 

The site provides an extra feature to its users as you can also download YouTube videos in mp3 without a Link. By typing the keywords or name of the video on YouTube you can search the video through the site only. Clicking on the blue download button would start the download.  The site does not require registration and delivers the highest quality possible for audio files.


  1. Highest quality with MP4 format support
  2. An in-built search feature, no ads
  3. Fast, safe, and easy


  1. Limited audio, video formats

6. Snap Downloader

Snap Downloader

This YouTube to MP3 video converter is different from the above-mentioned sites as it is software. This software allows you to download YouTube videos up to 8k resolution and convert them into MP3. The software delivers high speed, proxy setup to download region-restricted videos and extract audio. Not just YouTube it supports 900 other websites and platforms. 

It offers cross-platform access and can be used between Windows and Mac. It is safe and free to download and use, though a paid version is available to access the best features. Features like 8k resolution, unlimited downloads, high speed, an in-built proxy are available only with the paid version.


  1. Standalone software with cross-platform
  2. High quality and extra features
  3. Secure, fast, and organize


  1. Free version with limited features
  2. Requires login and software download

7. Musicpleer


This site is primarily an online music streaming site and it also supports downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format. This site is quite popular among music lovers as this allows people to directly search YouTube videos through the site. On getting the desired song just click on download to download the YouTube videos in MP3 format.

You can also play the video on the site. The app saves the trouble of searching through YouTube, copying the link, and pasting on this site. Though downloading through a YouTube link is also possible. To download, just type the keyword of the video available on YouTube and hit search. It’ll display related videos, choose from them, and download. 


  1. Easy and fast
  2. In-built YouTube search
  3. Fast, safe, and secure


  1. Limited audio format
  2. No video format supported

8. Any-Video Convertor

 Any-Video Convertor

This is a full-fledged software for converting, Downloading YouTube videos as well as record screens and edit them.  The software supports 200 video formats and can convert downloaded videos into MP3, M4V, and many more formats. It also supports dedicated-graphics for hardware acceleration, faster downloading, and processing.

If you feel like recording the YouTube video and then converting it, you can do that too. The editing features of the software allow you to customize the video. It is one-stop for all your needs. Download, edit, convert, and burn to disk with just one software. You can also buy its ultimate version for extra features.


  1. 200+ file formats supported
  2. Fast download and processing
  3. Allows editing downloaded videos


  1. Registration required
  2. Standalone software only, no site

9. Freemake Video converter

Freemake Video converter

This is yet again a video converter software which can be used for converting YouTube videos into MP3 audio files. This Video converter is unrivaled with 500+ supported video, audio formats. You can also import Audio, Photos, and other multimedia files to convert into a video. You can extract audio from YouTube videos in MP3, MP4,3GP, and many more file formats. 

Freemake Video Converter offers a ready format for almost every device that allows playback media. Along with a YouTube video converter, you can also edit videos, burn DVDs, and make slideshows with photos. It supports YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Flickr along with other video streaming sites.


  1. Large no. of media formats supported
  2. Allows Video editing and slideshow 
  3. Delivers high-resolution conversion
  4. Free, widely used, optimized for windows


  1. Requires Downloading standalone software

10. VidMate


Vidmate is widely-used among Android users because of its user-friendly design and quick use features.

It is available for working versions of windows and is free to use. This is primarily for downloading online videos and you can download YouTube videos in MP3 format. The software not only allows you to extract audio files from the video but also download songs directly from streaming sites.

You can download YouTube videos from the lowest SD to 4K HD resolution. The app has an uncomplicated user-interface allowing you to easily navigate and download your desired videos. You don’t require a URL to download videos as it supports streaming sites like YouTube. Inside its download tool, you can choose the streaming site and download videos.


  1. Compatible with YouTube and other websites
  2. Allows up to 4k resolution videos
  3. Free with in-built conversion tools


  1. Limited file format supported
  2. Requires standalone software

11. MP3FY


This free YouTube to MP3 Converter is site-based and has a smooth design, user-friendly interface. When you enter the site you can find the search box with a convert button on the right of it. You can also change the theme of the site to dark if you’re in for a large number of downloads. Easy customization and use, you can download converted YouTube videos by using video URL or Video titles. 

It supports 1000 plus sites to search for the video you’re looking for. Using link or title, when you click on convert a confirmation box will appear. After confirming you can choose the format between MP3 and MP4. You can also save the song directly in the dropbox. 


  1. The in-built download search feature
  2. Customizable, No video-time limit
  3. Direct download to your dropbox


  1. Limited media format support
  2. In-built feature unable to find videos sometimes

12. WinX HD Video Converter

WinX HD Video Converter

This Software for converting videos allows downloading YouTube videos in high quality. WinX supports hardware acceleration to help you convert HD,4K resolution videos. You can also edit them using the basic features included in the software. It supports up to 1000+ video streaming sites like YouTube.

You can download using the Video URL from these sites. A large number of video formats are supported on this software like MP3, MP4, WMV, etc. You can share videos using the software. More than just basic editing features are also available with the software.


  1. A large number of Media format supported
  2. Supports a large number of audio-video codecs
  3. Can convert 4k high-resolution videos


  1. Requires Standalone Software

13. VideoProc


This YouTube to MP3 Converter software supports 1000+ other streaming sites along with YouTube. It offers a lot more than just video conversion. It supports hardware acceleration to convert videos in 4k as well as edit them. The platform supports a large number of file formats and has an in-built audio converter.

It has a powerful screen recorder with a simple user interface. You can download videos from YouTube using links. Either you can directly convert videos downloaded from YouTube or can edit them before converting them into audio formats. 


  1. Extra video editing features
  2. Karge number of video formats supported
  3.  Supports high-resolution videos


  1. Requires standalone software
  2. No free version available, though you can use free-trail

14. Atube Catcher

Atube Catcher

Popularly used for converting YouTube videos to MP3 format. This Converter software supports a large number of video formats like 3GP, 3G2, MP3, etc. The software allows you to download videos from popular streaming sites like Twitch, Facebook, Dailymotion along with YouTube.

The software has an in-built screen recorder to record lectures and convert them into audio formats to listen to them. You can also create audio, video presentations on this. You can export files from other devices in the software to change their format and basic editing. The software is free to use and has negligible Hardware requirements.


  1. A large number of File formats supported
  2. Stream sights supported
  3. Free


  1. Requires Standalone software
  2. Difficult user-interface

15. MP3 Hunter

MP3 Hunter

This is one of the most popular sites used for downloading YouTube videos in MP3 Format. A year before the site was full of ads, Download and server issues, and unavailability of videos.  The site has greatly improved and now is an ideal choice for downloading YouTube videos. 

On entering you’ll find an impressive, well-designed site with the search box on top with the search button. You can both search for the video using the title or paste the link of the video. A list of videos within MP3 format will appear with their time length. The download button has a dropdown menu with the audio quality of the download. You can choose to download in the provided quality and can even listen online.


  1. Intuitive design
  2. In-built search option
  3. Varying download quality available for MP3 files


  1. Does not allows other formats


Get that music you liked on YouTube, use it in your videos and make attractive, creative content. With these YouTube videos to MP3 converters download once and for all, no fuss of redownloading every 29 days. These sites and software offer a lot more than you can think of.

If you are a content creator and use YouTube music in your content, this software can be your ideal pick. Not only they support a large number of file formats. But they also come with a video editing feature and burn to DVD option for easy editing and sharing. No need to pay just use this free software and get your music for free in high-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is YouTube to MP3 converter?

MP3 converter software or sites are used for converting YouTube videos from video format to MP3 audio file format. Not just convert, you can also download, save, and share files from these sites. These sites can help you download videos of your famous YouTubers to your gallery and access them anytime offline.

2. How does a YouTube to MP3 converter work?

A file converter converts video files from YouTube into MP3 format using the URL of the video on YouTube. Since YouTube is a free streaming platform, you can get these videos for practically free. Of Course, you require a stable internet connection for it.

You can go to YouTube and play your desired video. Once the video starts click on the share option below the video and chooses to copy the link as a form of sharing. If you’re watching YouTube on your laptop or desktop. You can just do a right-click on the screen anywhere when watching in full screen. After doing a right-click, a list will appear. Choose copy Video URL by clicking on it.

After you have got the URL, go to the Video converter site, app, or software. In most sites, a box appears with a search option. Paste the URL in the box and click search. The site will then display options to download video, audio of the YouTube video you copied the URL of. You can just download the MP3 of the video and can also decide the size and quality of videos like 128kbps or 320kbps.

3. Is Converting and downloading YouTube videos legal?

Converting and downloading YouTube videos is legal until and unless you do not download a copyrighted video. When you download videos of content creators, YouTubers, or artists, you can’t publish them on popular social media sites without mentioning credits.

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